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Garrettsville – Last December the James A. Garfield Local School District was awarded a $5 Million State of Ohio Straight A Fund Grant. The funds from this grant have been used to create a “Campus of Excellence” our community can be proud of for generations to come enhancing education for local school children, and expanding opportunities within our community.

As you may have noticed during your travels along State Route 88, construction of the 17,000 square foot addition to the elementary school is under way. This addition will facilitate the consolidation of the James A. Garfield Schools, allowing all 1,500 students to be located on one campus – resulting in over $300,000 in annual operational savings, and increasing the ability to share resources.  A professional development center has also been included in the addition, and will be used as a multi-purpose space for training, and public use.

The grant was not limited solely to physical construction projects, as upgrades to the District’s technology infrastructure are also being made. Students in grades 7-12 will be issued laptop computers, and students in grades K-6 will have increased access to laptop carts.

In an effort to bring even more great resources to Garrettsville and our surrounding communities, partnerships were established to make use of the Park Avenue Building. The Greater Cleveland YMCA will bring before and after school care, as well as management of youth sports. The Portage County Educational Service Center will also make use of classroom space at the building to offer a new public preschool option.

A groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the Elementary School’s new fifth and sixth grade wing is scheduled for May 8th at 6:00 PM. Area residents; parents/guardians and students are invited to attend. The rendering above illustrates what the completed project will look like when students arrive on campus at the start of the 2014/2015 school year.



Artist’s Renderings

Artist’s rendering of the elementary school  addition as seen from the main entrance (left) and from the driveway (right).


garfield-hall-of-fameGarrettsville - A select but cheerful crowd was in attendance at the James A. Garfield Schools Hall of Fame celebration on Saturday, April 26, 2014.  The Middle School Jazz Band and the High School Jazz Band provided preprandial (Look it up; it means “before a meal”) musical selections for everyone’s listening pleasure and a number of high school athletes were on hand to assist with serving and clean-up.  Joe Malmisur ably handled the duties of master of ceremonies.  Sheri Johnson and Annette Carlisle were the organizers of the event.

The all-star line-up included :

Faber (Rusty) Kearney  -  Introduced  by his old friend and classmate (’76) Joe Malmisur, this Garfield grad has made it a point to be all about serving.  After finishing high school— football letter-winner, National Honor Society, Academic Challenge team, the usual—Rusty went   on to serve in the U.S. Navy, gain a degree in nuclear technology, advance in recognition and respect in the nuclear industry(Currently with Excelon Corp.) and volunteer in community organizations(e.g. Big Brothers and Sisters) wherever he and his family have resided.  Applause rose spontaneously when he shared the fact that his kids are currently on active duty in the U.S. military. The appropriate quote might be, “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.”(Winston Churchill)

Harry Kraft – Honored for his service to the district, Harry recounted some of his best moments in coaching, predominantly in track and field.  He credited much of his success to the fact that he was privileged to be on the scene when a strong and dedicated cohort of young people was present in the system.  His introducer, Matt Pfleger, was one of these; he and his brother, current athletic director, Jim Pfleger, testified to Coach Kraft’s service as a mentor and role model.  Records set and good times were part of the reminiscences, heads nodded  .  The coach acknowledged the part played by a wife who allowed a prolonged engagement with adolescence and adolescents.  As an 80th birthday gift, this was a winner.

Nick Rogers – Having traveled up from Texas, where he is a well-regarded and successful director of recruiting at Medestar in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, proficient in staffing and recruiting skills, Nick   was introduced by his friend and nominator , Jamie Ward, sports writer with the Geauga County Maple Leaf.  This brought forth a whole litany of Nick’s accomplishments  on courts and fields, and the revelation that he had won an additional letter in baseball, playing on the fly, as it were, when the boys on the diamond fell below required numbers.  Nick was an outstanding performer from an early age and a leader always , an example for athletes across the spectrum–boys, girls, older players,  younger teammates.  He was the straw that stirred the brew.  Nick graciously acknowledged the influences on his life, beginning with his parents, who were always supportive, through Coach Bennett and Coach Morgan and other families which were part of his life.

Jeremy Vecchio, the fourth honoree, was unable to attend.

Socializing and tours of the updated, refurbished, renewed and remodeled  high school were also a popular part of the evening.



Garrettsville – Gym Teacher Mark Rado and his students expressed their appreciation to the James A. Garfield PTO, which recently donated a rock-climbing wall to the Elementary School for use during gym classes. Spanning the width the gymnasium, this multicolored climbing wall will provide Garfield students fun new opportunities to be physically active while having a great time.

Garrettsville – It has been  30 days since the historic Buckeye Block of Garrettsville was engulfed in flames and reduced to a pile of rubble. The tragic event birthed #GarrettsvilleStrong which is raising funds to ensure the historic block is rebuilt.  Weekly, there have been various groups that have registered and are holding events to raise money to rebuild the town. This weekend was no different. One could feast on all the pancakes they could eat at the elementary school and then walk over to the high school and work them off at the Zumba-a-Thon.

The James A. Garfield High School Student Council, along with the Interact Club, middle school student council and two advisors Mrs. Frances Bell and Ms. Missy Petrie were up at the crack of dawn Saturday to get ready for their pancake and sausage breakfast at the elementary school to raise funds for #Garrettsvillestrong. Students waited on customers, while Superintendent Ted Lysiak, Principals Jennifer Mulhern, Michael Dobran and Don Long manned the griddles. They not only had great pancakes and sausage, but these were topped with local maple syrup donated by local producer and maple marvel, Mark Apple. It was delicious and a great way to start off a Saturday. The event raised $1,410 for the #GarrettsvilleStrong Fund.

After having your fill of pancakes, it was time to get one’s groove on at the high school with Heather Kovac, who was holding a Zumba- a-Thon for #GarrettsvilleStrong. For an hour and a half, one could shake ‘em down  with Heather and work off the pancake breakfast while helping out their community. Fifty- plus folks took advantage of keeping their hearts strong while raising funds for #GarrettsvilleStrong. Each participant paid $10 to participate in the event.

The Zumba-a-Thon also had a gift basket raffle.  Between the gift basket and the Zumba, they raised $800 for the #GarrettsvilleStrong Fund.


garfield-campus-of-excellence-garrettsville-constructionGarrettsville – The Straight A Grant from the state provided the James A. Garfield Schools with some exceptional opportunities.  With these exceptional opportunities came exceptional challenges.  The district remains on a very tight timeline required by the grant.  All funds must be committed by June 30, 2014 and spent by September 30, 2014. Those funds not spent must be returned, and the district does not plan to return any of the money. This does present some unique challenges, especially for a construction project.  Regardless of these obstacles, the addition is on schedule to open for school this fall.  Here are the latest developments on each component of the grant.


Hammond Construction, from Canton, was awarded the Design/Build contract for construction of the 17,000 square foot addition.  Their crews have assembled on site and broke ground last Monday. Parent drop off and pick up traffic will be impacted for the remainder of the school year. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate around the construction site.

The addition will include 8 classrooms, 2 state of the art science labs, 2 special education classrooms and a professional development center.  The professional development space will be able to comfortably seat 120 adults and contain digital projection equipment for presentations or trainings. While this space will offer a flexible instructional space for students, the district also wants to make this space available to the public for meetings.

An official groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 8 at 6:00 pm and is open to the public.


