Mantua – The Portage Soap Box Derby is hosting an introduction to Derby Racing Clinic on April 24th, at 4808 East High St., Buchert Park, Mantua, Ohio.  The clinic will be held at the first pavilion at the park from 1-4 pm

At the clinic those persons attending will have an introduction to Derby racing, see a derby racecar assembled, and learn about tuning a car to make it go faster.  The attendees will also have an opportunity to sign up to take a run down the 989 foot long Derby Downs Race track, (the most famous gravity track in the world), on May 7th or 8th . This is the same weekend as the Portage County Derby Rally Race.  If you cannot make it to the Derby Race Clinic, but you are interested in derby racing, and would like to make a run down Derby Downs Hill, please call: (330-351-3035).  This is a first come sign up; there is a limit to the number of race opportunities each day!

What is Rally Racing?  Rally racing is an opportunity for racers to practice racing their derby cars. It helps to find out what changes are necessary to win races.  It also helps a driver find out how to find the fastest way down a hill, and drive the straightest line to win. You see every time a driver makes a correction driving, it slows a car down a few thousands of a second.  Races are won and lost by as little as one thousand of a second, so the best driver, straightest driver has the best chance to win.  The second reason to Rally Race is to accumulate points. Only the first place driver at the Local Race, in one of the three Derby Race Car Models divisions, will go to the All American Race in July.  But you can also go by accumulating points, and race in the Rally Division.

So if you do not place first in the local race, you can race in the Rally Race.  Each Year there are about 500 racers at Derby Downs racing to become a World Champ! There are only 6 World Champs each year!

There are 6 racetracks within 2-hours of Portage county. One of the Best Things about Derby racing is it is a family affair; we see single moms, single dads, grand parents, uncles, and families racing kids. Kids and parents make new friends that last beyond their racing careers.  All children are equal when racing down a racetrack, no matter what their limitations may be.

The PCSBD, also has a limited amount of corporate cars available, these are owned by the PCSBD, and loaned to families to use and race at the local race, and rally race.

Portage County has had only 2 World Champs; Rickie Lea Murphy-2004, and Tyler Gallagher-2005, maybe you could be the third World champ? You won’t know unless you try, it is amazing racing!!! The next Local Derby Race will be June 18th, at Buchert Park, Mantua. You must be 7 years old through 18 years old to race.

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