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Hiram – In 1863, when James A. Garfield bought the home on Hinsdale Road, Hiram College was just thirteen years old.  Garfield had just begun serving in Congress when he and his wife, Lucretia, moved in. Garfield was Principal of the institution, the equivalent of College President. The couple sold the home to Burke A. Hinsdale, who served as the first permanent president of Hiram College. In 1882, Hinsdale eventually sold the home to Phebe Boynton Clapp, Garfield’s cousin, and the house has been in the family for three generations.  That legacy ended with the recent passing of long-time Hiram resident Phebe Zimmerman.

It was Phebe’s great-grandmother Phebe Boynton Clapp, who established the family’s Hiram legacy. Like her cousin, James A Garfield, Clapp was also a student at the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, which became Hiram College. Garfield returned to Hiram as college president, and then moved on to higher offices. Phebe Boynton Clapp also returned to Hiram. She held the position of Lady Principal, the equivalent to Dean of Women. Unlike her cousin, however, she stayed on in Hiram, and in 1883, she purchased the Garfield family home on Hinsdale.

The home remained in the family, and was used as a summer residence. In 1946, Phebe and John Zimmerman came to the house in Hiram temporarily, after John returned from service in WWII. But like her great-grandmother before her, Zimmerman stayed on. With her family, she lovingly maintained the home.  In 2013, however, Phebe Zimmerman sold the home to Hiram College, with an understanding that she would reside there as long as she chose to do so. In announcing the sale she stated “I am happy that the house will be preserved and will be used for a purpose that honors its history.”

By terms of the sale the house will be called the Garfield Robbins Zimmerman House, to reflect the history of those who owned it. The home will house the offices for the Garfield Institute for Public Leadership, which instructs students in public service. Eventually, it will serve as a venue for discussions and guest speakers and a mini-museum showcasing the legacy left by James Garfield.


Rootstown - As a result of its ongoing success in developing innovative and progressive learning opportunities for students, Bio-Med Science Academy, a year-round public STEM+M high school located on the campus of Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED), has been selected by the Ohio STEM Learning Network to serve as one of its regional STEM training center sites.

The Ohio STEM Learning Network training centers were developed to meet the growing demand for STEM professional development and provide educators at every school with the support they need to implement effective STEM education strategies. Each training center site highlights the strengths of the STEM schools in that region, allowing educators to focus on proven and effective STEM education and learning methodologies. Trainings cover topics like problem- and project-based learning, intersessions, student-led conferences, technology integration, and mastery learning.

“From the start, Bio-Med’s team has been dedicated to serving as a resource for the region. That focus on a ‘big footprint’ is one of the reasons we have been so excited to see the school grow,” said Dustin Pyles, director of operations for Ohio STEM Learning Network. “Bio-Med’s selection as a training center recognizes the school’s success at preparing students and its value as a demonstration site of innovative teaching and learning. The number of new and emerging STEM schools and programs in Ohio has doubled since Bio-Med first opened, and the need for these services has never been higher.”

The Ohio STEM Learning Network is supported and managed by BattelleEd, a nonprofit venture of Battelle Memorial Institute, as the state’s official public-private STEM education partner. Bio-Med Science Academy is among eight schools within the Ohio STEM Learning Network to currently serve as regional training center sites.

As a training center site, Bio-Med Science Academy will offer training and consultation to teachers all across Ohio in identified areas of expertise, including Google Apps for educators, literacy design collaborative, math design collaborative, restorative practices, and engineering concepts.

“As a relatively young STEM school, we are honored by our selection as one of the Ohio STEM Learning Network’s regional training center sites,” said Stephanie Lammlein, director of the Academy. “We have certainly benefitted from the insights of our peers as we have developed our own best practices, and it is in that spirit we look forward to sharing our successful instruction techniques with our colleagues from around the state.”

Bio-Med Science Academy is a tuition-free public STEM+M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine) high school that is open to any student in Ohio but was developed to serve students primarily from rural communities in Portage County and other surrounding counties. The Academy offers an innovative and progressive learning environment that cultivates academic excellence and rigor in the STEM+M disciplines while nurturing creativity, inventiveness and community in its students.

A year-round high school, the Academy’s course themes are developed based on current trends in science and medicine as well as the research and education being conducted at NEOMED. The Academy also develops educational experiences around community health and the environment in both urban and rural communities. For more information on the Academy or to fill out an application for the waitlist, please visit www.biomedscienceacademy.org or call 330.325.6186.


Mantua – At the June meeting of the Crestwood School Board, District Technology Supervisor Jeff Woolard was asked to give a presentation to the Board sharing his team’s achievements this year, and the projects they’re looking to implement within the District over the coming months. With the help of his team, District Network Technicians Carl Zeleznik and Nicholas Karman, Woolard shared that the group has added 65 access points, took ownership of the District’s domain (crestwoodschools.org) and is in the process of implementing Google Cloud platform throughout the District. The current and ongoing advances will help provide platform reliability, increased storage capacity and better online project collaboration, “even on snow days,” joked Woolard. As an added bonus, many Portage and Stark County school districts have already chosen, or are migrating to Google. The Stark-Portage Area Computer Consortium (SPARCC) is able to provide technical support for Google, as well. SPARCC, of which Crestwood is a member, also serves school districts in Stark, Portage and Carroll counties.

As a part of his group’s three-year plan, Google chromebooks will used throughout Schools in the District. During the current school year, a new mobile cart, complete with 30 laptop computers, has been tested in the Intermediate Building, with positive results. The purchase of this cart was made possible through an anonymous donation. Future District plans include providing laptops on similar carts, which include charging stations, for use throughout the District. These new laptops will be the primary vehicle used in online standardized testing. In addition, the District’s web site is in the process of being redesigned, and will be launched over the summer.

In her Sports Report, Board Member Debra Soltisz reported that the following students received All-PTC Recognition: In Baseball, Gabe Surgeon was named to First Team, Josh Hampton and Matt Lyons were named to Second Team, and Jared Bailey and Ross Nielsen earned Honorable Mention. In Softball, Bailee Kodash earned First Team, while Reanna Szarka and Holly Hoffman earned Second Team status and Miranda Brothers and Taylor Chism earned Honorable Mention. In Boys Track, Jeremiah Fitzgerald and Jacob Ondash earned First Team. Austin Usher, George Lesnak, Craig Davis, John Kilbourne and Brendan Fannin were named to the Second Team, while Tyler Brady and Michael Picone earned Honorable Mention.

In Girls Track, Alania Nuti, Taylor Rector, Marissa Midgley, Lindsay Thut, Hayley Zigman and Abby Soltisz earned First Team. Lindsay Thut, Challis Roberts, Hayley Zigman, Kira Judd, Maddie Sorrick and Abby Soltisz earned Second Team and Carlie Cofojohn and Melissa Soltisz received Honorable Mention. Lastly, Justin Vaughan was named to First Team for Tennis while Andrew Shahan and Tyler Roth earned Honorable Mention.

In his Academic Report, Board Member Todd Monroe shared that the use of Blizzard Bags was successful, as was the fifth grade orientation at the Middle School. In addition, he reported that Crestwood Middle School Leadership students held their second annual walk to benefit Juvenile Diabetes. Over fifty students walked to raise funds totaling $1,069.71 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. CMS Leadership advisor, Kristen Tekavec, shared, “It’s so amazing to have such awesome students and staff raise funds for such a worthy cause.”

In her Maplewood Update, Board Member Bonnie Lovejoy reported that construction had begun on the Animal Science facility. The program will include training for employment opportunities including vet assistant, grooming, kennel, doggie daycare and pet shop industries.

This meeting was recorded; the video can be viewed at crestwoodschools.org. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Crestwood School Board will be held on Thursday, July 3rd at 7 pm in the CHS library.



DeYoungHiram - This spring, Hiram-based advertising agency the Communications Factory used a little helium to help an area high school senior on her way to earning a higher education. Over its last eleven years in operation, the Factory has awarded a $1,000 scholarship every spring to a deserving northeastern Ohio high school senior to help them in pursuit of a college degree. This year, however, Plant Manager Brad Turner wanted to do things a little differently. Instead of waiting to attend the scholarship recipient’s Senior banquet, Turner chose to surprise this year’s winner, Ms. Allison DeYoung of Field High School in Uniontown, Ohio.

Unbeknown to DeYoung, Turner had worked with administrators at Field High School to stage a covert operation on a random day in May, during DeYoung’s English class. At intervals throughout the class period, some of DeYoung’s classmates entered the room, each handing her a single, shiny, red, star-shaped Mylar balloon. DeYoung sat mystified, surrounded by her equally puzzled classmates, as the excitement mounted with each new delivery. Within a few minutes, nine balloons floated above DeYoung’s desk. When the card attached to balloon number ten was delivered, the secret was revealed, to the amazement and delight of DeYoung and her classmates.

According to Brad Turner of the Communications Factory, the card read, “While balloons alone are a great way to boost your spirits, what’s inside of each of these will boost it even more. Congratulations, Allison. You’re the winner of the 2014 Communications Factory Scholarship. Pop each balloon and celebrate!”  As the words from the card began to sink in, DeYoung’s’s teacher handed her a pair of scissors and urged her to start popping the balloons. As she did so, she uttered, “Oh my goodness!” and “Oh my gosh!” many times over while she located each tightly rolled one-hundred-dollar bill, one per balloon, for a total of $1,000. Shortly thereafter, she called her mom to share the exciting news…and to ask her to please come pick up the money.

In a heartfelt note she later wrote to Turner, DeYoung expressed her gratitude. “Thank you so much for choosing me as the winner of this year’s scholarship. And especially thank you for the wonderful surprise in my English class! I have to say that I was not expecting that at all!” To see the event as it unfolded in the Field High School classroom, view the video at: facebook.com/communicationsfactory.

In April of 2015, the Factory will be awarding another scholarship to help another deserving student’s dreams take flight. Visit www.communicationsfactory.net for more information.



Garrettsville – Isabella Folio (right)  and Brody Swigonski (left) won their respective divisions for the annual Garfield 4th grade PTO chess tournament (pictured).  Congratulations to them both!  The tournament was held over their lunch break for several weeks, and they recently competed in the finals.

For the boys division, Brody Swigonski defeated Kodiak Brogan in the final match.  For the girls division, Isabella Folio defeated Addrianna Conway in the finals.

The tournament was sponsored by the Garfield PTO and the elementary school.  Students were invited to come during their lunch once a week and play chess, checkers, cards, or even just read a book.  Almost one hundred different students participated in the program.  Special thanks to the PTO, the fourth grade teachers, and principal Keri Dornack.


Garrettsville – Garfield High School graduate Simeon Brown of Garrettsville is the 2014 recipient of the President James A. Garfield Award.  The $1000 scholarship honors the values held  by James A. Garfield, who at age 26 became president of what would later be known as Hiram College and who later became president of the United States.  The scholarship is awarded on consideration of the student’s essay concerning  a value or belief reflected in the life of President Garfield and the student’s demonstrated scholarship and community or school  service. Mr. Brown intends to continue his education in the Conservatory of Music at Baldwin Wallace University  in Berea.

Mantua – The Rotary Club of Mantua would like to congratulate Crestwood high school junior Morgan Strenk.  Morgan is the winner of the prestigious Rotary Youth Leadership Award scholarship. This award will enable Morgan to participate at a camp held at Baldwin Wallace University from June 8-14, 2014.

Approximately 50 juniors from the northeast, Ohio area will participate at this camp.  The award is only given to juniors so they may use the leadership skills learned at camp for their senior year of high school.  The general unanimous comment from the students that have completed the camp is: “it was the best thing I have ever done in my life”.  We look forward the future accomplishments from this outstanding student.


Ryan Louis Acker

Mikayla R. Ashba

Madison Claire Barber

McKenzie Marie Blau

Sasha Rose Brotman

Bianca Rae Brown

Lindsey Nicole Burnett

Courtney Karam Call

Cassandra Cameron

Tyler Alex Chapek

Cody Allen Charvat

Julie Anne Combs

Branden Matthew Conrad

MacKenzie Anne Cossick

Dominic Allan DeLuca

Julie Ann Dingman

Kaylee Ann Marie Evans

Kaitlyn Elena Freiling

Luke Anton Freiling

Joshua Michael Garrett

Mackenzie Elizabeth Gilliland

Max Franklin Gilliland

Breanna Marie Girolamo

Marc Alan Girolamo

Gage Kristopher Green

Jessica Cheyenne Hackett

Erica Rose Marie Harris

Brandon Donald Haycox

William Frederick Hess

Laura Marie Hinkle

Stephen James Horvath

Dakota James Kaschalk

Harley Henry Kelly

Charles Michael Kepich

Hunter Brooke Klarich

Edward Joseph Koziol

Jonathan Douglas Kreuz

Samuel John Kwasniewski

Amy Jane Lasco

Joseph S. Lencoski

Tia Marie Shoshanna Rose Maier

Timothy James Malkus

Lisa Michele Marcy

Keanu Anthony Samuel Martin

Megan Marie McCartney

Ian Loel McClellan

Caroline Marie Milano

Ryan James Miller

Nicholas Millet

Mike Thomas Molnar

Ian Matthew Moore

Alison Margaret Moss

Zachary Steven Motil

Peyton Elizabeth Neumore

Christian Hunter Pallagi

McKinley James Parker

Kathryn Elizabeth Paul

Kyle Andrew Pillar

Romolo Giuseppe Rabasi

Jonathon David Ramsey

Darren Keith Redd

Chelsea Nicole Reed

Olivia Lauren Roach

Priscilla Jessica Sandoval

Stephen Edwin Saurman

Dustin James Simmons

Ronald George Simpson

Steven Matthew Sitko

Branson Blaine Race Skidmore

Gabriela Mara Spangler

Devon Scott Stivers

Megan Thomas

Anthony Charles Tiber

Logan Davis Timmons

Katherine Rose Uterhark

Brandon James Vander Maas

Jason Anthony Voskion

Benjamin Alan Wiley

Joshua David Williamson

Gabriel Thomas Wilson

Emma Jane Yokules

Danielle Megan Young


chamber-scholarshipGarrettsville – On June 4th the Garrettsville Area Chamber held their annual Scholarship Luncheon at Cal’s Restaurant.  Each year the Chamber awards three scholarships to graduating Garfield High School seniors.

Pictured above are the 2014 recipients of the scholarships.  Amber Wenger (right) will be attending Kent State University to study Nursing; Trevor Chambers (left) will be pursuing a degree in Safety Management at Slippery Rock University; Laura Wilburn (center) will attend Youngstown State and NEOMED  where she will be working towards her medical degree.

Congratulations and best of luck to all!


6-1-14 Emma and Travis

Emma Twardzik and Travis Gorby were selected as the 2013-14 Garfield High School “OHSAA Scholar Athletes of the Year”. Ironically they were both soccer players and have played together since 2005 on various travel teams, etc.