Laptops for students and staff have arrived and are currently being configured. In May all teachers will receive a district-issued laptop, and in August each student in grades 7-12 will be issued a Chromebook. To support the additional 750 devices, grant funds were recently used to install a substantial upgrade to the wireless network district-wide.


The Portage County Educational Service Center (ESC) and the Greater Cleveland YMCA are moving forward with their plans to bring their services to the community. The YMCA has brought youth soccer back to our community and already has over sixty students signed up to participate.  The ESC will soon be finalizing their space at the Intermediate School to determine how many students they can accept for public preschool this fall.

With the construction project, technology initiative and new partnerships developing as planned and on schedule, there is much to celebrate in our community. While there is a great chance to join in the celebration and excitement by attending the May 8th groundbreaking there are many other opportunities to celebrate. The spring sports season is in full-swing and provides many chances to see our students excel outside the classroom.  Schedules can be found on the district website located at http://garfield.sparcc.org.



5th Grade – “All A” Honor Roll

Noah Baker, Jacob Baczkowski, Cody Leasure, Austin Lysiak, Faith Mills, Sierra Savitts, Jack Norris, Grace Edwards, Mycah Pinson, Lilia Hornbeck, Emma Evitts, Carissa Lininger,

Logan Sedivy, Leah Trask, Trinity Williamson, Theodore Ridenbaugh, Grace Czeciuk, Trystan Gedeon, Ashley Smith,

Hailey Davis, Sydney Woolard, Elizabeth Edic, Jacob Fergis,

Grace Mills


5th Grade – Honor Roll

Sarah Glenn, Sommer Bourne, Sarah Bittence, David Martin, Isabelle Puleo, Sydney Woconish, Danielle Popek, Dakota Burkett, Kylie Greenberg, Jacob Britton, Ashley Carey, Timothy DeGrino, Chad Wright, Logan Horvath, Owen Janic, Lilly Johns, Aleigha Homan, Aaron Craver, Stephanie Popek, Ruth Miller, Jordyn Scott, Matthew Kane, Alyssa Kleinhen, Michael Baczkowski, Jason Schaefer, Evalynne Harrington, Kyle Lance

Samantha Miller, Stephen Miller, Cole Owens, Luke Porter, Alex Pignaloso, Layla Jordan


5th Grade – Merit Roll

Lucas Neikirk, Michael Richards, Kaitlynn Yukich, Kaila Bloom, Matthew Hale, Isis Gibson, Samantha Williams, Mari Rogers, Paige Marek, Kiley O’Brien, William Kolmorgen, Gavin Friess, Isaac Trickett, Matthew Berecek, Christian Bell, Joshua Honeycutt, Samantha Peska, Hannah Norton, Jace Cain,

Ryleigh Gough, Hayden Troyer, Alexa Craig, Jessica Martin, Kyra Eaton, Austin Lee-Prosser


6th Grade – “All A” Honor Roll

Anna Morrissey, Kyleigh Grandon, Lillian Oles, Owen Cmunt, Jilleena Moore, Phillip West, Eric Fonseca, Colton Klatik, Karlee Huter, Ellie Frato-Sweeney, Jillian Crane, Rayana Goodner, Talon Cline


6th Grade – Honor Roll

Hannah Chartier, Gianna D’Amico, Mandolin Arnett, Bradley Valdman, Brooke-Lyn Collin, Taylor Soltis, Nathan Pitsinger, Brittney Gotthardt, Noah Cornicelli, Laina Galayde, Hannah Bittence, Noah Frato-Sweeney, Madelyn Scirocco, Jesse Marderwald, Mattie Marsillio, Meilee Holton, Cassandra Finney, Bryar Veon, Anthony Lunardi, Maya Brown, Cameron King, Eric Schaefer, Adam Derthick, Joseph Ball, Emma Lawrence, Sara Kittle, Emily Cooper, Joe Golgosky, Samantha Gilbert, Belladonna Titschinger, Kaylie Bates, Madison Vankirk, Michael Martin, Alexandria Konecek, Meghan McDougall, Irma Miller


6th Grade – Merit Roll

Courtney Maur, Christopher Perme, Alexis Sedivy, Jocelyn Dolan, Jared Simon, Kya Fresch, Lauren Sanchez, Gracie Pignaloso, Adam Honeycutt, Andreya Grunder, Madison Knispel, Kannon Borrelli, Sabrina Hicks, Rachel Lucas, Zachary Richards, Cameron Mayes, Sarah Shearer, Hailey Carpenter, Jacob Nottingham, Chloe Pfile, Mason Cebulla, Anna Weaver, Logan Rutherford, Nathan Phillips, Connor Hrubik, Morgan Heron, Jenna Conley, Ilene Flaherty, Joshua Kent, Eryn O’Malley, Michael Selander


All A Honor Roll 7th Grade

Jason Conley, Lyndsey Johns, Tyler Klouda, Racquel Koleszar, Sarah Miller, Brooke Morgan, Erika Musgrove, Andrew Pemberton, Rachel Rader, Zoe Swenson, Jessica Tannehill


Honor Roll  7th Grade

Alissa Barton, Samuel Biltz, Olivia Brann, Travis Criblez, Robert Deltorto, Sarah Desalvo, Samantha Ensinger, Alexis Evans, Cailean Galayde, Matthew Glinski, Robert Haney, Eric Jackson, Max Kane, Ryan Lance, Madison Neer, Adam Norris, Kara Nottingham, Evan Pawlus, Devyn Penna, Ethan Roman, Sebastian Shafer, Hannah Smith, Hunter Sopher, Brianna, Stanley, Halle Tatonetti, Addison Varner, Lauren Walz, Dylan Wilson

Merit Roll 7th Grade

Chad Angermeier, Madisan Brown, Samantha Brys, Natalie Hall, Olivia Hayden , Jessica Huebner, Elizabeth Logan, Mackenzie Miller, Nicole Ober, Zachary Rabatin, Arielle Sokolowski, Jacob Spicer, Travis Synnestvedt, Trinity Syvertsen, Austin Wise, Kaitlyn Workman


All A Honor Roll 8th Grade

Ramsey Goodner, John Lininger, Jacey Luzny, Julia McGrew, Derek Miller, Andrew Morrissey, Jason Riebe, Courtney Siracki, Simon Varner


Honor Roll 8th Grade

Chelsea Bates, Justin Bloom, Catherine Brann, Kiley Carey, William Criblez, Louis Danku, Anthony Denigris, Ryan Finney, Ashlyn Geddes, Makayla Gough, Alexander Griffith, Samantha Guyette, Kylie Hoover, Casey Johnson, Makenna Lawrence, Deborah Lough, Abigail Metz, Jenna Montez, Jackson Neer, Isabella Obreza, Theresa Paroff, Elizabeth Perkins, Keenan Rankin, Seth Rinearson, Isaac Russell, Madeline Scott, Mallie Smith, Katherine Synnestvedt, Mikayla Thornton, Kyle Turrentine, Zayne Veon, Carissa White, Shannon Williams, Kailyn Woodrum


