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Mantua Township – At the last regularly scheduled meeting of the Mantua Township Trustees, Trustees Victor Grimm and John Festa were in attendance. Mr. Festa noted that the Township’s inventory has been completed and turned in to Fiscal Officer Marie Stehli. Mr. Grimm noted that a draft document of proposed zoning fees has been completed, with no changes from 2013 fees, other than a change noted on page two of the document. Mr. Grimm stated that he has included his proposed change, which deals with the demolition of a small building. The document will be ready for Trustee vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting.


Mantua – At the School Board Organizational meeting on January 6th, new School Board members David Becker and Todd Monroe took the oath of office. Once they took their seats, the Board held an election to fill the office of board president and vice president. Matt Sorrick was elected to the position of President, while Debbie Soltisz was elected to fill the Vice President position.

Mantua – Crestwood area boys and girls ages 10 to 14 are invited to participate in the local level of competition for the 2014 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship.  This is a fun, free activity for area youth to compete in a Free Throw (foul shot) competition for best of fifteen consecutive shots.  The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship is sponsored annually where winners have the chance to progress through local, district, regional, state and possibly international competition levels.  Our 2013 event was a huge success with more than 344,000 sharpshooters participating in over 4,700 local competitions.

Mantua - Principal Arden Sommers is pretty proud of “his kids” at Crestwood High School.  At a recent visit to the school, Sommers proudly shared their stories, as he discussed a program called the Junior/Senior Seminar. The class, which is an elective, and therefore, not a requirement for graduation, is always one of the most popular, even though it is what Sommers calls a “service learning” program. Students are allowed to use their own creativity to design something they feel is lacking, or something that would be beneficial to the local community. They are then encouraged to figure out how to make their vision a reality.

Mantua – The Eighth Grade Crestwood Middle School Pre-Engineering Academy, under the direction of instructor Ed Judd, have the opportunity not only to learn valuable engineering skills, but to how to accurately present their ideas to potential clients. According to Judd, the Acedemy took root when Crestwood Middle School Principal, Julie Schmidt, wanted to add an additional “Star” class to the school’s schedule.  They worked to design the Pre-Engineering Academy — a nine-week class offered to 8th graders to introduce basic engineering concepts.  Explains Judd, “In addition to sketching isomorphic and orthographic figures, hearing from local engineers, researching different engineering careers and learning and using computer assisted design software, the students were in need of an assessment to demonstrate what they have learned. A real-world, “hands on” project seemed like a logical choice.”   

We’ve all heard that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well on Tuesday, December 10th, that old adage will be updated to include paper clips, dryer sheets, and lots of other seemingly harmless household items. That evening, the Mantua Police Department will host a traveling exhibit entitled “Hidden In Plain Sight,” at the Crestwood High School. The exhibit, hosted by the Bath and Copley Police Departments, gives adults the opportunity to explore and interact with a display designed to resemble an average teenager’s bedroom. Throughout the exhibit are over 150 seemingly harmless items that may indicate that a teen could be involved in some high-risk behavior such as substance abuse, underage drinking, eating disorders, and sexual activity.

Attendees at the awareness program will be able to get an up-close look at the items in the room and be shown how they can be used. The 90-minute program that accompanies the exhibit provides in-depth highlights, as well as resources, should parents need help in resolving any issues they uncover.

Doors open for the program in Mantua at 7:15 p.m.; the presentation begins at 7:30. There is no charge for admittance; however, the program is for adults only.  The traveling exhibit has been shared in over 30 communities throughout Northeastern Ohio since 2012.

For details, contact School Resource Officer Joe Urso at SRO@crestwoodschools.org.

Mantua – Crestwood area boys and girls ages 10 to 14 are invited to participate in the local level of competition for the 2014 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship.  This is a fun, free activity for area youth to compete in a Free Throw (foul shot) competition for best of fifteen consecutive shots.  The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship is sponsored annually where winners have the chance to progress through Local, District, Regional, State and possibly International competition levels.  Our 2013 event was a huge success with more than 344,000 sharpshooters participating in over 4,700 local competitions.

The competition will be held at Crestwood Middle School at 6:30 pm on January 15, 2014.  All boys and girls 10 to 14 years old (as of January 1, 2014) are eligible to participate and will compete in their respective age divisions.  Participants are required to furnish a copy (not the original) of their birth certificate as proof of age and written parental consent.