The criteria for the Award was.

1. Minimum of 3.25 or above G.P.A.

2. Minimum of Four Varsity Letters.

3. Three of the Varsity Letters must be in the same sport.

4. Must have taken either the ACT or SAT national tests  (Emma and Travis both scored above 27 on their ACT).

5. Team leader/Good role model.




For the ninth year in its more than 30 years of history the Garrettsville Eagles Club No 2705 has award four $750.00 scholarships to family members of members.

Bradley Kowalski is a  2014 graduate of Windham High School as valedictorian and is accepted both by Bowling Green and Kent State universities. After he makes his choice will major in Pre-Med aiming for Sports Related Physical Therapy.

Brad was involved in sports, varsity letterman. second team honors in baseball. He had part-time jobs and contributed community services.

Kaylie Johnson, is a 2014 graduate of Champion High School and will attend Mt. Union majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education. Her goal is to be K-3 or a special ed teacher in a public or private school.

Kaylie was member of the Honors Society, Student of the month in February, 2014, member of the Key Club, CTC Varsity Bowling Team and Color Guard. She is involved in church youth group and church nursery.

Rebecca Kern is a 2014 James A Garfield High School graduate and has been accepted by Bowling Green University this fall. She plans to be an Intervention Specialist with a degree in Special Education.

She was president of the National  Honor Society,member of the Marching Band, Pep Band, Concert Band, involved in Yuletide Revels, Christmas Celebration and counselor at Camp Fitch. In her spare time she is employed at Miller’s Family Restaurant.

Justin Vaughan is a 2014 graduate of Crestwood High School and will attend Slippery Rock University in PA. He is aiming for a degree in Sports Management. He will minor in Journalism with hope of being a sports writer.

He was captain of the Tennis Club for 3 years, member of the Community Service Club, Yearbook, Awarded Coaches, Captain and Participation recognition.Went on two missions to help those effected by hurricanes, cleared streets, and put on events such as Halloween Carnival and Father-Daughter dance.

The scholarships awarded are in addition to the club’s support of several community services which we hope to continue in future years with the support of our members and the community.

Morgan Aebischer

Stephanie Alexander

Ziad Al-Noubani

Daniel Anders

Kyle Angermeier

Trevor Baldwin-Hoobler

Brianna Bandy

Katie Bartlett

Shelby Baughman

Austin Bracken

Anna Brigham

Jessica Britton

Alan Broadwater

Simeon Brown

Marilyn Brunton

Samuel Buganski

Mason Butler

Victoria Carnahan

Trevor Chambers

Chase Chapman

Kaley Collins

Jared Damko

Cassie Daniels

John Davenport

Brandon Davis

Jamie Davis

Holly DeYoung

Olivia Doraski

Seth Duvall

Michael Ebie

Tessa Flattum

David Forgony

Ashley Freiberg

Christopher Gadus

Katlyn Gembicki

Krista Gholson

Caitlynn Gilles

Candace Glinski

Travis Gorby

Sasha Gough

Assyria Gray

Kevin Griggy

Racheal Gruszewski

Alec Hartman

Jewels Haylett

Ryan Hecky

Kyle Heim

Ethan Hoffmann

Zachary Hoffmann

Courtney Hood

Sarah Hyde

Adriene Kearney

Jessica Kelley

Megan Kenesky

Rebecca Kern

Erica King

Kayla Kuzniakowski

Yakira Lane

Jeffrey Lange

Thomas Learn

Andrew Lininger

Savannah Lorinchack

Tiffani Lucas

Nicole Lytle

Thomas Macerol

Fredrick Maxey

Skyy McCune

Whitney Miller

Joshua Moore

Alexandria Nowak

Sarah Perkins

Renee Perrault

Emily Perrine

Tyler Petersen

Roger Pierce

Nathan Pinson

Zachary Porcase

Kennedy Porter

Nathan Pratt

Edana Rankin

Megan Rohrbaugh

Karen Root

Cooper Roubic

Shay Sane

Dustin Savick

Jonathan Seaman

Kurt Selesky

Allison Seneff

Zachary Silvis

Kaitlyn Siracki

Zoey Smith

Jay Spencer

Summer Stevens

Shannon Stowe

Nicole Thompson

Brittany Thornton

Samantha Tubre

Emma Twardzik

Andrew Weisbarth

Amber Wenger

Laura Wilburn

Scott Williams

Anthony Workman

Mirsadies Yon

Shannon Young


Ian Sterling Adams

Jacob Louis Agle

Victoria Hope Andexler

Clyde Douglas Arnett

Taylor Leigh Atkins

George William Baran

Landis Grant Bates

Douglas Guy Battiest

BreAnna Lee Benner

Carrigan Alyssa Benoit

Ryan Adam Bernhard

Tod Allen Bevilacqua

Lauren Olivia Bissell

Charles Wesley Blankenship

Megan Leann Blankenship

Mikayla Rae Blankenship

Tyler Richard Brady

Sarah Ann Bridgman

Kyle Stephen Brookover

Miranda Louise Brothers

Emily Katherine Bruyere

Travis James Burkett

Erin Marie Calvey

Brittany Renae Campbell

Samantha Lee Canepa

Samantha Rose Cannella

Jordan Ashland Carver

Danielle Raye Cavanaugh

Jenna Marie Cisar

Madison May Cochrane

Kyle Stanley Cox

Anthony James Crabtree

Matthew Thomas Czerny

Damon Conrad Daugherty

Alexander James DeHoff

Carolyn Ann Diczhazy

Kayla Faith Diroll

Erin Marie Dunkin

Morgan Jolene Engelhart

Daniel Troy Evans

Jessica Marie Felker

Brian Charles Ferguson

Michael Robert Fletcher

Mariah Lynn Focareto

Julianna Sereita Forster

Amanda Elizabeth Fosnight

Cheyenna Sky Frederick

Dustin Charles Friend

Tyler Joseph Gall

Mathew David Gerdes

Angela Marie Goodrich

Ashlea Josette Gopp

Meaghan Michelle Green

Nathan Perry Green

Mackenzie Diann Gregoire

Carley Renee Gross

Monica Elizabeth Groves

Matthew Dominic Gualtieri

Hannah Lynn Hall

Joshua Tyler Hampton

Dillon Scott Harmon

Eric Robert Harris

Amber Lynn Harrison

Holly Lynne Hays

Sierra Mae Hobbs

David Anthony Hocevar

Daniel Adam Holmberg

Ryan Michael Houpt

Christopher Keith Howell

Patrick Lee Hoyack

Brooke Nicole Hunter

Summer Nicole Hurd

Cody Joseph Imars

Kenn Edward Jackson

Alyssa Nicole Jaehn

Jonathan Thomas Jastal

Nicholas Steve Jelinek

Taylor Paige Jenkins

Kristen Elizabeth Jones

Nicholas Robert Kehres

Hannah Lee Kelley

John Roger Kilbourne

Daniel Jacob Klatik

Amanda Jane Krakowski

Victoria Eve Krause

Samantha Marie Kulish

Kayla Rita Kulla

Shawnee Nicole Kvasnicka

Nicholas Robert Labas

Elizabeth Rose LaMarca

Stacey Elizabeth Larch

Jose Francisco Lebron

Allison Renee Little

Kyle Thomas Lohr

Joshua Tyler Lorence

Jacob William Lovick

Randi Kristine Lyle

Matthew Allen Lyons

Danielle DeNyse Magyarics

John  Luke McCraw

Nolan Blake McGarvey

Taylor Courtney Michael

Marissa  Elizabeth Midgley

Darian Payton Milam

Abbey Melissa Milkovich

Arizona Rose Misseldine

Jacob Connor Monreal

Samantha Nicole Moore

Jenna Marie Morgenstern

Kathleen Yeva Murray

Conner Samuel Nemec

Alaina Marie Nuti

Olivia  O’Brien Cobb

Jack Edward Onders

Jonah Tyler Onuska

Brendan Jay Osborne

Dylan Ray Parker

Katey Irene Paxton

Nicole Chessie Perkins

Julia Louise Pfaff

Charles  James Phillips

Rebecca Margaret Pochedly

Gary Thomas Pope

Joseph Frank Prenosil

Rachel Marie Quesenberry

Chad Alan Randall

Clayton Austin Jesus Ramirez

Taylor Lynn Rector

Velonte Marquis Reddick

Carley Jean Reid

Joseph Donald Reyes

Mary Ruth Richards

Daryl Ross Riley

Challis Margaret Roberts

Anna Marie Claire Romano

Tyler Austin Roth

Skylar Sierra Scala

Dillon Errol Scott Schaefer

Ashley Nicole Seneff

Charles Francis Shahan

Kaitlyn Mackenzie Shahan

Ariel Nicole Sherry

Nathan Michael Silcox

Melissa Rose Skocdopole

Kaitlin Michelle Slaker

Makenzie Kenneth Snodgrass

Abigail Lynn Soltisz

Hanna Elizabeth Spencer

Emily Ann St. Hilaire

Dakota Lee Stanley

Jonathan Peter Stewart

Julianna Nicole Stewart

Raymond Michael Stewart

Henry Arnold Strahan

Zachary Ian Strenk

Reanna Leigh Szarka

Chase Marie Tayerle

Nicholas James Thomas

Katie Lynn Tibbs

Ashley Renee Todd

Craig Darrin Turner

Allison Rae Vannoy

Amber Lynn Vargo

Justin Martin Vaughan

Christopher William Vince

Deena Marie Vodila

Jacquelyn Renee Wagner

Aaron Richard Yonker

Nicholas John Timothy Zeleznik

Jake Anthony Zemaitis

Marisa Lynn Zolgus

Sarah Jane Zolgus

Logan Louis Zuponcic


Emeric De Sermet de Tournefort

Iya Erkenovna Tsedenova


Sherry Jones and Mayor Rick Patrick prepare to draw the winning ticket.

Sherry Jones and Mayor Rick Patrick prepare to draw the winning ticket.

Garrettsville – Months ago I challenged the James A. Garfield students to take an active part in a fundraising effort to kick off renovations to the schools’ athletic facilities. Our students accepted the challenge with great fervor, and I am proud to report that the “Challenge Raffle” winner was drawn at noon on Friday, May 30th by Mayor Rick Patrick in the James A. Garfield Board Office.  The winner of the $1,000 grand prize was Stephanie Kristoff. The winning ticket was sold to her by her son, kindergartner AJ Kristoff.

On behalf of the James A. Garfield Schools I would like to congratulate Mrs. Kristoff and thank everyone who sold and purchased tickets for the raffle.  I would also like to thank Mrs. Sherry Jones for organizing this successful effort.  Without her passion, organization and impeccable record-keeping we never would have been able to experience such success.

The final breakdown for the raffle is as follows:

Total Sales:  $28,260.00

Expenses:     $6,041.86

Net Profit:  $22,218.14

It is important to note that $4,173.14 of the expenses went directly back to the kids in the form of t-shirts, gift cards and a skating party at Roller Hutt.  These rewards kept the excitement and motivation going throughout the raffle.

With the funds collected, improvements will be made to the stadium this summer to make play safer for our athletes. As you drive by the stadium you will begin to see the following work taking place:

Phase 1 – Safety of players and fans – Total Cost:  $17,938.57

?  Replace wood posts and ropes with four foot safety fencing ($6,438.57)

?   Install new goal posts ($0 – donated by G-Men Foundation)

?  Stabilize visitor bleachers with a permanent concrete pad ($11,500)

?  Move field away from home bleachers by 10 feet ($0)

The remaining $4,279.57 will be deposited to the JAG All Sports Booster account and used for Phase 2, which will focus on the spectator experience.  The next steps for the project are outlined by the following Phases:

Phase 2 – Spectator seating

?  Purchase safety and ADA compliant aluminum bleachers

?  Construct new press box

Phase 3 – Fan experience

?  Construct new concession booths

?  Construct permanent ADA compliant restrooms

Phase 4 – Scoreboard and track

?  Construction of all-weather track

?  Installation of new field scoreboards

This is just the beginning of the work that needs to be done.  Our athletic facilities are tired and need attention. It is inspiring to see so many individuals working together toward the goal of making them safer and more enjoyable for our students and spectators.

As always, if you have any questions, please call me directly in the office (330.527.4336) or on my cell (216.534.7413).


Garrettsville – The Brittany Myers Scholarship Fund was founded in 2001 as a memorial to Brittany, a 9 year old little girl who lost her life in a tragic car accident in 2000. Brittany attended James A. Garfield Elementary School where she was an avid softball player and a complete joy to everyone. Left behind are her parents, Tom and Belinda Myers, along with siblings and many loved ones.

The Brittany Myers Memorial Poker Run is held on the first Saturday in August.  This event generates the monies for the scholarship program in which two scholarships are awarded each year to graduating seniors at James A. Garfield High School. Students’ GPA, community service, academic and athletic achievements, future goals and a 300 word essay are taken into consideration when choosing the winners. This year’s recipients are Amber Wenger and Cooper Roubic.  Congratulations seniors!

In addition to the annual scholarships, the fund has also contributed to the Youth Softball League and the Special Needs Program at James A. Garfield School.

For more information on the fund raiser, or to make a donation, please feel free to contact Jamie Cain at (330)221-6338.


Mantua – Specialist Adam Scott Hamilton was one of the top marksmen in his unit and was assigned as a sniper. Since joining the U.S. Army in March, 2009 Specialist Hamilton has been awarded the Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal. But he was more than that to Crestwood student Nick Krestan — Adam was his big brother. Three years ago, when Nick was a student at Crestwood Intermediate, he and his classmates wrote letters to Adam, sharing what they were learning in the book, On the Wings Of Heroes  by Richard Peck. Nick’s class, and the entire school, read the book as a part of the school’s first One Book, One School program that year. Unfortunately, Adam, who was serving in the US Army in Afghanistan, died in battle on May 28th, before he had the chance to meet his brother’s classmates at CIS. Adam was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and NATO medal. He was 22 years old.

At the time of his death in 2001, a tree was planted in his honor on the grounds of the school. This past Friday, Adam was once again honored by Crestwood Intermediate School when his memorial was dedicated in the presence of his family. The dedication coincided with the closing event of this year’s One Book, One School program, which again featured Peck’s book, On the Wings of Heroes.

“It fills our hearts to know that these communities wrap their arms around and comfort us. It’s wonderful how much people care,” beamed Adam’s father, Scott Hamilton. “Memorial Day is so much more than hot dogs and a day off. It’s so important to help keep Adam’s memory alive, and all the other men and women who are lost.”  After the dedication, Crestwood students, the Hamilton family, and area veterans enjoyed a jalopy parade similar to the one described in Peck’s book.