Merit Roll 8th Grade

Jordan Bayus, Luke Blohm, Ryan Brown, Madeline Caldro, Zachary Fergis, Zachary Gorby, Gabrielle Hicks, Cassandra Hightower, Kierra Jordan, Sarah Kent, Haley Kern, Logan Kissell, Daniel Kleinhen, Jack Lawrence, Tyler LIppert, John Lorinchak, Avery Malotte, Ethan Marek, Leon Masga, Mason Mayoros, Natasha Rantilla, Deandra Roberts, Zackary Smith, Travis Sommers, Kevin Splinter, Emma Trent, Drew Tushar, Kyle Workman, Tiffany Yeager, Alyssa Zupancic


0 270

9th Grade

*Cali Apthorpe, Ja’Mario Brown, Alexis Knight, *Benjamin Knight, *Elizabeth Richmond, *Kathlyn Richmond, Erik Roche, Paige Simpson, Mahlia Smith, Cassandra Snyder, Sara Taylor, Holly Thompson, Jordan Wildman


10th Grade

*JosephBarnes, Chandler Bee, SamanthaDean, *Tristan Hankins, Logan Hershberger, *Nicole James, *Brittany Knight, *Brooke Lissy, *Jasmine Nevarez, Joseph Prasky, Alexia  Rushnok, *Lauren Simmons, Adam Tanner, Brianna Workman


11th Grade

Zachary Cottrill, Alexis Fabry, Daisy Fleming, Corinna Hechenberger, *Macey Hickman, *Sarah Hodson, Jessica Isler, Madison Kilgore, Zacharie Lewis, Emily Miller, Haliee O’Connor, Jordan Small, *Bethany Stout


12th Grade

Jordan Burns, *Britney Collins, Katelynn Dean, Kaitlynn DeVenture, Kendra Eskins, Kesley Meszaros, Joseph  Miranda, Alexandria Polichena, *Jared Taylor, *Joshua Youngen




Jordyn Bryner *, Vincent Dragich *, Sidney Drake *, Danielle Garces *, Hannah Harnichar *, Olivia Hedge *, Lillian Hoffaker *, David Hukari *, Matthew Joines *, Brittany Lowe *, Madison Pelyak *, Emma Rader *, Samantha Reul *, Ashley Sembach *, Ben Simpson *, Joseph Urso *, Makenna Willyard *


3.5 – 3.99

Kayla Barreca, Jordan Malavong, Nicholas Boyce, Brianna Hastings, Camerin Hoy, Dylan McAvoy, Collin Miller, Morgan Priddy, Hayden Sherwood, Courtney Shetterly, Kaitlin Conway, Caitlyn Wood, Madison Baryak, Tori Blandine, Sara Brown, Jason Cox, Chloe Hauck, Andrew Horvath, Katelynn Krasinski, Rachel Peterson, Hallie Stamm, Sidney Wright, Kassidy Hastings, Kiley Hall, Haley Prusky, Mikayla Semrau, Nicholas Gibson, Jordan Lahiff, Vincent McClimans, Nicholas Shockey, Claudia Thomas



Kira Beckinger, Courtney Wall, Autumn Hutson, Justin Kritz, Steven Womer, Jacob Cline, Kevin Dunn, Michael Reese, Francesca Battisti, Mitchel Champion, Taylor Dye, Millaina Lane, Brandon Moore, Julia Boyd, Kaden Myers, Clayton Ellsworth, Anga Fowler, Monique Hutson, Eddie Kusky, Evan Purnell




Joseph Agati *, Sarah Dubos *, Natalie Georgalas *, Kayla Mock *, Katelyn Wainwright *, Caitlyn Wolford *, Jessica Woods *



Zachary Digman, Magenta Palo, Myklyn Reakes, Audrey Roman, Carly Irons, Jaymie Cooper, Makayla Heintz, Ben Koontz, David Dempsey, Rhonda Rothacker, Hannah McMurray, Zachary Toensing, Nicole Giuliano, David McVicker, Dylan Chabek, Christopher Mohan



Angela Armintrout, Paige Barnes, Alan Boone, Justin Humphrey, Lindsey Holub, Megan Byrnes, Nathan Harrah, Noah Suarez, Austin Ciferno, Gabby Kline, Peter Snyder, Patricia Simsa, Alexis Carpenter, Nathan Machi ,Cammie Cochran, Tim Eckenrode, Megan Wilson, Jaret Fowler, Lindsey Gumina, Jason Nicholas, Katarra Waldron, Joshua Walters




Brooklyn Bungard *, Jacob Harrah *, Tia Harris *, Sarah Honeycutt *, Marcus Lard *, Amanda Myers *, Ashley Redfern *, Madison Spahlinger *



Sean Croell, Chiara Matranga, Montanna Stutzman, Jessica Wheat, Alana Reese, Noah Chapman, Alexis Jones



Kristin Davis, Herbert Hogue, Kristen Rufener, Drake Hankins, Francisco Martinez Sweeney, Adam Czerniak, Marissa DiGirolamo, Lindsey Purnell, Sadie Sutton, Bucyrus Palo, Caitlin Ronyak




Emmalee Antill *, Sarah Ballentine *, Brooke Barreca *, Gabriel Cox *, Brandon Fuller *, Rachael Harnichar *, Ozzie Hawkins *, Devan Houshour *, Breanna McCrystal *, Tyler Phelps *, Courtney Platt *, Tori Salvino *, Courtney Shiflett *, Charissa Simones *, Haley Spletzer *, Hannah Zelle *, Chasity Oakes *, Stephanie Baringer *



Joseph Gumina, Kyle Meszaros, Austin Difford, Chelsey Cochran, Christopher Greathouse, Derek Walton, Brooke Clark, Seth Gibbs, Harrison Woodward, Ethan Griffiths, Alicia Agati, Marissa Rothacker, Gabby Thompson



Breanna Deneen, Jacob Kritz,Andrianna Masetta, Zebulon Suzelis, Drue Boyd, Alexis Novotny, Angelia Garces, Ryan Kovacs, Sydney Smith, Jenna Holub, Mikenzie Shaulis, Kyle Storm, Jahvone Smith, Jacob Ballas, Emily McClintock, Cody Peterson


Photo: Benjamin Coll

Photo: Benjamin Coll

Hiram  – Retiring Hiram College President Tom Chema will deliver  the institution’s 164th Commencement address at graduation ceremonies planned for Saturday, May 17.  A total of 299 graduates will be awarded degrees.

Chema has served as president for 11 years. During his presidency, undergraduate enrollment has grown by more than 40%; the Hiram campus has been transformed, with more than $50 million in physical enhancements, including 11 new or renovated buildings; fundraising attainment has grown dramatically with more than 100 gifts to Hiram of more than $100,000; and distinctive academic programs have been developed and implemented, including eight Centers of Distinction.

Hiram’s 21st president, Chema is looking forward to the opportunity to address this year’s graduates.

“I am very much like many of our students,” he said. “I was the first in my family to attend college and the experience transformed my life. Because of my liberal arts education, I was able to reinvent myself many times and have a number of successful careers. Students graduating in 2014 will not only have many different jobs in their lifetime, they will have many different careers. Hiram has prepared them to live and work in a rapidly changing and complex world. Our graduates leave Hiram with an opportunity to make a difference in a world that needs difference makers.”

Chema was no stranger to Hiram when he became president, having served as a voting member of the Hiram College Board of Trustees for 11 years and chairing the Institutional Advancement Committee. He brought to the Hiram presidency more than 30 years of experience in business, government, and law.