All contestants on the local level are recognized for their participation in the event.    Entry forms are available at Crestwood Middle & Intermediate Schools, St. Joseph PSR Office or by contacting Anthony Marinelli at 330.296.3097 or 216.789.8495.


Mantua – For the first time ever, the Rotary Club of Mantua is hosting its Christmas Tour of Homes during the first two weekends in December.  While usually held in November, this year’s December tour of homes will help you get into the holiday spirit, giving you ideas for decking your own halls while it begins to look a lot like Christmas around town.

Tour tickets may be purchased at the Red Caboose at the Mantua Station Pharmacy at the time of the tour.  Reservations for the Candlelight Tour on Thursday, December 5th may be purchased by making a reservation for a 7 pm, 8 pm, or 9 pm time slot, with only 50 tickets available for each hour. Candlelight Tour ticket will allow guests to visit any homes during the daylight tour hours if they do not have the opportunity to view them all that evening. Please note that only 50 tickets are available for each hourly time slot.


Mantua – Author Leo Buscaglia is quoted as saying, “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Never has that statement been truer, than in the case of fifth grader Mathieu Arotin, a young man inflicted with a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type II. Due to his disease, Mathieu is confined to a power wheelchair, but to say that Mathieu suffers from this disease would be a false statement. While it’s true that Mathieu needs his wheelchair, that chair doesn’t confine his spirit, or define who he is. Instead, those who know him are struck first by his broad smile, and immediately feel the warmth of his positive outlook as he comes cruising down the halls at Crestwood Intermediate School (CIS). 


Mantua – In this season of giving thanks, Frank Iannaggi, owner of the G & C Bakery in Mantua, is giving thanks for his wife, his five daughters, and his gorgeous grandchildren; the newest of whom was born this month. If you know Frank, or you’ve ever had the occasion to talk with him, you’ve most likely never heard him utter a complaint. What stands out most about him is his pride in his family, his positive outlook and his upbeat personality. 

Shalersville - The Mantua-Shalersville Area Chamber met for their monthly meeting at the Shalersville Town Hall last Wednesday November 20, 2013. President Christine Pittsinger called the meeting to order.  After brief introductions were made, the guest speaker, Peter Young from Benefits 1 was introduced. Mr. Young talked about the up and coming changes to workers compensation and other insurance benefits available to the business community. He discussed discounts that will begin next year for those businesses that use random drug testing as a preventative measure along with other insurance changes.


Mantua – At the recent School Board meeting, the Board approved the resubmission of the Five-Year forecast for the fiscal years ending June 20, 2014 through 2018. The forecast was submitted to the Ohio Department of Education, as required by law. Continuing, the Board approved the first reading of several new and revised Board policies. Items included were several new and revised policies relating to anti-harassment, and the revision on a policy relating to bullying.

During Board Reports, Debra Soltisz updated the Board on the status of Middle and High School fall sports. Ms. Soltisz reported that Crestwood Middle School Cross Country Girls Team was 2nd place in the PTC Metro Division, while the Boys Team was 3rd place. The Middle School Soccer Team completed its fourth, and most successful season ever this fall. The team’s final record was 10-2-1.

Both the 7th and 8th Grade Football Teams had a building year. There were many positive experiences for both teams, which had many close losses. There is great potential for both teams next year. In addition, both 7th and 8th Grade Volleyball Teams finished as PTC Metro champs. Both teams had great season records and a great tournament finish.

At the High School, both the Girls & Boys Cross Country teams were 2013 PTC champs.  Junior Jeremiah Fitzgerald was named Runner of the Year as the individual champion of the Boys Metro PTC meet.  Boys CC coach Jim Schweickert was named Coach of the Year, and the girls CC coaches, Megan Cameron and Samantha Usher, were named Co-Coaches of the Year.

The High School boasted three District Championship Teams this fall in Volleyball and both the Boys and Girls Cross Country Squads. The Volleyball Team reached the Regional Final game this year, completing their finest season in Crestwood history.  The defending Division II State Champion, Beaumont, defeated them.