As spectators waved American flags, the Crestwood marching band led the parade, which also featured Army vehicles and classic cars. Through their month-long literacy program, CIS students and staff raised money for the National Museum of the U.S. Army in Virginia. In addition to a financial donation, two bricks will be placed in the Museum’s walkway — one in honor of Mantua veterans, and one in honor of Specialist Adam Hamilton, with the designation ‘On Wings of Heroes’ to commemorate this year’s program. In addition, students and community members have the opportunity to register veterans into the National Museum of the U.S. Army soldier database. The Soldier’s Registry provides an opportunity to recognize and honor soldiers who are currently serving or have previously served in the U.S. Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. The Soldier’s Registry will be prominently displayed at The National Museum of the United States Army, and is available at no charge. For more information, visit armyhistory.org.

“It’s amazing how they were able to bring students in touch with what happens during war,” continued Hamilton, noting that the U.S. has been engaged in war in the Middle East for over ten years. “There are a lot of families impacted,” Hamilton noted, “but events like this can effect them in a positive way.” He expressed his hope that some day, some of today’s students might return here to share his son’s memorial, and today’s experience, with their own children.

Specialist Adam Hamilton is survived by his parents Scott and Connie Hamilton of Kent and Nancy Krestan, of Mantua; as well as his siblings Nick Krestan; and Brandon, Shawney and Taya Hamilton. In his honor, the family has created the Adam Hamilton Memorial Academic and Athletic Scholarship Fund. The Fund helps keep his memory alive through recognizing major accomplishments of Kent Roosevelt students, where Hamilton graduated in 2007. Each year, the Fund awards two $10,000 scholarships – for graduating male and female Kent Roosevelt High School students. For more information, call (330) 274-2961.


Mantua – At the last meeting of the Crestwood School Board, the 2014 District retirees were honored for their combined 255 years of service in the District. Middle School Principal Julie Schmitt, Intermediate Principal Michelle Gerbrick, Director of Pupil Services Mike Maglionico, and past School Board member Martha Phillips spoke on behalf of the retirees, sharing laughter and a few tears as they thanked their colleagues and wished them well. Superintendent David Toth remarked, “I’d like to commend these people for their efforts and dedication and thank you for your service. You’ll all be missed.”


Crestwood District retirees Patricia Eskridge, Pamela Braden, Mary Lou Bernotas, Edward Nichols, Janet Wilkins, Gerrie Zimkosky, and Eileen Shahan were honored at the last School Board meeting. Retireees Theresa Duesing and Rick Hall were not present that evening.

Next up, District Treasurer Jill Rowe presented an updated five-year-forecast for the district. The forecast represents budget cuts and payroll reductions, as well as considerable savings in forecast healthcare costs. Regarding the improved budget, Ms. Rowe stated, “It took a lot of hard work to get here.” In similar news, Superintendent Toth shared that he and his team had completed several grant applications that would help provide Crestwood with resources to become a 21st century learning campus.

The Straight A grant is valued at between $1 million and $15 million, and could provide funds for online courses, STEM classrooms, and resources for a media center that would be available to the community. Other grants include a federal health and wellness grant to cover the cost to employ additional therapists and guidance counselors to the District, and a grant to fund a K-grade four summer reading program. Grants will be awarded later this year. Mr. Toth explained, “It’s part of my job, and my team of administrators, to find money to help our kids and teachers to the betterment of Crestwood.”

In other news, Primary School Principal Cindy Ducca and Intermediate Principal Michelle Gerbrick explained the latest changes and how their schools are working with the Third Grade Guarantee. They highlighted plans to help those students in danger of scoring below the acceptable target reading scores, and outlined the many ways the school is currently intervening and providing additional support to the students and their families. In addition, a summer reading program has been implemented. Afterward, School Board member Dave Becker commented about the dangers of becoming too test-focused, stating, “We want to develop a love of reading, not a fear of testing.”

Later, Crestwood High School teachers Angus McDougall and Sarah Moore shared their thoughts on teaching the American Experience Academy, a cross-cultural class in experiential learning. According to McDougall, the class helps students develop a unique skill-set that helps them, “engage with learning.” McDougall shared that the program benefits the district in many ways, including as a collaborative opportunity among other buildings within the district, serving as a field trip destination for classes at the Intermediate School. In addition, next year’s program will incorporate a journalism element, where students will write articles and shoot photos about various aspects of the Academy.

The next regularly scheduled school board meeting will be held on Monday, June 2nd at 7 pm in the High School Library. In addition, previous meeting minutes and video recordings of school board meetings can be viewed at crestwoodschools.org.



Garrettsville – Pictured From Left to Right, are the painters of the new banners hanging in front of James A. Garfield High School: Danielle Konecek, Shannon Stowe, Renee Perrault, Savannah Sheer, Dicey Miller, Edana Rankin, Casey Mansell, Anna Brigham, Ally Milano, Libby Frato-Sweeney, Madisson Geddes, Brittany Davis, Whitney Miller, Todd Barton.  Not Pictured: Madeline Lininger, Katlyn Simpson.

Garrettsville - Take THAT, Creepy Karpis! A northeast Ohio tornado watch didn’t stop interested folks from turning up at the Iva Walker Auditorium on Wednesday, May 15, 2014 to get the low-down on “Two Grants, and Three Giant Leaps” for the James A. Garfield Schools and the Garrettsville Communities.  Perhaps they were reassured by the tommy-gun toting G-Man at the door.  Persons of note from across the county and a gubernatorial representative from Columbus were on hand, as was Mayor Rick Patrick and a spokesman from the Ohio Historical Preservation Office.  Hiram College’s departing president, Thomas Chema bade the district farewell and acknowledged the coming of the college’s first woman president,  Dr. Lori Varlotta, and the willingness of the institution to participate in  the rebuilding after the “Buckeye Block Fire”.

It had all begun with a welcome from Julie Thompson, historian and recent Hiram College graduate, who had organized the evening, and the playing of the National Anthem by the James A. Garfield Band(It was at least partly about a national event, after all).Superintendent  Ted Lysiak gave opening remarks and thanks to the participants and the custodial staff which always finishes up the parade.  Rick Patrick acknowledged the outstanding services provided by the First Responders, from GFNVFD and mutual assistance communities, on the occasion of the fire and recognized the members who were in attendance.  Congressman Dave Joyce was introduced by JAG student Mark Butto and gave remarks of encouragement and support.  Kit Semplak, president of the James A. Garfield Historical Society, greeted the crowd and  offered a glimpse of the history of the lost Buckeye Block; the youngest member of the historical society, Grace Edwards, presented a summary of the Last Great Train Heist and its national     effects.  Then came the re-enactment of the event itself as narrated by Julie Thompson, based on the book by Alvin “Creepy” Karpis, gang leader.  The Garfield drama students in period attire brought the event to life and even hustled some celebrity  hold-up victims across the stage.  These were none other than the current county commissioners—Kathleen Chandler, Maureen Frederick and Sabrina Christian-Bennett.  These worthies, at the conclusion of the re-enactment, unveiled the fact that the Village of Garrettsville had been awarded a CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) to the tune of $75,000 to aid in the re-development—streetscape, lighting, parking, etc.—of the business district.

The wrap-up of the event came after brief remarks by Jonathan Vimr of the Ohio Historical Society when the new state historical marker(which had been draped in a Garrettsville bicentennial throw) was revealed with a flourish by Kit Semplak and Portage County Auditor, Janet Esposito.  Ta-Daaah!

The JAG band played the Garfield Alma Mater.

The great variety of tasty and timely refreshments after the ceremony were graciously provided by the Nelson United Methodist Church.

Thanks to all.


Garrettsville – Sunday, May 18, 2014 was the BIG SHOW (Anybody remember Ed Sullivan?  Never mind). Opened with the High School Concert Band’s rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” and proceeding through the presentations of the Intermediate School Fifth Grade Band, the Middle School Concert Band and the Intermediate School Sixth Grade Band to the big finish with the High School Concert Band, it was an excellent finale to the year in instrumental music.

The selections ranged from “Attack of the Slide Trombones” through “Old Time Rock & Roll”, a “Philharmonic Phun Phest” and “The Low Brass Brigade” by the younger musicians to “Disney at the Movies”(Surely fitting after the band’s trip to Disney this spring), “Flight of the Bumble Bee”(featuring  Nick Crawford, percussionist extraordinaire), an “Instant Concert” with iconic melodies from all over, “The Stars and Stripes Forever” with a somewhat steroidal piccolo contribution by tubist Michael Ebie and an absolutely lights-out number, “Voodoo”, a sonic tour de force  of jungle beats and hypnotic sounds—great stuff!  Finishing up the program was the Garfield “Fight Song” segueing into “Hang On, Sloopy” and a tremendous drum corps display of percussion mastery.

Congratulations to the directors,  Theo Cebulla and Joe Gaither, who have put together a music program everyone in the district can be proud of.  Thanks to all of the boosters and contributors whose time, efforts and patience  have helped to make it all possible.  Thanks to the musicians who have given it their all, all for a good cause.


Aurora - James A. Garfield Senior, Anna Brigham was awarded the “Saved by the Belt Award” by the Ohio State Patrol at Aurora Farms Outlets in Aurora, Ohio Saturday, May 17, 2014 at their annual kick-off for the “Click it or Ticket” campaign.

brigham-aurora-garfieldstudent-seatbeltMiss Brigham survived a head-on collision during blizzard-like conditions on February 27, 2014 near the intersection of State Routes 303 and 88 in Freedom Township. Although Anna suffered minor injuries, she realizes she is here today because she wore a seatbelt.

This award was brought back this year after several years of hiatus and was presented to Anna by Ohio State Troopers Sergeant Bruce D. Zuchowski and Trooper Griffin Kelly; both troopers represent the Hiram Patrol Post, which serves an 82 mile stretch of the Ohio Turnpike.

The program that awards the “Saved by the Belt Award” is Safe Communities, which is an educational division of Portage County that is financed to raise awareness for seatbelt safety based on a three year period of fatalities within the county.

Here are some recent statistics on seat belt use or lack thereof:

1: 63% of fatalities are caused from not wearing a seatbelt

2: Data suggests education alone is just not doing the job, especially for males ages 16-25. They just don’t think they’ll be injured or killed in an accident

3: If  90% of Americans buckle up, we will prevent more than 5,500 deaths and 132,000 injuries annually.

4: The cost of unbuckled drivers and passengers goes beyond those killed and the loss to their families. We all pay for those who don’t buckle up ¬ in higher taxes, higher health care and higher insurance costs.

On average, inpatient hospital care costs for an unbelted crash victim are 50% higher than those for a belted crash victim. Society bears 85% of those costs, not the individuals involved. Every American pays about $580 a year toward the cost of crashes. If everyone buckled up, this figure would drop significantly.


Motorists who refuse to wear their seat belts – beware.  The 2014 national Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement mobilization kicked off May 19 to help save lives by cracking down on those who don’t buckle up.

The Hiram Police Department is joining with other state and local law enforcement officers and highway safety advocates across the country to help save more lives by strongly enforcing seat belt laws around the clock.

While this year’s Click It or Ticket enforcement mobilization runs from May 21 through June 3, motorists should know that officers are out enforcing seat belt laws year-round.

Garrettsville – The  Campus of Excellence steering committee met on May 15 (third Thursday of the month, MS Library/Media Center) for a progress report and quick look at the construction of the new elementary school addition to house the fifth and sixth grade, come August.

The first question had to do with the weather and its effect on the situation.  Can we say “wet”?  Things are moving along as quickly as possible, given the precipitation, and once some drying takes place, it will be full steam ahead…and then some.  The design-build company overseeing the project has built in contingency planning and is prepared to put “pedal to the metal” when it is necessary and feasible to meet deadlines…seven days a week if need be.

Color schemes.  Who thought about them? Paint? That’s all  in the works—field (background) colors, accent colors.  Carpet tiles and floor tiles, walls, work areas, the clinic, restrooms, public meeting space, hallways—all in the mix; different requirements for different uses.  Don’t even THINK about Fifty Shades of Gray.

The block walls are about to go up (see : weather). The structural steel is waiting in the wings.  Concrete trucks will be bringing in some 18,000 cubic feet of the base material—20-25 truckloads—for the foundation.  New valves and hydrants for the water system, campus-wide, will be added.  New schematics for the power supply will be added, individualizing the buildings, and requiring a power shutdown as well as a water supply interruption at some future point.  Summer school will be moved to the Middle School this year in consideration of the requirements of the situation and the safety of students.  Timmerman GeoTech has been and will continue to monitor construction details that most of us would never think of—soil moisture, concrete standards, etc.—testing as we go to ensure compliance with highest standards of construction , health and safety.  The building will be grounded to lessen the dangers of lightning strikes.  Who would have thought of that?

And all of that stuff in the Park Avenue building that has to go somewhere until it finds a new home in the new building?  Through the good offices of two local, school-involved guys, board member Deral White and perennial coach and booster, Larry Roach, those materials will be stored in two semi trailers, which will be loaded by the football team…and probably unloaded too—good body-building exercise.

It’s a GO, folks.  To (mis)quote a famous American admiral(Farragut), “Damn the weather reports!  Full speed ahead!”



Portage County - Area eighth-grade students have the opportunity to experience life as health professions students during MEDCAMP, a three-day intensive immersion experience for eighth graders who have demonstrated achievement in science and an interest in a health professions career.

Applicants are currently being sought to fill 50 openings for this year’s program, which will be held at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) July 17-19, 2014..

Now in its 24th year, MEDCAMP is designed to provide “hands-on” experiences in bio-medical science workshops involving research, clinical problem-solving and an introduction to the fields of clinical medicine and pharmacy. Students join physicians, pharmacists, NEOMED students, faculty and researchers in performing applied activities, where they learn how a physician talks with a patient, how to study the clues to a patient’s illness, to solve medical cases by using critical thinking skills in addition to learning modern laboratory techniques. Students also complete a case study on a fictitious patient.

Meals are provided. Accompanied by chaperones, students are transported by bus to a Kent State University dormitory for overnight accommodations. Tuition for the three-day experience is $125.. A limited number of tuition waivers are available for eligible students.

Applicants must be current eighth-grade students (will have completed eighth grade at the time of MEDCAMP), who excel in science and math. Potential participants may be nominated for the program by a teacher, guidance counselor or may nominate themselves. First consideration is given to applicants from groups underrepresented in health care professions. Students selected to participate in MEDCAMP must reside in Ashtabula, Carroll, Columbiana, Mahoning, Portage, Richland, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas, Trumbull or Wayne Counties.

Information about MEDCAMP and applications may be found online at www.neomed.edu/academics/ahec/medcamp or by calling: 330.325.6584. Applications are due by April 18, 2014. MEDCAMP is sponsored by Ohio’s Region III Area Health Education Center (AHEC).