A native of East Liverpool, Ohio, Chema was a 1968 graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a 1971 Cum Laude graduate of Harvard Law School. He began his career with the Cleveland-based law firm of Arter & Hadden in 1971 and became a partner in 1979. He took a leave of absence in 1983 to serve as Executive Director of the Ohio Lottery Commission. In 1985, he was asked to become Chairman of the Ohio Public Utilities Commission.

In 1990, he was appointed Executive Director of the Gateway Economic Development  Corporation and was responsible for overseeing the public/private partnership that led to the financing and construction of Jacobs Field and Gund Arena in Cleveland.

Commencement exercises will be held at 2 p.m. at the Charles A. Henry field.

0 258

Seventh Grade Honor Roll

Ky Bowman, Stephen Chase, Josiah Cheung*, Robert Czekaj, Emily Dingman*, Alexander Eggleston, Lauren Evans, Clark Jackson, Hannah Keough*, Hayley Kumher, Dominic Mann*, Hayden McCartney, Kaitlin McFadden, Jessica McKinney, Nicholas Misconin, Katrina Ostrander*, James Patterson, Benjamin Pelletier, Spencer Price, Shannon Valerio


Merit Roll

Sara Bongivonni, Madelyn Carver, Madison Chapman, Teagan Farley, Olivia Freiling, Lindsey Hill, Jillian Humes, Bella Jones, Jarrod Malkus, Carson McCandless, Emily Nelson, Samuel Roach, Caitlin Wendl


Eighth Grade Honor Roll

Karsten Bergmeier, Zachary Budin, Logan Byler*, Alexis Caponi*, Alli Dingman, Natalie Girolamo, Sadie Hopkins, Catherine Lillibridge, Hailey Long, Asya Martin*, Samuel Martinjako, Max McClintock, Joanne Miller, Christopher Morgret, Lisa Pavilonis, Amy Pfiester, Jack Reed, Nicholas Romask*, Riley Schultz, Ian Semler, Jack Squire*, Amber Taraska*, McKenna Tucek


Merit Roll

Nicholas Aldridge, Mackenzie Bitner, Rachel Breckenridge, Jeffrey Burnett, Seth Byler, Ryan George, Jared Hinkle,

W James McClellan, Timothy Pillot, Haylie Scarton, Georgia Schiewe, Emily Young


Freshman Honor Roll

Joseph Bennington, Melissa Braun*, Daniel Bridavsky, Abigail Carlson*, Miles Chapman, Katherine Dingman*, Cennidie Hall, Brandon Jones, Krystal Mechling, Kylee Minick, Lauren Parrish, Aaron Pawlak, Breanna Pennypacker, Justin Politzer, Corinne Rockefeller, Kylie Scott*, David Tucek*


Merit Roll

Thomas Blaha, Nicholas Boyk, Stephen Ellis, Anthony Granny, Samantha Hargis, Emil Hess, Ryan Johnson, MaKayla Lovejoy, Kaitlyn Moses, Denise Petersen, Jonathan Shantery

Sophomore Honor Roll

Samuel Fisher, Barrett Jackson, Bradley Lockhart*, Alyssa Maier*, Shannon McGee, Nathan Millet, Rachel Rich*, Alexandria Sanda, Jarett Smetana, Jared Squire, Margaret Topalian*, Alec Vizy*


Merit Roll

Samuel Anderson, Breonna Barker , Amber Bowman, Amber Brickell, Stephanie Harden, Amelia Monroe, Cecelia Parker, Nathaniel Schultz, Connor Teare, Kieran Wichert


Junior Honor Roll

Alivia Alfredo, Megan Arnold*, Alexandra Berman*, Rachael Bongivonni, Benjamin Bresnahan, Luke Byler, Anna Carlson*, David Cheung, Christin Dornback*, Mollie Farragher, Madison Kacica*, Suzanne Koziol, Gwen Losasso, Katelyn Luther, Clare Lynn, Zakari Martinjako*, Robert Maxwell, Carolyn Mayer, Abrielle McDermott, Grace Noce, Vincent Noce, Nicholas Paul*, David Pelletier, Rebecca Porter*, Christian Price, James Sandrick, Josiah Sawyer*, Brianna Steigerwald, Kyle Storm, Adam Thompson*, Ryan Zeitler


Merit Roll

Ayshli Barrientos, Robert Blair, Samantha Cannella, Ashley Curry, Amber Demko, Connor Dudinsky, Timothy Harden, Alexis Johnson, Klarissa Lipstreu, Sarah McClellan, Nicholas Parrish, Emily Shantery, Steven Stotlar


Senior Honor Roll

Ryan Acker, Mikayla Ashba, McKenzie Blau, Lindsey Burnett, Cassandra Cameron*, Julie Combs, Branden Conrad, Mackenzie Cossick, Kaitlyn Freiling, Joshua Garrett, Max Gilliland, Breanna Girolamo*, Gage Green, Brandon Haycox, Stephen Horvath, Samuel Kwasniewski, Amy Lasco*, Lisa Marcy, Megan McCartney, Caroline Milano, Nicholas Millet*, Alison Moss*, Peyton Neumore, Olivia Roach, Ronald Simpson, Steven Sitko, Megan Thomas*, Brandon Vander Maas, Ben Wiley, Danielle Young*


Merit Roll

Madison Barber, Kaylee Evans, Jonathan Kreuz, Timothy Malkus, Romolo Rabasi, Darren Redd, Anthony Tiber, Joshua Williamson, Emma Yokules


* – denotes 4.00 G.P.A. or higher



Hiram -  The Hiram community will unite in the fight against cancer at Relay for Life, April 25-26, 2014, at Charles A. Henry Field.

The celebration begins at 6 p.m. on April 25, and continues for 18 hours, until noon the next day. In case of inclement weather, the event will move to the nearby Les and Kathy Coleman Sports Center.

Relay for Life Chair, Jason Close ’16, biomedical humanities major, said excitement and interest in Relay for Life, now in its fourth year on campus, has continued to grow. Sixteen teams have signed up so far, and fundraising has surpassed last year’s total at this time.

“Cancer affects a lot of people on campus,” Close said. “Relay is an all-around great event, which supports people in our community – and communities abroad – to someday see the end of cancer.”

This is Close’s first year chairing the event, and he said Relay is an important cause for him because he has lost two family members to cancer in the past four years. He has big plans to continue to grow the event through his senior year, starting with carrying out a well-attended event this year.

This year’s theme is “Super Heroes Versus Super Villains.” Close and his team of students and advisers involved in carrying out the event have planned the following activities (some subject to change) throughout the night:

·      6 p.m.: Opening Ceremony/Survivor Festivities

·      7 p.m.: Egg, 3-leg, Wheel-barrow races

·      8 p.m.: Musical Chair Scavenger Hunt

·      9 p.m.: Lawn Jenga Tournament

·      10 p.m.: Luminary Lap

·      11 p.m.: “Pool Noodle” Spoons

·      12 a.m.: Graffiti/Tie-Dye a “White Object”

·      1 a.m.: Miss Relay Lap

·      2 a.m.: Cornhole Tournament

·      3 a.m.: S’more Making

·      6 a.m.: Frozen T-Shirt Relay

·      7 a.m.: Morning Yoga

·      8 a.m.: Hike Trail

·      9 a.m.: Fill and Face/Dress up Photobooth

·      10 a.m.: 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball

·      11 a.m.: Fire Truck ‘N Play

·      12 p.m.: Closing Ceremony

Relay for Life events are free and open to the public. All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. Teams and participants camp out and walk the track throughout the night to honor survivors, support those currently fighting cancer and remember those who have lost their battle with the disease.