The Girls Cross Country Team of Abby Soltisz, Challis Roberts, Kira Judd, Evie Head, Melissa Soltisz, Taylor Michael, Bella Wagner and alternate Melina Edic qualified for the State Cross Country Tournament, where the girls ran well, placing 13th.

Jacob Ondash from the Boys CC team qualified as an individual to the State meet.  Jake ran a very strong race, finishing in 44th place. It’s important to note that these nine CC scholar-athletes representing Crestwood at the State Tournament averaged a 3.81 GPA.

The next School Board Meeting will be held in the High School Library on Monday, December 9th at 7 pm. This regular December meeting of the Board will be preceded at 6:45 pm by a public hearing for rehire of a retiree.


Mantua – Crestwood Schools have much more going for them than just the three Rs. This fall, Primary School Principal Cindy Ducca and Intermediate School Principal Michelle Gerbrick have instituted a program that rewards students for exhibiting crucial skills at each of their schools — qualities they call the two Cs. Those character traits include being conscientious students and being super citizens. Each quarter, classroom teachers from Preschool through Grade 5 will select students who best exemplify those character traits. Those talented students have the chance to have lunch with a special guest whose name also starts with C — Chloe the Therapy Dog.

Mantua Twp. – In light of many questions regarding expenditures of the Township’s finances, Township Fiscal Officer Marie Stehli shared a spreadsheet she developed to clearly show what has been spent on the Mantua Center school building.  She made copies available to those in attendance, and requested that it be added to the township’s website, mantuatownshipohio.gov.  

Mantua – At the start of the meeting, Mayor Linda Clark welcomed James Carrozzi, an auxiliary officer who recently joined the village police department. Carrozzi is a Ravenna resident who graduated from the Academy at Kent State University in June of this year. Next, the Mayor reported that Congressman Joyce’s visit to tour several local businesses previously scheduled for September 30th was cancelled due to the government shut down. She will let council know when the Congressman’s visit has been rescheduled. In other news, council accepted a donation from Mantaline Corporation in the amount of $4,000. Council appropriated the donation to the Parks/Lodge fund to cover repairs and improvements. 

Mantua – As of September 1st, Kate Rogers has been hired as Administrative Services Officer. In this role, she will report to Clerk-Treasurer/Fiscal Officer Jenny August; in addition, Ms. Rogers will also work to process water and sewer billing with Village Administrator David Akerley. Rogers is a Mantua Village resident with a background in tax work.

Mantua Twp. – Zoning Inspector John Dickey announced that he has set up office hours the first few Thursdays of each month at the Center School/Administration Building to make forms available and answer any zoning questions that residents may have. While the township has posted updated permit applications on the township web site, Mr. Dickey acknowledges that residents without computer access need hard copies of pertinent forms and applications. He asked the Trustees to investigate placing a weatherproof box outside the township building so that residents may pick up forms at their convenience. No conclusion was reached on this issue, but this prompted further discussion, including confusions around which doors should be used to enter the building to meet with Mr. Dickey or Fiscal Officer Marie Stehli. Chairman Jason Carlton suggested posting signs directing visitors to the appropriate building entrance.  

Mantua – October 5th was a perfect morning in Northeast Ohio.  All those attending the Fruit and Vegetable Pie Contest at the Mantua Rotary Farmer’s Market came with smiles, looking forward to the challenge of judging.  The contest was free, and more than one pie could be entered by a contestant.

Mantua –    Since March, I have been leading a small group of Mantua Township residents in attempting to establish a Community  Center at Mantua Center in the old school building on Center Road, just north of SR 82.  We meet in the fully accessible cafeteria wing (at left  in attached photo) on Wednesdays, starting at 10am.  Coffee and tea are always available, and we’ve been enjoying very good potluck lunches each noon, with folks bringing a good variety of food to share.  People come to socialize, play cards, or work on a jig-saw puzzle.  Some bring their portable projects, such as scrapbooking, knitting, crochet, or quilt piecing, and are willing to teach or share hints with others interested.  A box of board games includes Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Racko, and many others.  Most afternoons there is a group playing cards.  Hours were recently expanded to accommodate a 7pm beginner Yoga class, and we will be open until 8pm through October 3oth, when the class ends.  There has been no response so far to the invitation to add a potluck supper, so we will probably go back to closing at 4:00 in November.  We will not be open Nov. 6th, (or the day after any other election) because the election board reserves that day as well as election day, for removal of their equipment. We have avoided calling this a “senior center” because we want everyone to feel welcome. 