Garrettsville – On Tuesday, May 6th, Apple Tree Preschool held our annual Trike-a-Thon fundraiser to help raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Students collected money and then rode their trikes or bikes in the parking lot for 30 minutes.  The fundraiser is also an educational tool to help teach our students about the importance of bike safety.  This is the seventh year that Apple Tree Preschool has held the fundraiser, and this year our students raised $1900.00.  All the proceeds from the Trike-a-Thon go directly to St. Jude Hospital.

AppleTreeApple Tree Preschool is a Step Up to Quality Three Star Award winning preschool located at the Garrettsville United Methodist Church on Park Avenue.  We are currently accepting registrations for students for our fall classes.  Classes offered include a 3-Year-Old class that meets from 9:15 – 11:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and a Pre-kindergarten class that meets from 12:15 – 2:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Please call the church office at 330-527-2055 for information on registering your child for fall.

Mantua – For the fourth year in a row, lively literacy takes Crestwood Intermediate students well beyond the pages of a book. At least as far as Canton, Ohio, to the Military Aviation Preservation Society (MAPS) museum. That’s where students and staff recently visited, as a part of the fourth annual One Book, One School program, and thanks to a generous grant from the Hiram Community Trust. Although the students didn’t see a B-17 like the one in the book, “On the Wings of Heroes,” that the entire school is reading, they had the opportunity to meet veterans who did. One such individual is WWII veteran Ralph Lynn, who flew 32 missions during the war. Lynn, who is now 94 years old, serves as a tour guide at the museum, where the leather bomber jacket he wore during those missions is now on display. He served as a guide for several groups of Crestwood students, leading them through the museum’s aircraft and displays.

Lynn has a good deal of experience sharing the MAPS museum with older folks like himself, who lived through that time.  However, he noted the difficulty he sometimes has in sharing his experiences with younger children with little knowledge of that time. Since the Crestwood students were currently learning about the war through the One Book, One School program, Lynn was able to, “add a little more meat to what they’ve read,” and give them a more real picture of those who served.

While at the MAPS museum, students had the opportunity to climb aboard a C-41 plane to learn how troops may have felt as they prepared to invade Normandy, or see a variety of aircraft on display and under restoration, including a MiG-17, B-26 Marauder, and AH-1 Cobra aircrafts. They also had the opportunity to climb aboard a Goodyear GZ-22 Blimp Gondola. In addition, groups had the opportunity to tour a ‘MASH’ era field hospital; similar to the one museum guide Ted Mathies served at as a medic in Viet Nam. Within the one tent on display, Mathies explained how soldiers could receive treatment for minor discomforts like a sore throats or cavities, to major surgeries like amputations, removing shrapnel, or, “putting your nose back on your face.”

Mathies shared that a 200-bed field hospital’s 27 tents can be set up in 24 hours anywhere in the world. He encouraged visitors to handle the instruments, tools, and equipment, and ask lots of questions. When asked about an odd-looking canvas bag with a hanging loop on top, and watering can sprinkler at the bottom, he explained to shocked students how to use a field shower, explaining, “If you wanted privacy, you’d have to close your eyes.”

MAPS museum literature notes that, “History was not made by airplanes, but by the men and women who designed, build and flew them.” As such, students had the opportunity to experience aviation up close through a tour of the museum’s Gallery of Heroes. They saw artifacts, learned about the men and women who served during the war, and saw a piece of the USS Arizona, sunk by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

As we stood under the 1908 Martin Glider, Ralph Lynn remarked excitedly, “Look how far we’ve come in 100 years,” noting the development from a simple wood and canvas glider to high-tech machines for travel to the moon. “I’d love to be around to see how far we can come in the next 100 years,” he concluded.

So what did students think of their experience at MAPS? Kylie, a fourth-grader, liked the opportunity to go inside a plane to find out what it’s like to be a paratrooper, like her father. Her classmate Jackson, an automotive enthusiast, added, “I liked viewing the planes, and trying to identify the different parts.”  For more information on the MAPS museum, visit www.mapsmuseum.org.

Back at Crestwood Intermediate, students have their own mini-museum. “It’s just amazing that all this came out of a book,” marvels Crestwood Intermediate guidance counselor Gary Traveny, as he looks around the darkened classroom. The classroom-turned-memorabilia museum is filled with photographs, uniforms, artifacts, and multimedia materials about the Second World War, on loan from community members. The temporary exhibit was compiled to augment the special month-long ‘One Book, One School’ program at CIS. The featured book, ‘On the Wings of Heroes,’ by Richard Peck, is the story of a young boy, and his brother who flies B-17s during World War II.

As you enter CIS, and come face-to-face with a vintage Army Jeep®, you know that the school is entranced with  the book. The entire school — roughly 400 students and staff from grades three through five – has been reading the book, and they have toured the exhibit to study the materials, and learn what individuals  from this generation experienced in the WWII. Through the exhibit, students had the opportunity to hear a recording of the Andrews Sisters singing “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” and see a video clip of Kate Smith singing Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America.”

They heard the amazing, true story of Nicholas Winton, a stockbroker from London, who saved 669 Jewish children from death at the hands of the Nazis in Czechoslovakia. Students were surprised to learn how the British version of the Monopoly board game was used to help troops shot down in Germany escape POW camps.  Through the interpretive classroom, students saw German and Japanese memorabilia, as well as a copy of the August 14, 1945 Akron Beacon Journal newspaper noting the end of the war in the Pacific. The materials are on loan from private collectors including the Tayerle family, Mr. Delcalzo, the Marusiak Family, Mrs. Krupar and Mr. Traveny.

This year, CIS students are supporting the National Museum of the U.S. Army through the purchase of personalized dog tags. In addition, students and community members have the opportunity to register an Army veteran through a soldier registry at no charge. Soldiers registered through this program will be included in an exhibit at the National Museum of the U.S. Army in Virginia. During past One Book, One School programs, CIS has supported the Flight 93 Memorial, provided Vermont Teddy Bears to Akron Children’s Hospital, and supplied books to an elementary school in Akron through the First Book organization.

The month-long program concludes at 9 am on Friday, May 23rd, when a plaque will be installed to honor Adam Hamilton, the brother of Crestwood student Nick Kreston. Hamilton was killed while serving in Afghanistan four years ago. The plaque will be placed near a tree that was planted in Hamilton’s honor shortly after his death. After the brief ceremony, students and staff will participate in a jalopy parade, featuring area veterans. For more information on the program, contact Gary Traveny at Crestwood Primary, (330) 357-8203.


Hiram – Recently, roughly 2,000 high school seniors from 16 area schools arrived on the Hiram College campus. The students weren’t there en masse for a college visit or orientation opportunity, but for a serious lesson to guide them in making good decisions during the upcoming prom and graduation season.

As students arrived, they encountered a mock crash scene in the parking lot. Area fire trucks, an ambulance and EMS crews from several cities aided “victims” who were trapped inside the twisted wreckage. The graphic scene served to grab students’ attention, and served to set the stage for the rest of the morning’s events. But the purpose wasn’t to simply to show students a shocking scene. “The goal is to reduce teenage fatalities, especially during prom and graduation season,” said Lynette Basiman, Director of Portage County Safe Communities.

The None Under 21 program focuses on the simple choices students can make today, to avoid the very real consequences from drunk or distracted driving. As the program began, Hiram President Thomas Chema addressed the teens, sharing that in 2006, two of Hiram’s students were killed and another was severely injured when a drunk driver struck the car in which they were riding.

A father, Marc Streem, shared the loss of his youngest son, Ryan, a student at Rootstown. Ryan lost his life at the age of 14 in a motor vehicle accident. Next, college student and survivor of a drunk-driving crash, Melinda Mason, shared the experience and recovery. Mason began speaking publically after being hit by a drunk driver in April of 2013. Lastly, students listened as convicted felon, Aaron Cooksey, the man responsible for killing his best friend, recalls the choice he made to drink and drive, and the burden of the consequences he must continue to bear.

At the close of the program, students are directed through the “Walk of Remembrance,” an emotional tribute to local families who have lost loved ones due to traffic-related crashes. As students quietly walk through the hallway, they pause to see family members standing in tribute to loved ones they have lost. This year’s walk of remembrance honored Brad Bauer, Teresa Conti, Emily Goldsmith, Christopher Graves, Russ Wanchick, Joseph Nirchl, Donovan Svab, Ada Van Horn, Ryan Streem, Grace Chamberlain and Andy Hopkins.

Even though a mock crash scene greeted them at the start of the program, by the event conclusion, students have no doubt of the real losses that can result from poor choices. Moved by the program, many students shed tears, with some offering hugs or handshakes to families of victims as they made their way through the Walk of Remembrance.

According to Hiram Village Police Chief Ed Samec, “None 4 Under 21 hits hard! The students hear REAL LIFE stories and they feel the emotions from the presenters. The Walk of Remembrance has substantial impacts on the students. They look at the pictures and then look into the eyes of the family members standing next to the pictures. They see the heartbreak in the eyes of the family members and it’s a hard reality that this is for REAL!”

Prior to the event, one of the sponsors, Elk & Elk, challenged each school to create a banner containing a message related to the event. The winning team from Newton Falls High School won $2,000 to help fund alcohol-free prom and graduation activities at their school. A check for $1,000 went to the second place team from Windham High School.

The following sponsors made this year’s None 4 Under 21 program possible: the Ohio Troopers Coalition; the law firm of Elk & Elk; Jason Durica, Allstate Insurance; Hughes Event Production Services; Wood Kortright Borkoski Funeral Home; Portage Granite & Marble; Portage County Prosecutor Victor Vigluicci; Gateway Towing & Recovery; Hiram College; the Aurora Schools Foundation and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Garrettsville - The James A. Garfield Marching Pride has been having a spring banquet since the year 2000 and this year was no exception, a great evening of awards and recognition…and some pretty fair food, prepared by Guido’s Catering and presented through the good offices of Marianne Norris and Dorothy Sheller.  And it was another occasion where rank has its privileges—the seniors got to go first through the buffet line.  Faculty and administration got demoted to coming through last.The Middle School jazz band, the Jammin’ G-Men and the High School jazz band, the Big Swing Machine, provided music for the preliminary “meet-n-greet” time but everyone got to the gold-covered tables with their gold-colored plates in time to enjoy the meal…and the cakes!

The awards table was full of items to be handed out—blankets, medals, patches, letters, caps, pins, umbrellas, fancy bags with mysterious contents.  The dining tables were full of band members, parents, grandparents, siblings and even some miscellaneous alumni band people.  The awards went out after the band directors, Theo Cebulla and Joe Gaither, took a few moments thanking  the many booster members who had made such great contributions to making 2013-2014such a great year for the Marching Pride.  The Mesdames Curry, Crawford, Everett, Hoffman and Jones headed up the Band Boosters operations for such necessary considerations as chaperonage, travel, uniform maintenance and fund-raising.

National award winners were announced : Junior Arion Service—Nick Crawford, Semper Fidelis—Dan Anders, Patrick S. Gilmore—Andy Lininger, John Philip Sousa—Michael Ebie.  The local Leanne Brosius-Osbourne Scholarship winner will be announced at the annual honors ceremonies on May 28.

The photo-ops were many and varied, as were the images presented in the senior video show and individual awards.  The 2013-2014 band officers were recognized and  officers for 2014-2015 were announced.  The evening’s program detailed the activities throughout the year and the seniors gave a behind-the-scenes look at very many of them .

And they’re ready to do it all again next year.

Go, G-Men!


Garrettsville – The Garfield Cheerleaders are kicking off their upcoming cheer season with a mulch fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds go to the cheer program to help support competition fees, camp costs, and spirit supplies.

Gallagher's Mulch Fundraiser Garfield Schools

Pictured left to right are GHS Cheerleaders Courtney and Mikaela Siracki are ready to take your mulch orders with GHS alumni, Dan and Tyler Gallagher of Gallagher Farms Mulch and Sawdust

Purchase quality bulk mulch for your landscaping needs from your local GHS Cheerleader or call Coach Shannon Gallagher at 330-842-0015 to pre-order your mulch.

Choose from double ground bark mulch for $23 a yard or dyed mulch for $28 a yard, (black, red, or dark brown.) There is a 3 yard minimum plus a $20 delivery fee. Small yard? No problem! Split a load with your neighbor.

Mulch is supplied by Garfield Alumni, Dan and Tyler Gallagher of Gallagher Farms Mulch and Sawdust. They are pleased to support GHS and the Garfield Cheerleaders.

Thank you in advance for supporting the Garfield cheer program! *\o/* Go-G-Men!

Mantua – For the 10th consecutive year, the Crestwood Outdoor Education Committee held an Earth Day festival at the Crestwood Primary School. While Mother Nature made it difficult to hold the festivities outside, holding the event indoors didn’t hamper the success of the evening’s event.

Aided by parent volunteers, as well as those from Crestwood Middle and High Schools, the event featured twenty earth-friendly stations for students and their families to enjoy. Habitat hikes were held outdoors, and stations offered a variety of hands-on activities and fun for all ages.  Families enjoyed giveaways like tree seedlings and sunflower seed planters, and gained  access to plant and animal facts and expertise from area naturalists, master gardeners, and wildlife experts.

Kids enjoyed speaking to beekeepers, learning about rocks, and finding out where storm water flows. They also enjoyed face painting and crafts like making radish seed necklaces. But the high point for many was the owl craft, where children and adults had the opportunity to make a simple art piece from reclaimed barn wood, leather scraps, and other odds and ends. The wood for the ‘barn owls’ was provided by the Stamm family.

Garrettsville - Six shiny, brand-new TRUPER shovels.  Hard hats.  A pile of dirt brought in and lined up especially for the occasion.  Students, educators &  administrators, township trustees, construction officials dignitaries interested citizens.  Photo opportunities—with or without dirt—of all sorts.  A backdrop of soil on the move, big machines, flagged stakes, safety fencing, a changing façade of the elementary school as its addition takes shape.  The Marching Pride.

They were all there on the official groundbreaking ceremony held on May 8, 2014 at the James A. Garfield K-6 Elementary School Addition. Board president Guy Pietra managed introductions and recognitions  The governor sent a liaison, Tim Ross, with a proclamation.  The superintendent spoke of the challenges of the construction, the expectations and resources as part of the project overview.  Grace Edwards, a 5th grade student, brought a historical viewpoint and an appreciation of the Park Avenue school.  Andy Lininger  and Laura Wilburn spoke of the skills learned , mentors encountered, groundwork laid in the elementary school for future success.  Mayor Rick Patrick offered the description of the occasion as a milestone.  Bob McAuliffe, Jr. of the Hammond Construction Company made reference to the teamwork involved in the whole enterprise. Superintendent Ted Lysiak encouraged all in attendance to cherish the memories and remember the path of the changes  leading to tomorrow with educators as builders.   Board vice president David Vincent gave closing remarks and thanks.  Then it was on to the shovels!