Please visit http://relay.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY14EC?fr_id=56474&pg=entry for more information about the Hiram College event.

Garrettsville -  The 1st Annual Invention Convention was held at Garfield Intermediate School on  March 21st for any 5th or 6th grader who wanted to submit an invention that would “make life easier”


We had eighteen  6th graders and 26 5th graders participate. Using a rubric, Mr. Matt Sorrick (Hiram College), Mr. Larry Kuhlman (retired teacher), Mr. Ted Lysiak (superintedent), Mr. Ed Frato-Sweeney (Hiram College) and Mrs. Kristen Randell (teacher at GIS) judged the inventions based on concept and originality, design, work-ability and clarity of explanation.

After a very close contest, 5th grader Jacob Fergis (pictured) came in 1st place, Cheyenne Cuprak came in 2nd place and Chloe Pfile came in 3rd.

The Invention Convention was headed up by Shawn Cozad with assistance from Peggy Shay, Nicole Fox and Jackie Lowdermilk. Our ever-generous PTO provided the funds for the prizes awarded.


It’s that time again.  The Garfield Hall of Fame is coming up on April 26 and the Class of 2014 is being announced.   Ticket for the dinner and awards ceremony are available to the public.  Call Sheri Johnson 330-527-5384.

The honorees for 2014 are :

*Faber A. (Rusty) Kearney, ’76 –Varsity letter winner in football, student coach of girls’ softball, National Honor Society, Quiz Bowl/Academic Challenge team ; six-year tour in United States Navy, Bachelor of Science, Nuclear Technologies, Excelsior College; Senior Reactor Operator license, Perry Nuclear Power Plant, First Energy; Exelon Vice President of Mid-West Operations, Site Vice President, Byron Generating Station, Exelon Generation; Bd. of Directors for Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Decatur IL; volunteer science lecturer in Garfield science classes and science fair judge; community volunteer (with his lovely wife) in several communities where they have resided, still have a home in Garrettsville.  A Powerful career!

*Harry Kraft—A graduate of Hiram College, Coach Kraft has given great service and made outstanding contributions to the James A Garfield Local School District, most notably in the area of coaching track & field at the middle school and high school level.  Multiple P.C.L. and P.T.C. championships have been the crowning achievements of his dedication to kids and education.  Countless hours of time and expertise spent improving the track facility—such as it is—and volunteer service in management and equipment have made his contributions invaluable.  He has been a solidly positive influence, having a favorable and indelible impact on many athletes across the years.

*Nick Rogers, ’99—Holder of ten varsity letters at Garfield (football—4, track—4, basketball—2), twice  All-PCL running back, 1st team All Northeast District running back, 1997; special mention all-Ohio, 1997; PCL Most Valuable Player, 1998; team captain; rushing yardage, 1271 yd. (jr), 1302 (sr).   Three-time state qualifier in track (1999, 5th place, 4×100).  Four-year scholarship fullback at the College of William and Mary; National Honor Society at Garfield. A model student athlete.

*Jeremy Vecchio, ’97—Varsity letters in basketball and track, to wit : basketball ,three-year letterman; PCL Player of the Year, 1997; All-District 1st Team, 1997; All State, 1997;  track, four-year letterman; PCL Championship team, 4×400, 1997, state qualifier; PCL Champion, long jump, 1997; team championship, 1997;Akron Touchdown Club Player of the Year, basketball, 1997; Plain Dealer Player of the Year, basketball, 1997; currently serving as a law-enforcement officer, a role model and a force for good in the community, 14 years and counting.


Mantua – This past weekend, there was no need to travel as far as, “second star to the right and straight on till morning,” to visit Neverland, Captain Hook’s pirate ship, or the Darling children’s nursery.  Audiences were easily transported there on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as the Crestwood High School Drama Club presented a musical adaptation of “Peter Pan.”

0 123

The Portage County Regional Planning Commission was asked by the Township to solicit community wants and needs regarding the potential renovation of the Mantua Center School property. The school, which was build in 1914, operated in that capacity until its closure in the early 2000s, at which time Township Trustees voted to purchase the building. Tentative plans for the structure included housing Township administrative offices, a potential community center, and for potential facility rental opportunities. For nearly 10 years, the Township has owned the structure. During much of that time, the building has remained vacant. In recent years, it has been used as Township administrative offices, and as both a community center and for event rental on a limited basis, but has been a point of contention among residents for much of the time it has been owned by the Township.

0 207

Hiram – Hiram College and Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) will offer seamless degree completion programs through a partnership on the Tri-C Eastern Campus in Highland Hills. Tri-C students who meet admission requirements for Hiram College can complete bachelor’s degrees in accounting and financial management or business management immediately after earning an associate degree and without leaving Tri-C East Campus. 

Mantua - Through a special program offered at Crestwood Intermediate School, students and their families have the opportunity to experience guided adventures in nearby natural areas. The goal of the program, called Nature Treks, is to share the natural world with families who don’t have the opportunity to experience it regularly. Each trek is led by Crestwood Intermediate teacher Mrs. Rosemary Krupar, and often includes student-teacher participants from nearby Hiram College. Through this program, children and their parents or grandparents visit some the area’s hidden treasures. And the discoveries they make are priceless.

Last week, during their spring break, eight Girl Scouts from Crestwood Intermediate and their siblings took a tour at Streetsboro Metal Recycling to get a head start on Earth Day. The girls brought aluminum cans with them, which they had started collecting  when the school year began. While at the facility, they learned first-hand about recycling, while earning funds for their troop in the process.

0 160

A new work of art has recently been installed at the Crestwood Primary School. The art, while inspired and compiled by award-winning children’s book illustrator Robin Brickman, was created by Crestwood Primary’s second graders. Every last one of them. Through a generous grant from the Hiram Community Trust, Brickman’s Community Mural workshop was brought to CPS to share the art and science behind “A Log’s Life,” with students and staff.


Inset photo Illustrator Robin Brickman, in her studio. (Photo courtesy of davidlharrison.wordpress.com)

“A Log’s Life,” written by Wendy Pfeffer and illustrated by Brickman, tells the story of what happens after an oak tree falls in the forest. The death of the tree, and its eventual decay, brings life to the forest by providing food and shelter to the plants and creatures that live there. Brickman creates the remarkable, true-to-life illustrations included in the book as 3-D watercolor and sculpted paper collages, using a combination of natural materials and photographs as her reference.

Initially, Brickman spoke in a school-wide assembly to the CPS’s over 400 students and faculty. At the assembly, she explained her method of creating her 3D paintings and demonstrated some of her basic art techniques. She shared her process with the school-wide group, and showed slides of some finished work.

Later, she met with individual second grade classes for some hand-on work in the art room. Brickman always begins with research. For “A Log’s Life,” she studies the leaves, insects, birds, reptiles, and other creatures that live in a forest. She uses actual elements from the forest, as well as magazine and textbook photos for reference. Next, Brickman draws the rough shape of the specific component, like a leaf or a bird. Her advice to students was to make the drawing at least as big as their hand, to make cutting and adding details easier. The next step was to cut out the shape, and then color it, layering multiple colors, to add texture. The last step was to shape the piece by pinching, folding or rolling it to add depth.