And refreshments, of course.

Freedom Twp. – The 96th annual banquet for Freedom Township Alumni Association and James A Garfield School District, was held April 26th at Maplewood Career Center in Ravenna Township. The 74 members attending represented the alumni of the classes of 1931 thru 1975. The students from 1952 thru 1975 became part of the consolidation of the Garfield School system but they had attended the old school building in Freedom during their grade school years.

They honored the classes of 1924, 1934, 1944, 1954, 1964 and 1974. Eisele Catering of Mantua provided the dinner. Barbara Bailey, 1973, President welcomed the members and their guests. J.J. Leet of 1965 gave the invocation.

Many letters, notes, and photos from graduates and former teachers were shared with the gathering. Speedometers and Jaguar yearbooks were reviewed, along with school year photos. They viewed the 21 names of the class members obituaries of the past year, since we last met. They shared special memories of Orson Ott, Superintendent; Dr. Agnes Monroe Smith, teacher who left many imprints on their school years.

1964 grads, Charles Helming and Alice Vasko Brandt were honored. Special memories of 1954 grad Don Moore were shared.

President Barbara thanked her officers, Vice President Althea Bailey Tittle, Secretary and Treasurer, Jeannette Marvin-Hall for their reports. Also volunteers Nancy McGinnis Santos ’70 and Elaine Lange Duffield ’56 for their help. The nominating Committee presented the officers for 2015 school year as President, Barbara Bailey ’73 and Vice President Althea Bailey Tittle ’75, Secretary Elaine Lange Duffield ’56 and Treasurer Jeannette Wilson Marvin-Hall ’47 for the coming year of 2015. The alumni voted unanimously to accept the slate of officers for 2015. Also accepted was the request by Karen Knipper Martin ’68 for help for a committee to construct and place at the Freedom Township a Military Memorial for the years of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghan war. Those who are interested in helping were to contact Karen and report to the township trustees.


cis-mantua-schools-art-visit-cleveland-museum-of-art-cmaMantua - For the second year in a row, fifth grade students and parents from Crestwood Intermediate School toured the Cleveland Museum of Art during two special Saturday field trips in early spring. Crestwood Intermediate Art teacher Patty Timbrook received the grants, which funded the trips, from the Hiram Community Trust.

Each grant covered the cost to transport two groups of students and chaperones to the museum. In addition, each grant also provided funds for three Ipads to allow students to research the trip, and to use during the excursions. After the field trips, the iPads are used regularly in Timbrook’s CIS art classroom.  According to Timbrook, “Last year’s students created a digital album of the CMA’s Egyptian collection in preparation for their trip to the museum. Students shared this album with the trip chaperone on the bus on the way to Cleveland.”

For many students and parents, this was the first time they had been at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Several parents hadn’t visited the museum since they were children and were awestruck by the changes what they saw. Timbrook marveled, “Many people mentioned that they will go back; that they were interested in the other museums in Cleveland, as well as other art museums in nearby cities, which was one of goals of this program.”

To prepare students for the trip, Timbrook showed short videos and photos of pieces from the museum’s collection on Ipads, which prompted discussions about what students would see there. Timbrook explained to students that people come from all over the world to see what CMA has to offer, but that her lucky group can get there in just a short ride.

At the museum the group was free to view any galleries during the visit. Timbrook remarked, “They loved the Egyptian gallery since we do a lengthy mummy and Egyptian project in the art room. Next year I plan on having a scavenger hunt at the museum – find Monet’s water lilies, Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe etc.”

The trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art is limited to fifth graders, and is funded through the Hiram Community Trust. Each year, Timbrook leads groups of third graders through the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown. Fourth graders visit the Akron Art Museum. In addition, during NEOEA Day in October, she took 20 Intermediate, Middle and High School students and a few parents to KSU and Hiram College to tour their art facilities.  Students toured the facilities and watched artist demonstrations in the various studios. This program was funded by the Hiram Community Trust, as well, and offered gifted art students with a great introduction to potential college majors in that field.

“I think it is essential that kids learn about other cultures, history, art history, and about themselves through art education and by seeing this outside of the classroom at our local museums. They can’t take it all in through one visit but I feel that I planted the seed,” beamed Timbrook.


 Alyssa Perez and her parents investigate an exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art through a Crestwood Intermediate School program funded by the Hiram Community Trust.  

       Photo provided by Patty Timbrook


Photo provided by Michelle Gerbrick

Photo provided by Michelle Gerbrick

Mantua – Recently, students at the Crestwood Intermediate School received a surprise gift of technology to help them with their studies. According to Crestwood Intermediate Principal Michelle Gerbrick, the school recently received an anonymous donation of over $10,000. The donation was earmarked to purchase a computer cart and thirty laptops for student use. The cart also serves as a charging station for the laptops.

The cart enables an entire classroom with enough computer workstations for each student, offering more opportunities for access to technology. In the past, each class has been limited to a brief, weekly Technology class in the school’s computer lab. The cart is used in CIS classrooms, from grades three through five.

“The lab will come in handy for testing, integrating technology into the classroom, and so much more.” beamed Crestwood Intermediate Principal Michelle Gerbrick. The gift to the Crestwood Intermediate School was made possible through a generous donation from an anonymous benefactor from Aurora.


skylanes bowling smart scholarship event

Garrettsville – SkyLane Bowling Alley recently held their 3rd Annual SMART Scholarship Tournament.  All of the Youth bowlers competed on  April 19th for a chance to win $800 in scholarship money.   Collin McGurer was the runaway winner by rolling an all-time 719 series.  Pictured from left to right are Ryan Ambler – 3rd Place ($100), Collin McGurer –Champion ($500),  and Wilson Jackson – Runner-up ($200).


12th Grade

All A’s – Morgan Aebischer, Ziad Al-Noubani, Simeon Brown, Holly Deyoung*, Michael Ebie, Tessa Flattum, Candace Glinski, Andrew Lininger, Savannah Lorinchack, Sarah Perkins, Nathan Pratt, Jonathan Seaman, Kaitlyn Siracki*, Brittany Thornton, Laura Wilburn


3.2 & Above – Kyle Angermeier, Shelby Baughman, Marilyn Brunton, Trevor Chambers, Jared Damko, Seth Duvall, Caitlynn Gilles, Travis Gorby, Courtney Hood*, Erica King, Thomas Learn, Nicole Lytle, Skyy McCune*, Whitney Miller, Emily Perrine, Tyler Petersen, Kennedy Porter, Shay Sane*, Dustin Savick*, Kurt Selesky, Zoey Smith, Summer Stevens, Emma Twardzik,  Andrew Weisbarth, Amber Wenger*


11th Grade

All A’s – Allyson Brahler, Courtney Chartier, Alexis Dean*, Ante-Tonci Dejanovic, Alexandria Gibson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Aubrey Gissinger, Kourtney Holcomb, Austin Johnson, Julia Layer, James Mallory*, Joshua Masters*, Molly Mathews, Leah Maxey, Marcus Miller, Seth Miller, Sara Petrie, Noah Reider, Dakota Van Oss


3.2 & Above – Brittany Alloway, Zarah Al-Noubani, Todd Barton, Jason Brookover, Akane Brown, Victoria Butcher, Nicholas Crawford, Chad Curry, Eric Eiermann, Ryan Everett, Daniel Forcier*, Elizabeth Gerez*, Baylee Grenzow*, Miranda Hayden, Lindsey Jones, Evan Kehoe, Rebecca Kirk, Kenadi Kissell, Dalton Lamb*, Mason Maddox, James Meadows*, Dacy Myers*, Ryan Pawlus, Emily Prigodich, Jason Richmond, Julia Roubic, Rachel Schwan, Erin Shea, Taylor Stubbs*, Alaina Thompson, Melissa Thompson, Evelyn West, Cassidy White, Megan Wilburn, Chase Zupancic


10th Grade

All A’s – Haley Damko, Rikki Davis, Darla Derthick, Nicholas Downing, Nathan Emens, Madisson Geddes, Samantha Kostrub, Racheal Norris, Adam Roman, Megan Ryser, Alexandrea Synnestvedt, Sean Tannehill, Hannah White, Alicia Witte, Abigail Woolard


3.2 & Above – Blake Albert, Amanda Bartlett, Robert Bissler, Brianna Clemens, Kyle Collins, Austin Covey, John Doraski, Megan Duderstadt, Scott Everett,  Benjamin Gibson, Noah Heim, Luke Hrubik, Nicole Kohler, Matthew Kuzniakowski, Madeline Lininger, Morgan Lippert, Kaylee Martin, Collin McGurer, Ally Milano, Dicey Miller, Jessica Moore, Shiann Penna, Megan Perrine, Jessica Pitsinger, Matthew Ryser, Katlyn Simpson, Mikaela Siracki, Eric Splinter, Scott Stanley, Johannah Stefanek, Michaela Weisbarth, Marissa White,

Dylan Wojtasik


9th Grade

All A’s – Elisha Bly, Francesca Bowman, Christian Crawford, Marissa Cremers, Joseph Emrick, Lauren Jones, Callie Pfile, Jane Rader, Brenna Tabor, Riley Van Kirk, Mikhala West, Heidi Wickli


3.2 & Above – Marcus Arnett, Thomas Bissler, Taylor Brown, Dane Burrows, Emma Chinn, Halie Collins, Brittany Davis, Jacob Dean, Rose Englert, Nicholas Ensinger, Brittany Gallagher, Travis Gibson, Kelly Hartman, Nina Jurcevic, Jessica Lambert, Courtney Lytle, Alicia Masga, Cassidie Maur, Hannah McBride, Hope Miller, Janis Nystrom, Michaela Paroff, Guy Peart, Angelina Penna, Trevor Putney, Grayson Rose, Colton Ruff, Savanna Sheer, Larra Shreve, Emily Simon, Zachary Sossa, Chandler Stefanek


*Maplewood Student



3.5+ SENIORS – George Baran, Landis Grant Bates, Tod Bevilacqua*, Lauren Bissell, Charles Blankenship, Mikayla Blankenship, Sarah Bridgman, Samantha Canepa, Olivia Cobb, Damon Daugherty, Kayla Diroll, Morgan Engelhart, Jessica Felker, Michael Fletcher, Amanda Fosnight, Cheyenna Frederick, Angela Goodrich, Nathan Green, Mackenzie Gregoire, Sierra Hobbs, Summer Hurd*, Alyssa Jaehn, Taylor Jenkins, John Kilbourne, Victoria Krause, Samantha Kulish, Elizabeth LaMarca, Allison Little, Jacob Lovick, Randi Lyle, Danielle Magyarics, Taylor Michael, Darian Milam, Kathleen Murray, Alaina Nuti, Rebecca Pochedly, Daryl Riley, Skylar Scala, Ashley Seneff, Melissa Skocdopole, Abigail Soltisz, Emily St Hilaire, Ashley Todd, Iya Tsedenova, Allison Vannoy, Amber Vargo, Nicholas Zeleznik, Logan Zuponcic


3.0 – 3.49 SENIORS – Jacob Agle, Victoria Andexler, Carrigan Benoit, Tyler Brady, Miranda Brothers, Brittany Campbell, Samantha Cannella, Matthew Czerny, Emeric De Sermet, Erin Dunkin, Daniel Evans, Brian Ferguson, Dustin Friend, Tyler Gall, Ashlea Gopp, Meaghan Green, Monica Groves, Hannah Hall, Amber Harrison, Kristen Jones, Amanda Krakowski, Marissa Midgley, Abbey Milkovich, Jenna Morgenstern, Conner Nemec, Jack Onders*, Jonah Onuska, Katey Paxton, Joseph Reyes, Challis Roberts, Tyler Roth, Charles Shahan, Ariel Sherry, Dakota Stanley, Julianna Stewart , Raymond Stewart*, Chase Tayerle, Justin Vaughan, Jacquelyn Wagner, Aaron Yonker, Marisa Zolgus


3.5+ JUNIORS – Ashley Adkins, Ryan Ambler*, Amy Auble, Reba Ball, Kaitlyn Benjamin ,Hannah Bennett, Alexandra Bigler, Savannah Burkett, Lauren Crislip, Craig Davis, Makenna Delgado, Nicole Derthick, Dessie Donat, Scott Durham, Dane Etto, Jeremiah Fitzgerald, Leannah Frances, Adriana French, Amber Gibbons, Melody Griffith, Noah Gula, Austin Harris, Paul Hartman, Miranda Head, Bryanna Herbold, Holly Hoffman, Danielle Kess, Ashley La Manna, Alyssa Lamb, Ashley Lutz*, Paige Markuzic, Keith Medvetz, George Monroe, Cameron Moodie, Nicole Nero, Nathan Nielsen, Ross Nielsen, Rosalie Novotny, Alan Ortega, Daniel O’Sickey, Maia Pancost, Madison Sara, Jared Sayre*, Matthew Schieda*, Mckenzie Shea, Emily Smith*, Madeleine Sorrick, Samantha Spencer *, Morgan Strenk, Camilla Tyrpak, Hayley Zigman


3.0 – 3.49 JUNIORS – Miranda Beatty, Brennan Bosela*, Emma Jane Carson*, Natalie Cline, Carlie Cofojohn, Derek Cook, Benjamin Cooley, Stephen Cox, Chelsea Evans, Brendan Fannin, Miranda Gregoire, Taylor-Paige Happel*, David Hill, Hannah Hilty, Sabrina Houghton, Brandon Johnson, Kira Judd, William Kelley, Rick Kollman, Emily Kotrlik, George Lesnak, Lindsey Marshall*, Kaylee Mays, Megan McDivitt, Johan Milberg, Tyler Reese, Gregory Clay Reid, Christian Rosenfeldt, John Scotton, Andrew Shahan*, Noah Shannon, Autumn Sike, Joseph Slechta, Jordan Smith, Gabriel Surgeon, Evan Svab, Allanah Swan, Mollie Tubre*, Melissa Tuskes, Austin Usher, Laney Velek, Smantha Vojtush*, Jessica Wright


3.5+ SOPHOMORES - Ashley Agle, Alexander Bowser, Kimberly Bretland, Brandon Caldwell, Brittany Caldwell, Emma Canepa, Courtney Capel, Mercedes Condo, Kaylyn Cox, Kristen D’Amico, Morgan Faldowski, Aubrey Ferguson, Keri Fisher, Kaitlyn Goldinger, Kelsey Habeger, Haley Hall, Nicole Hocevar, Isabel Hysing, Clayton Jackson, Hannah Kent, Bailee Kodash, Audrey Kulish, Amanda Lerchbacher, Amanda Marshek, Caitklin McSwain, Sarah McWhorter, Robert Mitchell, Sydney Nemec, Samuel Oliphant, Jacob Ondash, JoAnna Ondash, Nathan Pallotto, Austin Schenck, Romanie Schweickert, Adrianna Scopilliti, Andrew Shehorn, Lauren Smith, Lindsey Soltisz, Alexis Stahl, Joshua Stern, Stephanie Suprenant, Allyssa Swan, Valori Vaught, Isabella Wagner


3.0-3.49 SOPHOMORES – Adam Atkinson, Wesley Baird, Andrew Boyer, Hayley Cales, Alyssa Campbell, Clarence Colbetzor, Kelly Cowan, Nathaniel Daczko, Collin Engelhart, Jordan Engelhart, Anthony Foulkes, Jolson French, Julya Gamble, Michael Hand, Joseph Hartwig, Daniel Jones, Shanley Kline, Julia Krause, Cole Kvasnicka, Allison La Manna, Tyler Labas, Jacob Lieberth, Jarek Manners, Meghan McDermott, Karley Meikle, Shianne Reese, Anthony Savoca, Matthew Scofield, Melissa Soltisz, Alex Strahler, Olivia Suprenant, McKenna Svab, Dylan Sweet, Matthew Thompson, Lindsay Thut


3.5 + FRESHMEN – Melody Bencie, Madisyn Benoit, Karli Bigler, Alyssa Blake, Maria Blasiole, Lauren Bodenschatz, Haley Brady, Olivia Brady, Gabrielle Campana, Aaron Cox, Derek Crislip, Megan Cymanski, Amber Davis, Jacquelynne Deuley, Emma Dockery, Brittany Douglas, Allison Durham, Melina Edic, Taylor Gall, Alexandrea Geraci, Emily Graves, Morgan Grubaugh, Matthew Harris, Jessica Hayes, Evelyn Head, Autumn Henwood, Jacob Krupp, Sydney Kulla, Collin Manners, Mia Miller, Benjamin Pearce, Marissa Perry, Michael Picone, Ashley Prater, Katelyn Riley, Amber Schauer, Michael Snodgrass, Blaine Sorrick, Logan Thut, Madeline Turner, Emma Urban, Emily Walker, Megan Wilfong, Noah Worron, Angel Zeigler


3.0-3.49 FRESHMEN – Morgan Chesla, Lily Cline, Haley Davis, Francis Donat, Brandon Douglas, Adam Fitzgerald, Paige Fitzwater, Dakota Frenz, Kassandra Gregoire, Jessica Hand, Christopher Harbaugh, Russell Hilverding, Lilly Hoffman, Nicholas Jenkins, Jacob Kollman, Emma Kotkowski, Cole Kramer, Robert Leanza, Kristen Onders, Faith Pietrocini, Michael Quesenberry, Colton Rahach, Curtis Stephens, Jakeb Tekavec, Cydney Tyrpak, Alexis Ule, Jessica Weber, Jacob Whitman, Casey Zeigler



*  Denotes Maplewood Career Center Student



8th Grade Honor Roll – Elizabeth Adkins,  Maddison Beatty,  Lillian Bissell*,  Emma  Blake*,  Mary Bowers,  Hannah Boyer*,  Jade Bretz*,  Ryan  Britt*,  Courtney Brothers,  Megan Buchert,  Thomas Carson,  Zoe Catcott,  Lincoln Chiller,  Sophia Cobb,  Joseph  Daczko,  Alexa  Donaldson*,  Marybeth Duke*,  Heavenly Duley,  Kassandra Fedor,  Alexander Forristal*,  Katherine  Fosnight*,  Olivia Fowler,  Frank  Fugman*,  Gage Garner,  Sierra Gregel,  Nicole Gronzalski,  Lauren Grove*,  Kayla Grubbs,  Caleb Gula,  Zachary Haas,  Cailin Harris, Emily  Hawkins*,  Hannah   Hetman-Maiden*,  Madalynn Huntington*,  Gavin Hysing*,  Mariah Kess,  Michael Knipper,  Carlee Krause, Lauren  Lerchbacher,  Taylor  Lough*,  Christina Masiello*,  Nathan McBride,  Mae-Lynn McGee,  Mitchell McGreal*,  John Merritt*,  Cole Miller,  Sara  Miller*,  Brent Monroe,  Heather Montgomery,  Shannia Moore,  Christopher Novotny,  Ephraim  Oliphant*,  Lauren Pallotto,  Britney Lynn Pawlak,  Aaron Saffels,  Austin  Shaffer*, Valerie Shelton,  Peyton Smith*,  Dominic Szuhay, Avrie Talboo,  Mackenzie Tayerle,  Ashley Toothman,  Jacquelyn Travis,  Leah  Van Horn*,  Stefanie Walker,  Ashley Wieclaw, Taylor Yoder,  Kyle Zigman


8th Grade Merit Roll – Celestial Abee, James Tyler Ash, Dylan Belloir, Sean Brooks,  Gavin Busta,  Mikayla Campbell, Taylor Cochrane,  Alison Darrow,  Alyssa Daugherty, Matthew Davis,  Aaron Day,  Tristan Ducca, Evelyn Geib,  Ariel Gibson,  Gabriella Gullatta,  Zackary Guyette,  David Hand,  Domonique Harrigan,  Brenden Hershberger, Bryce Honeycutt, Chance Hosey,  Lynzie Jeffrey,  Brantson Jessel, Justin Jones,  Brock Kaeferle,  Breanna Kimball,  Stephen Knill,  Treyvor Kress,  Eric Lawless,  Ashley  Marotta,  Madison Monreal,  Daniel Oswald,  Kyle Plechaty,  Baylee Reid,  Kylee Reid,  Paige  Rezabek,  Meghan Sara,  Victoria Seaborn, Trever Shears,  Andrew Sorboro, Bailee Stoots, Joshua Wheeler,  Caitlin Zeigler


7th Grade Honor Roll – Logan Ailey, Madelyn Aker, Benjamin Arnette,  Samantha  Bencie*, Alyssa Blasiole*, Angel Bowles, Alexis Cannella,  Ellen Cox,  Allison Downs, Steve Duber,  Zachary  Eastridge*,  Ashleigh Fowler, Kasey Fyffe, Stephen Glova, Jason Green, Meghan Griffin*, Collin Gross, Sandra Hahn, Kathleen Hawley,  Ashley Hayes, Elizabeth  Hilverding*,  Joshua Howell*,  Ashley Kline *, Reilly Kline,  Zachary Kotkowski, Alexander Kramer, Nicholas Krause,  Parker Kruis,  Devon Larlham,  Nicole Latine,  Noah Lind*,  Landon Little, Alexander Maiden,  Bianca  Marinelli*,  Quinn  Mattern*,  Noah  Maxwell*,  Willow McDougald*,Corrie McHone, Haley Pero-Favazzo*, Joseph Peters*, Domenic Picone *,  Anthony  Pietrocini*, Kayley Plechaty*, Kellie Ristau*, Katelyn Rojek, Aidan Ruehr, Alexis Sawastuk, Jacob Scotton, Maggie Semety*, Jared Simon, Jarrod Slechta, Riley Smith, Mira Soukenik,  Megan Spurlock, Abigail Strahan, Breanna Teece*, Jaxxon Tekavec,  Lily Turner*, Dalton Tyrrell, Nicholas Vilt, Kaeli Wilson, Amelia Wyson, Joseph Zito


7th Grade Merit Roll – Logan Beaver, Olin Benjamin, Sierra Bernotas, Ronald Campbell, Austin Canan, Serena Clark, Emma Conaway, Tifanie Czarzasty, Matthew Duley, Jeffrey Dunfee, Taylor Frenz, Camille Gibler, Rachel Kocisko, Luke Leister, Kimberly McDivitt,  Jason Midgley, Jacob Ober,  Samantha Parrino,  Kate-Lynn Pawlak, Alisa Prater, Chad Ramsell, Tyler Rodhe,  Dominic Savoca, Scott Schaefer, Adelaide Schweickert, Alexis Scott, Matthew Semety, Samantha Smith, Mackenzie Stubbs, Alexis Tosi, William  Vaughan, Samantha Vespucci, Michael Anthony Zabala


6th Grade Honor Roll - Erin Adkins, Gabrielle Albrecht *, Mason Angle, Alexis Annal-Howell, Clay Bascombe, Steven Bene, Riley Blankenship, Rory Bowers, Slate Bretz *, Samantha Capel*, Elizabeth Carson,  Olivia Edge , Cole Fannin, Zachary Forristal*,  Torrie Gall, Maren Gauntner*, Cahlin Goodhart, Isabel Hawkins,  Noah Hickin *, Kelly Hoffman, Merlin Johnson,  Emma Kuivila, Austin Lougen,  Maxwell Maretka,  Angela Masiello*,  Trevor Matheny,  Austin Miller,  Jocelynn Norsen,  Emily Nuti, Leah O’Laughlin,  Taylor Olson-Lewis,  Joshua Ondash, Madison Pasko,  Isaiah Patton *, Ian Perkins *, Dylan Pope, Sandra Rand, Sydney Reed, Madelyn Rennecker,  Kaylee Reynolds,  Autumn Richards,  James Riley,  Connor Rowe,  Collin Sanderson, Sydney Scarl,  Rachel Scotton *, Alexis Shultz*,  Madeline Simmons*, Isabella Sorboro *,  Gabrielle Spoto,  Braydon Svab, Nolan Teece, Connor Thgipen,  Chloe Wagner, Luke Wagner


6th Grade Merit Roll – Adam Abernathy, Blaze Angle, Nicholas Backer, Riley Ballentine, Dylan Barton, Ryan Bigler, Olivia Boyle, Alicia Brodzinsk, Anastasia Brugmann, Cole Brugmann, Michael Campana,  Madilyn Cline, Kayton Craft, Austin deLaGrange, Abigail Dombrowsk, Wyatt Garner, Taylor Grubb, Kaden Grubbs, Nicholas Gullett, Alexander Gutowski, Cameron Langford, Jessica Latine, Rachael Lutz, Dallas McNamara, Jessica Menteer,  Melanie Miller, Patricia Moore, Cassandra Painley, Isabella Romano, Emily Sara, Alesha Sawastuk, Maranda Seither, Dylan Shaffer, Saybri Shaffer, Christopher Sharrock, Jason Shenkel, Kayla Starcher, Sean Sweet, Brittany Toothman, Mason Turpel, Onna Vacca, Casidee West, James Wheeler, Adam Worron

*indicates Straight A’s



At the start of this month’s School Board meeting, High School Principal Arden Sommers spoke about the value of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) within the District. District-wide, PLCs are formal times when teachers collaborate to develop shared missions, discuss student outcomes, create action plans, and develop continuous improvements within the various schools within the District. At the Primary and Intermediate Schools, the 25 minutes of student recess time can be used without impacting instruction time. At the High School, this isn’t an option. To provide CHS teachers with this necessary time, Crestwood will implement a delayed start to the school day on alternating Wednesdays starting next fall.

Instead of starting the day at 7:40 am, on alternating Wednesdays, CHS classes will start at 8:30 am. Freshmen, as well as students in grades 10 thru 12 who are missing assignments, or students using District busing will arrive at the usual time. Freshman will have access to orientation, tutoring, or time to make-up work, with assistance provided by Leadership Workshop students.

In addition, the Board approved the adoption of a calamity day make-up plan. The plan utilizes Blizzard Bags, an option presented by the Ohio Department of Education, to help offset school days missed during the winter.  Blizzard Bags are available online or as take-home lessons that students complete to make up a missed day of school. The first assignment was due Friday, April 25.   The second assignment was assigned on April 28 and will be due on Friday, May 9.  The third assignments will be assigned on Monday, May 12 and will be due on Friday, May 23. Blizzard Bags will make three instructional days, allowing Crestwood to make up only one day at the end of this school year. Please note that failure to turn in a Blizzard Bag will result in a day of absence.

Lastly, congratulations are in order for third grade teacher Rosemary Krupar and fourth grade teacher Kristen Patton. Krupar was nominated for the Presidential Academic Excellence in Science, Math and Technology (PAESMT) Award, and was also selected as Conservation Educator of the Year by League of Ohio Sportsman. Patton is a Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics Outstanding Mathematics Professional award winner for 2013-2014.  Excellent work, ladies!

The Board has scheduled a special meeting on Monday, May 19th at 6 pm in the High School library. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss certified and administrative contracts.

The next regularly scheduled School Board meeting will be held on Monday, May 5th at 7 pm in the High School Library. Prior to the meeting, at 6:30 pm, retiring teachers and staff will be honored for their years of service to Crestwood Schools. Those individuals are Mary Lou Bernotas (Secretary, 29 years), Pamela Braden (Speech Pathologist, 35 years), Theresa Duesing (MS Teacher, 35 years), Patricia Eskridge (MS Teacher, 23 years),  Rick Hall (Custodian, 30 years), Edward Nichols (MS Teacher, 30 years),  Eileen Shahan (CIS Teacher, 18 years),  Janet Wilkins (CIS Teacher, 21 years), and Gerrie Zimcosky (CIS Teacher, 34 years). The public is encouraged to attend.


*Please note: The April meeting was recorded and posted online. To view the video, visit the District website at crestwoodschools.org.


ken-fox-music-teacher-retirement-garrettsville-garfield-elementary“Twelve years, 36 concerts and over 20,000 attendees” is how James A. Garfield Superintendent Ted Lysiak introduced elementary school music teacher Mr. Ken Fox for his farewell concert last week.  Fox, who will be retiring from teaching at the end of this school year, said he will miss his students and is very appreciative of the opportunity he has had to work with them.

Last Tuesday the first grade students performed the night’s concert, titled Green.  The students, decked out in green leaf leis, danced, clapped, jumped and sang along with their teacher in a lively tribute to Earth Day offering readings and musical selections including “It’s Easy Bein’ Green”, “Nature Baby”, My Earth, and “What Do You Do With A Water Waster”.

Mr. Fox plans to keep busy after his retirement and is considering all his options.  When asked what he felt his greatest accomplishment in the past twelve years of teaching was he said it is when former students make a point of “looking him up and saying hello”.

3D Rendering provided by James A. Garfield Local School District

Garrettsville – Last December the James A. Garfield Local School District was awarded a $5 Million State of Ohio Straight A Fund Grant. The funds from this grant have been used to create a “Campus of Excellence” our community can be proud of for generations to come enhancing education for local school children, and expanding opportunities within our community.

As you may have noticed during your travels along State Route 88, construction of the 17,000 square foot addition to the elementary school is under way. This addition will facilitate the consolidation of the James A. Garfield Schools, allowing all 1,500 students to be located on one campus – resulting in over $300,000 in annual operational savings, and increasing the ability to share resources.  A professional development center has also been included in the addition, and will be used as a multi-purpose space for training, and public use.