Finished product - Second-graders Ella and Rylie, with CPS Principal Cindy Ducca, by the finished mural. Illustrator Robin Brickman and CPS Art teacher Mrs. Mikayla McCall worked with parent volunteers to create the mural, which is comprised of hundreds of pieces created by the entire second grade.

Finished product – Second-graders Ella and Rylie, with CPS Principal Cindy Ducca, by the finished mural. Illustrator Robin Brickman and CPS Art teacher Mrs. Mikayla McCall worked with parent volunteers to create the mural, which is comprised of hundreds of pieces created by the entire second grade.

Once Brickman reviewed the steps, students, armed with paper, scissors, and coloring supplies, were let loose to create. According to Brickman, “I like to give them direction, but leave them with enough free choice so that the end result comes from themselves. I don’t want them to mimic what I tell them.” She continued “Students look at the reference materials, interpret them, and then make personal choices in their work.”

Students were encouraged to use whatever they could find – hands, pencils, chairs, even their elbow to shape their pieces. The completed pieces were collected throughout the day and used to create a colorful mural that depicts the plants and creatures that live in Ohio’s wooded areas. The mural now hangs near the front entrance at CPS, and will be on display through the end of the school year.

Brickman’s illustration career began nearly 38 years ago, when she made her living by creating art and natural science illustrations for medical illustrations, textbooks, and magazines. Her attention turned to illustrating children’s books around 20 years ago, once she had kids of her own. She’s been traveling across the country sharing workshops at schools, libraries and museums for the past 15 years. For more information, or to see her work, visit robinbrickman.com.


Mantua - Recently, area leaders were invited to attend a special breakfast meeting at the Crestwood Middle School. The breakfast gathering, lead by  Principal Julie Schmidt, highlighted a variety of educational opportunities at CMS. Leaders and officials included Superintendent David Toth, Treasurer Jill Rowe, School Board Members, professionals from Crestwood’s other schools, and community leaders. The breakfast meeting gave the group the opportunity to learn about a variety of interesting programs at CMS, and to meet some CMS students who participate in those programs.

After nine months of planning and raising funds, the James A Garfield Marching Pride saw their vision come to fruition last week as they took Disney by storm. On Saturday March 22, 2014 they began loading the buses with 73 instruments 73  marching band uniforms, 73 shakos, pairs of shoes, gloves spats, seven flag line flags, Marching Pride banner, two rifles, and honor guard flags. Next, came the luggage for 73 members, plus one director and 11 chaperones, all packed under the bus. It was like a life-size version of Tetris, fitting all the equipment in but they did it and did it well.   The buses were finally loaded and they were off to the “Happiest Place on Earth”, aka Disney.

The Campus of Excellence Oversight Committee met on March 20, 2014 in the James A. Garfield Middle School to receive information and updates on the momentous project under way in the district, moving the Intermediate School to the main campus, thus gathering all the parts of the system—Elementary, Intermediate, Middle and High School, as well as the Orson E. Ott Administrative Offices and the Transportation and Maintenance Departments—onto the same campus.  The goals of this project include the  addition of the building to the existing elementary, technology across the system and sustainability (cost reduction, staff reduction, materials-use reduction).  Moving forward will involve community involvement at every phase.

Mantua – At a school-wide assembly last Friday afternoon, staff and students at the Crestwood Middle School in Mantua gathered to learn the results of the school’s Kindness Challenge. The event, sponsored by CMS’s Rachel’s Challenge student organization, encouraged both CMS and Crestwood Intermediate students to document random acts of kindness to each other by noting them on slips of paper. Throughout the week, these paper strips were linked with other strips, creating a tangible symbol of how each simple act, when combined with others, can make a big impact. In addition, students at both schools were able to purchase links for a dollar, raising funds to send Girl Scout cookies to troops stationed overseas. As a result, the Challenge raised enough funds to send three cases of cookies to troops, spreading kindness overseas, as well.

Boys Basketball

Anthony Workman – 1st Team

Nick Jurcevic – 2nd Team

Mason Butler – Honorable Mention


Girls Basketball

Grayson Rose – 1st Team

Madisson Geddes – 2nd Team

Lauren Jones – Honorable Mention

Alicia Witte – Honorable Mention


Boys Bowling

Jaret Doraski – 1st Team

Colin McGurer – 1st Team

Zach Britton – 2nd Team

Zack Hoffmann – 2nd Team

Keddy Conway – Honorable Mention

Ethan Hoffmann – Honorable Mention


Girls Bowling

Olivia Doraski – Player of the Year

Jessie Potteiger – 1st Team

Brittany Thompson – 1st Team

Danielle Tuttle – 1st Team

Alaina Thompson – 2nd Team

Anna Brigham – 2nd Team

Kim Wampler – Honorable Mention

Erica King – Honorable Mention



Noah Heim – Honorable Mention

Ben Gibson – Honorable Mention


Indeed they were!   It was Payback Time.

Superintendent Ted Lysiak announced the school district's offer at Monday's Rebuild Garrettsville meeting.

Superintendent Ted Lysiak announced the school district’s offer at Monday’s Rebuild Garrettsville meeting.

The James A. Garfield Local School Board held a hastily-called meeting on Monday, March 24 to respond to the catastrophic fire which struck the business district in downtown Garrettsville.  Representatives of student groups, faculty and staff organizations,  Nelson and Freedom Township trustees, volunteers with the Nelson-Garrettsville Community Cupboard, Mayor Rick Patrick, attorney Dan Timmons joined the board (member David Vincent via Skype) to issue a resolution declaring the district’s support for the merchants and professionals who have always supported the aims and activities of the James A. Garfield Local School District. The acknowledgement of strong community partnership was key to the meeting’s direction.   Additionally, the district has offered the use of space in the Intermediate School building when  school ends in June during the transition and rebuilding period as the village rises from its ashes.

It was a tremendous outpouring.  It was an amazing, uplifting response.  It was just the beginning.



Garrettsville – Last month I challenged the James A. Garfield Community to take an active part in a massive fundraising campaign to kick off renovations to the schools’ athletic facilities. I am proud to report that over the last month more than 325 of our students, parents, staff and community members have accepted the challenge! As of Monday, March 17, ticket sales total $19,660. This is a monumental start!  In just one month we are nearly halfway to our annual minimum goal of $50,000. It is inspiring to see so many individuals working together toward the goal of making our facilities safer and more enjoyable for our students and fans.

There is still time!

Tickets will be on sale through April 30, 2014. Each $10 raffle ticket buys a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize as well as numerous coupons to local businesses.  The winning ticket will be drawn at the School Board Office on Friday, May 30 at noon.

Community members wishing to purchase tickets or acquire tickets to sell can contact Ted Lysiak at 216.534.7413.  Parents with children in grades K-6 can request additional tickets by sending a note with them to school, and students in grades 7-12 wishing to sell tickets should contact Jim Pfleger at 330.527.0039.

We cannot let up now.  With six weeks to go in this first fundraising campaign, we are edging closer to making the first phase of our project a reality!  I challenge all of us to keep the momentum going!