The grant was not limited solely to physical construction projects, as upgrades to the District’s technology infrastructure are also being made. Students in grades 7-12 will be issued laptop computers, and students in grades K-6 will have increased access to laptop carts.

In an effort to bring even more great resources to Garrettsville and our surrounding communities, partnerships were established to make use of the Park Avenue Building. The Greater Cleveland YMCA will bring before and after school care, as well as management of youth sports. The Portage County Educational Service Center will also make use of classroom space at the building to offer a new public preschool option.

A groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the Elementary School’s new fifth and sixth grade wing is scheduled for May 8th at 6:00 PM. Area residents; parents/guardians and students are invited to attend. The rendering above illustrates what the completed project will look like when students arrive on campus at the start of the 2014/2015 school year.



Artist’s Renderings

Artist’s rendering of the elementary school  addition as seen from the main entrance (left) and from the driveway (right).


garfield-hall-of-fameGarrettsville - A select but cheerful crowd was in attendance at the James A. Garfield Schools Hall of Fame celebration on Saturday, April 26, 2014.  The Middle School Jazz Band and the High School Jazz Band provided preprandial (Look it up; it means “before a meal”) musical selections for everyone’s listening pleasure and a number of high school athletes were on hand to assist with serving and clean-up.  Joe Malmisur ably handled the duties of master of ceremonies.  Sheri Johnson and Annette Carlisle were the organizers of the event.

The all-star line-up included :

Faber (Rusty) Kearney  –  Introduced  by his old friend and classmate (’76) Joe Malmisur, this Garfield grad has made it a point to be all about serving.  After finishing high school— football letter-winner, National Honor Society, Academic Challenge team, the usual—Rusty went   on to serve in the U.S. Navy, gain a degree in nuclear technology, advance in recognition and respect in the nuclear industry(Currently with Excelon Corp.) and volunteer in community organizations(e.g. Big Brothers and Sisters) wherever he and his family have resided.  Applause rose spontaneously when he shared the fact that his kids are currently on active duty in the U.S. military. The appropriate quote might be, “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.”(Winston Churchill)

Harry Kraft – Honored for his service to the district, Harry recounted some of his best moments in coaching, predominantly in track and field.  He credited much of his success to the fact that he was privileged to be on the scene when a strong and dedicated cohort of young people was present in the system.  His introducer, Matt Pfleger, was one of these; he and his brother, current athletic director, Jim Pfleger, testified to Coach Kraft’s service as a mentor and role model.  Records set and good times were part of the reminiscences, heads nodded  .  The coach acknowledged the part played by a wife who allowed a prolonged engagement with adolescence and adolescents.  As an 80th birthday gift, this was a winner.

Nick Rogers – Having traveled up from Texas, where he is a well-regarded and successful director of recruiting at Medestar in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, proficient in staffing and recruiting skills, Nick   was introduced by his friend and nominator , Jamie Ward, sports writer with the Geauga County Maple Leaf.  This brought forth a whole litany of Nick’s accomplishments  on courts and fields, and the revelation that he had won an additional letter in baseball, playing on the fly, as it were, when the boys on the diamond fell below required numbers.  Nick was an outstanding performer from an early age and a leader always , an example for athletes across the spectrum–boys, girls, older players,  younger teammates.  He was the straw that stirred the brew.  Nick graciously acknowledged the influences on his life, beginning with his parents, who were always supportive, through Coach Bennett and Coach Morgan and other families which were part of his life.

Jeremy Vecchio, the fourth honoree, was unable to attend.

Socializing and tours of the updated, refurbished, renewed and remodeled  high school were also a popular part of the evening.



Garrettsville – Gym Teacher Mark Rado and his students expressed their appreciation to the James A. Garfield PTO, which recently donated a rock-climbing wall to the Elementary School for use during gym classes. Spanning the width the gymnasium, this multicolored climbing wall will provide Garfield students fun new opportunities to be physically active while having a great time.

Fifty folks “Got Their Groove On” Saturday at the Zumba-a-Thon held at the high school with Heather Kovac. Photo: Denise Bly

Garrettsville – It has been  30 days since the historic Buckeye Block of Garrettsville was engulfed in flames and reduced to a pile of rubble. The tragic event birthed #GarrettsvilleStrong which is raising funds to ensure the historic block is rebuilt.  Weekly, there have been various groups that have registered and are holding events to raise money to rebuild the town. This weekend was no different. One could feast on all the pancakes they could eat at the elementary school and then walk over to the high school and work them off at the Zumba-a-Thon.

The James A. Garfield High School Student Council, along with the Interact Club, middle school student council and two advisors Mrs. Frances Bell and Ms. Missy Petrie were up at the crack of dawn Saturday to get ready for their pancake and sausage breakfast at the elementary school to raise funds for #Garrettsvillestrong. Students waited on customers, while Superintendent Ted Lysiak, Principals Jennifer Mulhern, Michael Dobran and Don Long manned the griddles. They not only had great pancakes and sausage, but these were topped with local maple syrup donated by local producer and maple marvel, Mark Apple. It was delicious and a great way to start off a Saturday. The event raised $1,410 for the #GarrettsvilleStrong Fund.

After having your fill of pancakes, it was time to get one’s groove on at the high school with Heather Kovac, who was holding a Zumba- a-Thon for #GarrettsvilleStrong. For an hour and a half, one could shake ‘em down  with Heather and work off the pancake breakfast while helping out their community. Fifty- plus folks took advantage of keeping their hearts strong while raising funds for #GarrettsvilleStrong. Each participant paid $10 to participate in the event.

The Zumba-a-Thon also had a gift basket raffle.  Between the gift basket and the Zumba, they raised $800 for the #GarrettsvilleStrong Fund.


garfield-campus-of-excellence-garrettsville-constructionGarrettsville – The Straight A Grant from the state provided the James A. Garfield Schools with some exceptional opportunities.  With these exceptional opportunities came exceptional challenges.  The district remains on a very tight timeline required by the grant.  All funds must be committed by June 30, 2014 and spent by September 30, 2014. Those funds not spent must be returned, and the district does not plan to return any of the money. This does present some unique challenges, especially for a construction project.  Regardless of these obstacles, the addition is on schedule to open for school this fall.  Here are the latest developments on each component of the grant.


Hammond Construction, from Canton, was awarded the Design/Build contract for construction of the 17,000 square foot addition.  Their crews have assembled on site and broke ground last Monday. Parent drop off and pick up traffic will be impacted for the remainder of the school year. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate around the construction site.

The addition will include 8 classrooms, 2 state of the art science labs, 2 special education classrooms and a professional development center.  The professional development space will be able to comfortably seat 120 adults and contain digital projection equipment for presentations or trainings. While this space will offer a flexible instructional space for students, the district also wants to make this space available to the public for meetings.

An official groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 8 at 6:00 pm and is open to the public.


Laptops for students and staff have arrived and are currently being configured. In May all teachers will receive a district-issued laptop, and in August each student in grades 7-12 will be issued a Chromebook. To support the additional 750 devices, grant funds were recently used to install a substantial upgrade to the wireless network district-wide.


The Portage County Educational Service Center (ESC) and the Greater Cleveland YMCA are moving forward with their plans to bring their services to the community. The YMCA has brought youth soccer back to our community and already has over sixty students signed up to participate.  The ESC will soon be finalizing their space at the Intermediate School to determine how many students they can accept for public preschool this fall.

With the construction project, technology initiative and new partnerships developing as planned and on schedule, there is much to celebrate in our community. While there is a great chance to join in the celebration and excitement by attending the May 8th groundbreaking there are many other opportunities to celebrate. The spring sports season is in full-swing and provides many chances to see our students excel outside the classroom.  Schedules can be found on the district website located at http://garfield.sparcc.org.



5th Grade – “All A” Honor Roll

Noah Baker, Jacob Baczkowski, Cody Leasure, Austin Lysiak, Faith Mills, Sierra Savitts, Jack Norris, Grace Edwards, Mycah Pinson, Lilia Hornbeck, Emma Evitts, Carissa Lininger,

Logan Sedivy, Leah Trask, Trinity Williamson, Theodore Ridenbaugh, Grace Czeciuk, Trystan Gedeon, Ashley Smith,

Hailey Davis, Sydney Woolard, Elizabeth Edic, Jacob Fergis,

Grace Mills


5th Grade – Honor Roll

Sarah Glenn, Sommer Bourne, Sarah Bittence, David Martin, Isabelle Puleo, Sydney Woconish, Danielle Popek, Dakota Burkett, Kylie Greenberg, Jacob Britton, Ashley Carey, Timothy DeGrino, Chad Wright, Logan Horvath, Owen Janic, Lilly Johns, Aleigha Homan, Aaron Craver, Stephanie Popek, Ruth Miller, Jordyn Scott, Matthew Kane, Alyssa Kleinhen, Michael Baczkowski, Jason Schaefer, Evalynne Harrington, Kyle Lance

Samantha Miller, Stephen Miller, Cole Owens, Luke Porter, Alex Pignaloso, Layla Jordan


5th Grade – Merit Roll

Lucas Neikirk, Michael Richards, Kaitlynn Yukich, Kaila Bloom, Matthew Hale, Isis Gibson, Samantha Williams, Mari Rogers, Paige Marek, Kiley O’Brien, William Kolmorgen, Gavin Friess, Isaac Trickett, Matthew Berecek, Christian Bell, Joshua Honeycutt, Samantha Peska, Hannah Norton, Jace Cain,

Ryleigh Gough, Hayden Troyer, Alexa Craig, Jessica Martin, Kyra Eaton, Austin Lee-Prosser


6th Grade – “All A” Honor Roll

Anna Morrissey, Kyleigh Grandon, Lillian Oles, Owen Cmunt, Jilleena Moore, Phillip West, Eric Fonseca, Colton Klatik, Karlee Huter, Ellie Frato-Sweeney, Jillian Crane, Rayana Goodner, Talon Cline


6th Grade – Honor Roll

Hannah Chartier, Gianna D’Amico, Mandolin Arnett, Bradley Valdman, Brooke-Lyn Collin, Taylor Soltis, Nathan Pitsinger, Brittney Gotthardt, Noah Cornicelli, Laina Galayde, Hannah Bittence, Noah Frato-Sweeney, Madelyn Scirocco, Jesse Marderwald, Mattie Marsillio, Meilee Holton, Cassandra Finney, Bryar Veon, Anthony Lunardi, Maya Brown, Cameron King, Eric Schaefer, Adam Derthick, Joseph Ball, Emma Lawrence, Sara Kittle, Emily Cooper, Joe Golgosky, Samantha Gilbert, Belladonna Titschinger, Kaylie Bates, Madison Vankirk, Michael Martin, Alexandria Konecek, Meghan McDougall, Irma Miller


6th Grade – Merit Roll

Courtney Maur, Christopher Perme, Alexis Sedivy, Jocelyn Dolan, Jared Simon, Kya Fresch, Lauren Sanchez, Gracie Pignaloso, Adam Honeycutt, Andreya Grunder, Madison Knispel, Kannon Borrelli, Sabrina Hicks, Rachel Lucas, Zachary Richards, Cameron Mayes, Sarah Shearer, Hailey Carpenter, Jacob Nottingham, Chloe Pfile, Mason Cebulla, Anna Weaver, Logan Rutherford, Nathan Phillips, Connor Hrubik, Morgan Heron, Jenna Conley, Ilene Flaherty, Joshua Kent, Eryn O’Malley, Michael Selander


All A Honor Roll 7th Grade

Jason Conley, Lyndsey Johns, Tyler Klouda, Racquel Koleszar, Sarah Miller, Brooke Morgan, Erika Musgrove, Andrew Pemberton, Rachel Rader, Zoe Swenson, Jessica Tannehill


Honor Roll  7th Grade

Alissa Barton, Samuel Biltz, Olivia Brann, Travis Criblez, Robert Deltorto, Sarah Desalvo, Samantha Ensinger, Alexis Evans, Cailean Galayde, Matthew Glinski, Robert Haney, Eric Jackson, Max Kane, Ryan Lance, Madison Neer, Adam Norris, Kara Nottingham, Evan Pawlus, Devyn Penna, Ethan Roman, Sebastian Shafer, Hannah Smith, Hunter Sopher, Brianna, Stanley, Halle Tatonetti, Addison Varner, Lauren Walz, Dylan Wilson

Merit Roll 7th Grade

Chad Angermeier, Madisan Brown, Samantha Brys, Natalie Hall, Olivia Hayden , Jessica Huebner, Elizabeth Logan, Mackenzie Miller, Nicole Ober, Zachary Rabatin, Arielle Sokolowski, Jacob Spicer, Travis Synnestvedt, Trinity Syvertsen, Austin Wise, Kaitlyn Workman


All A Honor Roll 8th Grade

Ramsey Goodner, John Lininger, Jacey Luzny, Julia McGrew, Derek Miller, Andrew Morrissey, Jason Riebe, Courtney Siracki, Simon Varner


Honor Roll 8th Grade

Chelsea Bates, Justin Bloom, Catherine Brann, Kiley Carey, William Criblez, Louis Danku, Anthony Denigris, Ryan Finney, Ashlyn Geddes, Makayla Gough, Alexander Griffith, Samantha Guyette, Kylie Hoover, Casey Johnson, Makenna Lawrence, Deborah Lough, Abigail Metz, Jenna Montez, Jackson Neer, Isabella Obreza, Theresa Paroff, Elizabeth Perkins, Keenan Rankin, Seth Rinearson, Isaac Russell, Madeline Scott, Mallie Smith, Katherine Synnestvedt, Mikayla Thornton, Kyle Turrentine, Zayne Veon, Carissa White, Shannon Williams, Kailyn Woodrum


Merit Roll 8th Grade

Jordan Bayus, Luke Blohm, Ryan Brown, Madeline Caldro, Zachary Fergis, Zachary Gorby, Gabrielle Hicks, Cassandra Hightower, Kierra Jordan, Sarah Kent, Haley Kern, Logan Kissell, Daniel Kleinhen, Jack Lawrence, Tyler LIppert, John Lorinchak, Avery Malotte, Ethan Marek, Leon Masga, Mason Mayoros, Natasha Rantilla, Deandra Roberts, Zackary Smith, Travis Sommers, Kevin Splinter, Emma Trent, Drew Tushar, Kyle Workman, Tiffany Yeager, Alyssa Zupancic



9th Grade

*Cali Apthorpe, Ja’Mario Brown, Alexis Knight, *Benjamin Knight, *Elizabeth Richmond, *Kathlyn Richmond, Erik Roche, Paige Simpson, Mahlia Smith, Cassandra Snyder, Sara Taylor, Holly Thompson, Jordan Wildman


10th Grade

*JosephBarnes, Chandler Bee, SamanthaDean, *Tristan Hankins, Logan Hershberger, *Nicole James, *Brittany Knight, *Brooke Lissy, *Jasmine Nevarez, Joseph Prasky, Alexia  Rushnok, *Lauren Simmons, Adam Tanner, Brianna Workman