The complete renovation will take four phases to complete and will be completed as follows:

Phase 1 – Safety of players and fans

? Move field away from home bleachers by 10 feet

? Replace wood posts and ropes with four foot safety fencing

? Install new goal posts (donated by G-Men Foundation)

? Stabilize visitor bleachers with a permanent concrete pad

? Completion set for Fall 2014

Phase 2 – Spectator seating

? Purchase safety and ADA compliant aluminum bleachers

? Construct new press box

Phase 3 – Fan experience

? Construct new concession booths

? Construct permanent ADA compliant restrooms

Phase 4 – Scoreboard and track

? Construction of all-weather track

? Installation of new field scoreboards


I would like to personally thank everyone who has supported these efforts by selling or buying tickets.  Your commitment to excellence is inspiring!

As always, if you have any questions, please call me directly in the office (330.527.4336) or on my cell (216.534.7413).

Students from the elementary, middle, intermediate, and high schools have been asked to sell raffle tickets. Pictured are those students who have (to date) met the challenge. 


The 9th Annual James A. Garfield Alumni Banquet will be held at the James A. Garfield Elementary School on Sept 20th. Anyone who attended JAG High School is welcome to attend. The event will include dinner, entertainment by the award winning high school band and tours of the campus including the new Intermediate School addition (grades 5 & 6) made possible through a five million dollar “Straight A” grant from the Ohio Department of Education.

0 125

Mantua - At this month’s board meeting, Director of Pupil Services, Michael Maglionico made a presentation on behalf of the District Leadership Team (DLT). Mr. Maglionico’s presentation introduced the team, which is charged with analyzing the district’s data, including student achievement and graduation rates, then accessing the most critical needs of the district. This team will then develop plans based on those needs, which will be implemented throughout the district. The DLT team is comprised of district administrators, teachers, curriculum liaisons, members of the community, representatives from the school board, and Superintendent David Toth. They will meet quarterly.

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) announced Maplewood Career Center student Holly DeYoung from Garrettsville, OH, has been selected to become a member of the esteemed organization. The Society recognizes top scholars who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, scholarship and community commitment. The announcement was made by NSHSS Founder and Chairman Claes Nobel, a senior member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes. 

Garrettsville – James A. Garfield (JAG) Band has once again made the community proud by earning a superior rating last weekend at the Ohio Music Educators Association’s (OMEA) Northeast Regional Band and Choir Adjudicated Event held at Revere High School and advancing them to the State competition held in April.

The band performed “Gallant Marines”, by Karl King, “Kentucky 1800” by Clare Grundman and “Three Ayers from Gloucester” by Hugh Stuart. They performed before a live audience as well as the judges. Following their on stage performance, they retreated to a private room for the sight reading portion of the competition. The students were given a piece of music, and a few minutes to look it over, and then were expected to play the piece. When the performance was completed, the band was awarded a “1” which is a superior rating.  The band’s superior rating at districts advances them to state competition in April; once again making the district proud.

The band is under the direction of Theo Cebulla, assisted by Joe Gaither.


Tickets for Brigadoon may only be purchased from Mrs. Young at the High School front office, Mon-Fri from 8am-2pm. You may contact her at 330-527-4341. Cost of tickets are $8.00 for adults and $6.00 for students 18 and under and senior citizens. There are NO refunds and NO changing of seats and dates after purchase is made. Brigadoon will be performed April 3rd-5th at 7:00 pm and April 6th at 2:00 pm.

Mantua – At Power of the Pen competitions across Ohio, students are given a topic sentence or ‘prompt’ on the spot and have 40 minutes to write a complete short story. While the exact prompts are confidential, coach Marphy shared, “In one round, students were given the topic sentence, ‘You’ve got to be kidding’ and told to use it in their story. In another prompt students were asked to consider something that is now obsolete and write a story about it.  As the competition progresses, the prompts get more difficult, and no electronic devices are permitted. At Regional and District competitions, students are permitted to use a dictionary. At the State level, however, the use of dictionaries is not permitted. 

0 37

The Lake/Geauga Educational Assistance Foundation will hold a free informational session March 19th 2014 at 6:30 PM.  “Junior Jumpstart” will address the senior year timeline and information regarding the financial aid and college application procedure. The session will repeat on April 9th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

LEAF Sessions are free, and will be held at the LEAF Resource Center at 8221 Auburn Rd.  Please register online at www.leaf-ohio.org or call LEAF at (440) 358-8045 to reserve a seat. Reservations are required, capacity is limited.  Parents are encouraged to attend with their students.  LEAF is a non-profit college access agency serving students of all ages with the financial aid process.


The 9th Annual James A. Garfield Alumni Banquet will be held at the James A. Garfield Elementary School on Sept 20th. Anyone who attended JAG High School is welcome to attend. The event will include dinner, entertainment by the award winning high school band and tours of the campus including the new Intermediate School addition (grades 5 & 6) made possible through a five million dollar “Straight A” grant from the Ohio Department of Education. The committee is seeking addresses from those who attended J.A. Garfield High School with the following classes: 1954, 1964, 1974, 1984 and 1994. For further information or for anyone who has a new address or email, etc. since June 1st, 2013, please contact Helen Louise (Paul) Bouts at 330-309-2734 or email hbouts@yahoo.com.


0 72

Windham – The Windham Board of Education (BOE) meeting was held on February 27, 2014 with all board members in attendance. Darryl McGuire, president of the BOE called the meeting to order. Melissa Roubic reported that Maplewood will add an animal science program to the career center.  Dawn Kilgore gave an update on Ohio House Bill 416, which is a bill that will add extra calamity days for Ohio schools for this school year only. Currently it has passed the Senate but has stalled in the Ohio House.  The sticking point appears to be the number of days being added, the senate wants to add four days while the house want to add only two. 

Mantua - Last week, students at Crestwood Primary School were on their feet, clapping wildly as their school gymnasium was filled with music and dance. Was it simply a cure for cabin fever, or the result of far too many recess periods spent indoors?  It was all that, and much more, as these fortunate kids received a visit, and a performance by the dancers of Ballet Excel Ohio.

Mantua -  The Mouse and the Motorcycle  came to life at Crestwood Primary School last week, as Principal Cindy Ducca appeared, dressed as a mouse at her school’s “One Book, One School” assembly. According to Mrs. Ducca, her attire was a reward to her students, who exceeded their goal of reading five books per child during the school’s special reading program that highlighted the classic book by Beverly Cleary.

Park Avenue Partnerships

Park Avenue School will not sit idle next year! Partnerships with the Greater Cleveland YMCA and the Portage County Educational Service Center are nearly complete, and we have commitments from both entities that will bring some exciting services to the community. You will see a YMCA business trailer appear near the elementary or high school on or around March 15. The YMCA will use this as a visual form of advertising for their summer day camps and youth soccer, which are the first programs they will be introducing to our area. The Portage County ESC is currently working on getting the Park Avenue School approved by the State of Ohio for public preschool. Their plans are to implement preschool for this fall. The district is proud to be a part of expanding the services to our community through the Park Avenue School.

Hiram -  The Communications Factory is doing its part again this year to help area seniors turn their dream of higher education into reality by sponsoring its annual scholarship program. In its eleventh year, the Factory’s program awards $1,000 to a deserving area high-school student that completes the agency’s scholarship application. Last year’s winner was Elaine Warren of Cardinal High School in Middlefield.
Brad Turner, founder and “plant manager” of the Communications Factory realizes announcements by companies offering student scholarships is hardly front-page news. That is, of course, unless you are an advertising agency. “Advertising agencies typically do all kinds of wacky things to get media buzz,” notes Turner. “Offering scholarships is not commonly one of them. But our agency is anything but typical or common. We simply believe in the importance of promoting young minds.”