11th Grade

Zachary Cottrill, Alexis Fabry, Daisy Fleming, Corinna Hechenberger, *Macey Hickman, *Sarah Hodson, Jessica Isler, Madison Kilgore, Zacharie Lewis, Emily Miller, Haliee O’Connor, Jordan Small, *Bethany Stout


12th Grade

Jordan Burns, *Britney Collins, Katelynn Dean, Kaitlynn DeVenture, Kendra Eskins, Kesley Meszaros, Joseph  Miranda, Alexandria Polichena, *Jared Taylor, *Joshua Youngen




Jordyn Bryner *, Vincent Dragich *, Sidney Drake *, Danielle Garces *, Hannah Harnichar *, Olivia Hedge *, Lillian Hoffaker *, David Hukari *, Matthew Joines *, Brittany Lowe *, Madison Pelyak *, Emma Rader *, Samantha Reul *, Ashley Sembach *, Ben Simpson *, Joseph Urso *, Makenna Willyard *


3.5 – 3.99

Kayla Barreca, Jordan Malavong, Nicholas Boyce, Brianna Hastings, Camerin Hoy, Dylan McAvoy, Collin Miller, Morgan Priddy, Hayden Sherwood, Courtney Shetterly, Kaitlin Conway, Caitlyn Wood, Madison Baryak, Tori Blandine, Sara Brown, Jason Cox, Chloe Hauck, Andrew Horvath, Katelynn Krasinski, Rachel Peterson, Hallie Stamm, Sidney Wright, Kassidy Hastings, Kiley Hall, Haley Prusky, Mikayla Semrau, Nicholas Gibson, Jordan Lahiff, Vincent McClimans, Nicholas Shockey, Claudia Thomas



Kira Beckinger, Courtney Wall, Autumn Hutson, Justin Kritz, Steven Womer, Jacob Cline, Kevin Dunn, Michael Reese, Francesca Battisti, Mitchel Champion, Taylor Dye, Millaina Lane, Brandon Moore, Julia Boyd, Kaden Myers, Clayton Ellsworth, Anga Fowler, Monique Hutson, Eddie Kusky, Evan Purnell




Joseph Agati *, Sarah Dubos *, Natalie Georgalas *, Kayla Mock *, Katelyn Wainwright *, Caitlyn Wolford *, Jessica Woods *



Zachary Digman, Magenta Palo, Myklyn Reakes, Audrey Roman, Carly Irons, Jaymie Cooper, Makayla Heintz, Ben Koontz, David Dempsey, Rhonda Rothacker, Hannah McMurray, Zachary Toensing, Nicole Giuliano, David McVicker, Dylan Chabek, Christopher Mohan



Angela Armintrout, Paige Barnes, Alan Boone, Justin Humphrey, Lindsey Holub, Megan Byrnes, Nathan Harrah, Noah Suarez, Austin Ciferno, Gabby Kline, Peter Snyder, Patricia Simsa, Alexis Carpenter, Nathan Machi ,Cammie Cochran, Tim Eckenrode, Megan Wilson, Jaret Fowler, Lindsey Gumina, Jason Nicholas, Katarra Waldron, Joshua Walters




Brooklyn Bungard *, Jacob Harrah *, Tia Harris *, Sarah Honeycutt *, Marcus Lard *, Amanda Myers *, Ashley Redfern *, Madison Spahlinger *



Sean Croell, Chiara Matranga, Montanna Stutzman, Jessica Wheat, Alana Reese, Noah Chapman, Alexis Jones



Kristin Davis, Herbert Hogue, Kristen Rufener, Drake Hankins, Francisco Martinez Sweeney, Adam Czerniak, Marissa DiGirolamo, Lindsey Purnell, Sadie Sutton, Bucyrus Palo, Caitlin Ronyak




Emmalee Antill *, Sarah Ballentine *, Brooke Barreca *, Gabriel Cox *, Brandon Fuller *, Rachael Harnichar *, Ozzie Hawkins *, Devan Houshour *, Breanna McCrystal *, Tyler Phelps *, Courtney Platt *, Tori Salvino *, Courtney Shiflett *, Charissa Simones *, Haley Spletzer *, Hannah Zelle *, Chasity Oakes *, Stephanie Baringer *



Joseph Gumina, Kyle Meszaros, Austin Difford, Chelsey Cochran, Christopher Greathouse, Derek Walton, Brooke Clark, Seth Gibbs, Harrison Woodward, Ethan Griffiths, Alicia Agati, Marissa Rothacker, Gabby Thompson



Breanna Deneen, Jacob Kritz,Andrianna Masetta, Zebulon Suzelis, Drue Boyd, Alexis Novotny, Angelia Garces, Ryan Kovacs, Sydney Smith, Jenna Holub, Mikenzie Shaulis, Kyle Storm, Jahvone Smith, Jacob Ballas, Emily McClintock, Cody Peterson


Photo: Benjamin Coll

Photo: Benjamin Coll

Hiram  – Retiring Hiram College President Tom Chema will deliver  the institution’s 164th Commencement address at graduation ceremonies planned for Saturday, May 17.  A total of 299 graduates will be awarded degrees.

Chema has served as president for 11 years. During his presidency, undergraduate enrollment has grown by more than 40%; the Hiram campus has been transformed, with more than $50 million in physical enhancements, including 11 new or renovated buildings; fundraising attainment has grown dramatically with more than 100 gifts to Hiram of more than $100,000; and distinctive academic programs have been developed and implemented, including eight Centers of Distinction.

Hiram’s 21st president, Chema is looking forward to the opportunity to address this year’s graduates.

“I am very much like many of our students,” he said. “I was the first in my family to attend college and the experience transformed my life. Because of my liberal arts education, I was able to reinvent myself many times and have a number of successful careers. Students graduating in 2014 will not only have many different jobs in their lifetime, they will have many different careers. Hiram has prepared them to live and work in a rapidly changing and complex world. Our graduates leave Hiram with an opportunity to make a difference in a world that needs difference makers.”

Chema was no stranger to Hiram when he became president, having served as a voting member of the Hiram College Board of Trustees for 11 years and chairing the Institutional Advancement Committee. He brought to the Hiram presidency more than 30 years of experience in business, government, and law.

A native of East Liverpool, Ohio, Chema was a 1968 graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a 1971 Cum Laude graduate of Harvard Law School. He began his career with the Cleveland-based law firm of Arter & Hadden in 1971 and became a partner in 1979. He took a leave of absence in 1983 to serve as Executive Director of the Ohio Lottery Commission. In 1985, he was asked to become Chairman of the Ohio Public Utilities Commission.

In 1990, he was appointed Executive Director of the Gateway Economic Development  Corporation and was responsible for overseeing the public/private partnership that led to the financing and construction of Jacobs Field and Gund Arena in Cleveland.

Commencement exercises will be held at 2 p.m. at the Charles A. Henry field.


Seventh Grade Honor Roll

Ky Bowman, Stephen Chase, Josiah Cheung*, Robert Czekaj, Emily Dingman*, Alexander Eggleston, Lauren Evans, Clark Jackson, Hannah Keough*, Hayley Kumher, Dominic Mann*, Hayden McCartney, Kaitlin McFadden, Jessica McKinney, Nicholas Misconin, Katrina Ostrander*, James Patterson, Benjamin Pelletier, Spencer Price, Shannon Valerio


Merit Roll

Sara Bongivonni, Madelyn Carver, Madison Chapman, Teagan Farley, Olivia Freiling, Lindsey Hill, Jillian Humes, Bella Jones, Jarrod Malkus, Carson McCandless, Emily Nelson, Samuel Roach, Caitlin Wendl


Eighth Grade Honor Roll

Karsten Bergmeier, Zachary Budin, Logan Byler*, Alexis Caponi*, Alli Dingman, Natalie Girolamo, Sadie Hopkins, Catherine Lillibridge, Hailey Long, Asya Martin*, Samuel Martinjako, Max McClintock, Joanne Miller, Christopher Morgret, Lisa Pavilonis, Amy Pfiester, Jack Reed, Nicholas Romask*, Riley Schultz, Ian Semler, Jack Squire*, Amber Taraska*, McKenna Tucek


Merit Roll

Nicholas Aldridge, Mackenzie Bitner, Rachel Breckenridge, Jeffrey Burnett, Seth Byler, Ryan George, Jared Hinkle,

W James McClellan, Timothy Pillot, Haylie Scarton, Georgia Schiewe, Emily Young


Freshman Honor Roll

Joseph Bennington, Melissa Braun*, Daniel Bridavsky, Abigail Carlson*, Miles Chapman, Katherine Dingman*, Cennidie Hall, Brandon Jones, Krystal Mechling, Kylee Minick, Lauren Parrish, Aaron Pawlak, Breanna Pennypacker, Justin Politzer, Corinne Rockefeller, Kylie Scott*, David Tucek*


Merit Roll

Thomas Blaha, Nicholas Boyk, Stephen Ellis, Anthony Granny, Samantha Hargis, Emil Hess, Ryan Johnson, MaKayla Lovejoy, Kaitlyn Moses, Denise Petersen, Jonathan Shantery

Sophomore Honor Roll

Samuel Fisher, Barrett Jackson, Bradley Lockhart*, Alyssa Maier*, Shannon McGee, Nathan Millet, Rachel Rich*, Alexandria Sanda, Jarett Smetana, Jared Squire, Margaret Topalian*, Alec Vizy*


Merit Roll

Samuel Anderson, Breonna Barker , Amber Bowman, Amber Brickell, Stephanie Harden, Amelia Monroe, Cecelia Parker, Nathaniel Schultz, Connor Teare, Kieran Wichert


Junior Honor Roll

Alivia Alfredo, Megan Arnold*, Alexandra Berman*, Rachael Bongivonni, Benjamin Bresnahan, Luke Byler, Anna Carlson*, David Cheung, Christin Dornback*, Mollie Farragher, Madison Kacica*, Suzanne Koziol, Gwen Losasso, Katelyn Luther, Clare Lynn, Zakari Martinjako*, Robert Maxwell, Carolyn Mayer, Abrielle McDermott, Grace Noce, Vincent Noce, Nicholas Paul*, David Pelletier, Rebecca Porter*, Christian Price, James Sandrick, Josiah Sawyer*, Brianna Steigerwald, Kyle Storm, Adam Thompson*, Ryan Zeitler


Merit Roll

Ayshli Barrientos, Robert Blair, Samantha Cannella, Ashley Curry, Amber Demko, Connor Dudinsky, Timothy Harden, Alexis Johnson, Klarissa Lipstreu, Sarah McClellan, Nicholas Parrish, Emily Shantery, Steven Stotlar


Senior Honor Roll

Ryan Acker, Mikayla Ashba, McKenzie Blau, Lindsey Burnett, Cassandra Cameron*, Julie Combs, Branden Conrad, Mackenzie Cossick, Kaitlyn Freiling, Joshua Garrett, Max Gilliland, Breanna Girolamo*, Gage Green, Brandon Haycox, Stephen Horvath, Samuel Kwasniewski, Amy Lasco*, Lisa Marcy, Megan McCartney, Caroline Milano, Nicholas Millet*, Alison Moss*, Peyton Neumore, Olivia Roach, Ronald Simpson, Steven Sitko, Megan Thomas*, Brandon Vander Maas, Ben Wiley, Danielle Young*


Merit Roll

Madison Barber, Kaylee Evans, Jonathan Kreuz, Timothy Malkus, Romolo Rabasi, Darren Redd, Anthony Tiber, Joshua Williamson, Emma Yokules


* – denotes 4.00 G.P.A. or higher



Hiram –  The Hiram community will unite in the fight against cancer at Relay for Life, April 25-26, 2014, at Charles A. Henry Field.

The celebration begins at 6 p.m. on April 25, and continues for 18 hours, until noon the next day. In case of inclement weather, the event will move to the nearby Les and Kathy Coleman Sports Center.

Relay for Life Chair, Jason Close ’16, biomedical humanities major, said excitement and interest in Relay for Life, now in its fourth year on campus, has continued to grow. Sixteen teams have signed up so far, and fundraising has surpassed last year’s total at this time.

“Cancer affects a lot of people on campus,” Close said. “Relay is an all-around great event, which supports people in our community – and communities abroad – to someday see the end of cancer.”

This is Close’s first year chairing the event, and he said Relay is an important cause for him because he has lost two family members to cancer in the past four years. He has big plans to continue to grow the event through his senior year, starting with carrying out a well-attended event this year.

This year’s theme is “Super Heroes Versus Super Villains.” Close and his team of students and advisers involved in carrying out the event have planned the following activities (some subject to change) throughout the night:

·      6 p.m.: Opening Ceremony/Survivor Festivities

·      7 p.m.: Egg, 3-leg, Wheel-barrow races

·      8 p.m.: Musical Chair Scavenger Hunt

·      9 p.m.: Lawn Jenga Tournament

·      10 p.m.: Luminary Lap

·      11 p.m.: “Pool Noodle” Spoons

·      12 a.m.: Graffiti/Tie-Dye a “White Object”

·      1 a.m.: Miss Relay Lap

·      2 a.m.: Cornhole Tournament

·      3 a.m.: S’more Making

·      6 a.m.: Frozen T-Shirt Relay

·      7 a.m.: Morning Yoga

·      8 a.m.: Hike Trail

·      9 a.m.: Fill and Face/Dress up Photobooth

·      10 a.m.: 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball

·      11 a.m.: Fire Truck ‘N Play

·      12 p.m.: Closing Ceremony

Relay for Life events are free and open to the public. All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. Teams and participants camp out and walk the track throughout the night to honor survivors, support those currently fighting cancer and remember those who have lost their battle with the disease.

Please visit http://relay.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY14EC?fr_id=56474&pg=entry for more information about the Hiram College event.

Garrettsville –  The 1st Annual Invention Convention was held at Garfield Intermediate School on  March 21st for any 5th or 6th grader who wanted to submit an invention that would “make life easier”


We had eighteen  6th graders and 26 5th graders participate. Using a rubric, Mr. Matt Sorrick (Hiram College), Mr. Larry Kuhlman (retired teacher), Mr. Ted Lysiak (superintedent), Mr. Ed Frato-Sweeney (Hiram College) and Mrs. Kristen Randell (teacher at GIS) judged the inventions based on concept and originality, design, work-ability and clarity of explanation.

After a very close contest, 5th grader Jacob Fergis (pictured) came in 1st place, Cheyenne Cuprak came in 2nd place and Chloe Pfile came in 3rd.

The Invention Convention was headed up by Shawn Cozad with assistance from Peggy Shay, Nicole Fox and Jackie Lowdermilk. Our ever-generous PTO provided the funds for the prizes awarded.