The Communications Factory Scholarship is awarded annually. Students interested in being considered for the scholarship need to complete the application form by April 1, 2014. The application form is available on the agency’s Web site at: http://www.communicationsfactory.net/community/scholarship.pdf.
The Communications Factory is a full-service agency that helps up-and-coming organizations retool their brand by melding big agency experience, with the entrepreneurial spirit of a small shop.

Mantua -  In his report to the School Board, Superintendent David Toth shared that first grade teacher Natalie Harr was one of only two Ohio educators to receive the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science this year. Harr will receive a $10,000 award from the National Science Foundation, which administers the program. She is currently on professional leave from the District as she serves as a 2013-2014 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C.

0 79

Hiram – Hiram College is one of only six institutions nationwide recently accepted into the Peace Corps Prep Program. The collaboration offers students a unique combination of undergraduate coursework and community service that prepares them for work in international development. In addition to gaining skills and experience which will make them competitive Peace Corps applicants, students also earn a minor in  international studies from Hiram College. Students pursuing a major in any discipline may apply for the program.

Mantua – Refuse to COOK and attend “The BEST CHILI COOK-OFF EVER”.  It starts Thursday, February 27th from 5-7 pm, in the decorated Crestwood HS cafeteria. The proceeds will assist the Rotary Club of Mantuas to fund 2014 Scholarships and Awards for Crestwood students!  The Mantua Rotary Club has supported the academic and service achievements of our Crestwood students for decades. The awarded amounts given to Crestwood students in the last ten years have exceeded $40,000!  To expand the relationship between Crestwood Schools, the Rotary Club is offering the 1st Annual “Serve It Up” Chili Cook Off.

All A Honor Roll 7th Grade

Andrew Pemberton, Evan Pawlus, Eric Jackson, Caillean Galayde, Jason Conley, Racquel Koleszar, Jessica (Mei Mei) Tannehill, Sarah DeSalvo, Max Kane, Brooke Morgan, Zoe Swenson, Mathew Glinski, Samantha Ensinger, Rachel Rader, Adam Norris, Tyler Klouda, Sarah Miller


All A Honor Roll 8th Grade

Jackson Neer, Jacey Luzny, Jenna Montez, Jason Riebe, Derek Miller, Kylie Hoover, Ramsey Goodner, Simon Varner


Honor Roll 7th Grade

Addison Varner, Hunter Sopher, Samuel Biltz, Kara Nottingham, Travis Criblez, Alexis Evans, Lyndsey Johns, Olivia Brann, Sebastian Shafer, Alissa Barton, Hannah Smith, Ryan Lance, Jessica Huebner, Madison Neer, Devyn Penna, Erika Musgrove, Robert Haney


Honor Roll 8th Grade

Courtney Siracki, Anthony Denigris, Kailyn Woodrum, Seth Rinearson, Keenan Rankin, Isaac Russell, Kiley Carey, Travis Sommers, Makenna Lawrence, Jack Lawrence, Kyle Turrentine, Zachary Fergis, Jordan Bayus, Haley Kern, Theresa Paroff, Deborah Lough, Ryan Brown, Makayla Gough, Carissa White, Mallie Smith, Daniel Kleinhen, Madeline Caldro, William Criblez, Ryan Finney, John Lininger, Katherine Synnestvedt, Luke Blohm, Andrew Morrissey, Ashlyn Geddes, Mikayla Thornton, Julia McGrew, Casey Johnson, Kierra Jordan, John Lorinchak, Catherine Brann, Shannon Williams


Merit Roll 7th Grade

Travis Synnestvedt, Dylan Wilson, Natalie Hall, Kaitlyn Workman, Brianna Stanley, Austin Wise, Arielle Sokolowski, Faith Miller, Robert DelTorto, Trinity Syvertsen, Joseph Fresch, Madisan Brown, Abigayle Gembecki, Chad Angermeier, Halle Tatonetti, Zachary Rabatin, Caitlyn Minor, Mathew Tubre, Samantha Brys, Nicole Ober, Lauren Walz, Elizabeth Logan, Cody Kibler, Jacob Spicer


Merit Roll 8th Grade

Alyssa Zupancic, Deandra Roberts, Logan Kissell, Elizabeth Perkins, Skylie Nutter, Mason Mayoros, Casssandra Hightower, Ethan Marek, Louis Danku, Evan Peters, Zackary Smith, Emma Trent, Zayne Veon, Carley Kerkhoven, Tyler Lippert, Zachary Gorby, Samantha Guyette, Nicholas Cornicelli, Isabella Obreza, Drew Tushar, Kevin Splinter, Tiffany Yeager, Sarah Kent, Chelsea Bates, Corin Ball, Madeline Scott, Benjamin Kelling, Gabrielle Hicks, Jessalyn Cook, Abigail Metz, Natasha Rantilla, Leon Masga, Alexander Griffith



0 68

9th Grade

*Cali Apthorpe, Ja’Mario Brown, Alexis Knight, Benjamin Knight, *Elizabeth Richmond, *Kathlyn Richmond, Erik Roche, Jacob Sheesley, Paige Simpson, *Mahlia Smith, Sara Taylor, *Holly Thompson


10th Grade

Tobie Barker, *Joseph Barnes, Chandler Bee, Christopher Chambers, Samantha Dean, *Tristan Hankins, Logan Hershberger, *Nicole James, *Brittany Knight, *Brooke Lissy, Jasmine Nevarez, Joseph Prasky, Alexia Rushnok, Floyd Shackelford, *Lauren Simmons, Adam Tanner, Alexander Workman, Brianna Workman


11th Grade

Alexis Fabry, Daisy Fleming, Corinna Hechenberger, *Sarah Hodson, Jessica Isler, Zacharie Lewis, Emily Miller, Jordan Small


12th Grade

*Britney Collins, Kaitlynn DeVenture, Kendra Eskins, William Hickman, Ryan Kerschner, Joseph Miranda, Alexandria Polichena, *Jared Taylor, *Joshua Youngen


*Denotes 4.0


0 105

Grade Six

Jazelle Artman, Aiden Barker, Heavenly Cheatham, Paige Collins, Darah Fall, Abigail Forsythe, Samuel Howell, Landen Kiser, Brevin McCrae, Michael Priddy, Annetta Sanders, Victoria Showalter, Ashley Simmons, David Stout, Dawson Swearingen, Tyler Wiley


Grade Seven

Eugenia Brown, Nathan Carpenter, Garrett Cogar, Josh Forsythe, Madison Howes, Phillip Maiorca, Blake Eye, Mackenzie McLean, Trynity Mock, Isabella Simpson, Rebekah Stout, Isabella Warrick


Grade Eight

Claire Alderman, Lauren Beckwith, Molli Betters, Talina Cooper, Daniel Deventure, Nathan Dyer, Sabrina Garl, Nathaniel Garrett, Michael Gearhart, Deidra Hankins, Kelsey Knoll, Tim Murton, Summer Nadiak, Isaiah Pemberton, Ashlyn Riggs, Sam Speicher, Mariah Walker