Students and faculty at Crestwood’s Primary and Intermediate Schools will ring in the tenth school year in the same way they celebrated the first one; with a concert by national children’s musician and author Jim Gill. Gill has performed for early childhood educators, families and children’s librarians across the country, and on September 25th, he will again be sharing his playful songs and active play with students and faculty of Crestwood Schools. 


Mantua – At our August meeting, Phil and Marie Derthick (pictured) shared some  conversation with the Mantua Historical Society about their ancestry, their 50 years of marriage, local history, and their past and present farm  operations, including the Corn Maze, which is occurring now.

After a short business meeting on Monday, September 16th, the public was invited to view some of our own Show and Tell, our newly acquired Crestwood High School Band /Tony Buonpane photo albums, and to tour the museum, which is located on the second floor of the Mantua Township Town Hall which is located on the corner of Route #82 and Mantua Center Road. The historical society  would like to encourage local residents to become members; dues are only $12.00 for a couple or $8.00 for a single person.


Mantua – Imagine millions of pinwheels spinning in the wind. Pinwheels around the world in Great Britain, South America, the Middle East, and here in Mantua, Ohio. Yes, on Friday, September 20th, in honor of the International Day of Peace, Crestwood students will take part in an international art and literacy project called “Pinwheels for Peace.” On Friday, students will plant hand-made pinwheels with messages of peace at Crestwood Intermediate & Primary Schools as an art installation and public statement of peace.


Mantua Twp. – At the recent Mantua Township trustees’ meeting, Zoning Inspector John Dickey recommended that the trustees consider passing a resolution covering residential nuisances including abandoned vehicles, property upkeep, and the like, as many area Townships have done. He shared this recommendation with the Township’s legal council, who will investigate for potential consideration by the Trustees. In addition, Mr. Dickey noted that several zoning forms currently posted on the website need to be updated. He’ll work with Vic Grimm to make the necessary changes, which will be posted to the township website by Jason Carlton.

Mantua – An old farmer told me once “a life spent in search of the perfect tomato would not be a life wasted” Did you know there are over 7000 varieties of tomatoes? On Saturday August 24th at the Rotary Farmers Market there were 14 different Heirloom tomatoes sliced and ready to be tasted.  The two celebrity judges were Sue Nelson owner of Sue Nelson Design in Kent and Michele Stuck the Mantua Village Solicitor.  All persons shopping at the market also were invited to taste and judge the tomatoes. This was the first time any of the judges ever tasted so many different varieties at one setting. The winners for the Heirloom Tomato Tasting Contest: The Best Tomato was a Lemon Cherry Tomato presented by Patsy Ried.  The Tastiest Tomato Award went to Chisti Brugmann with a Carolina Gold tomato.

Mantua – Most people mark their 40th anniversary with rubies, but in Mantua, they’ll be celebrating the occasion with potatoes. This year marks the 40th year that the Village holds their annual event dedicated to all things spud, and it’s one year you won’t want to miss. The festival begins on Friday, September 6th at 6 pm with the opening ceremonies. As in years past, there will be carnival games, rides and food, as well as a variety of bands performing throughout the weekend. The festival grounds are open until 11 pm on Friday night, but you’ll want to get some sleep for the next day’s activities.


Mantua - Throughout its 60-year history, the Crestwood Scarlet Guard Marching Band has had a long tradition of excellence.  The band consistently appears at OMEA State Finals and Bands of America Championships, and in 2012 was named Class A Regional Champion at the Pittsburgh & Pontiac Regional Championships. Recently, they have been invited to participate in the Bands of America Grand National Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium in November in Indianapolis. Crestwood High School Band Director Kate Ferguson beams, “Only 90 of the countries finest bands perform in this event each year, and this year, we have the opportunity to go!”


Mantua – The September meeting, of the Mantua Village Garden Club, will meet at the home of Debbie Haylett on Monday, September 9th, at noon.  The meeting will start off with a delicious pot luck luncheon, which will include a variety of home made dishes.  After lunch, and a short business meeting, Debbie has designed a mystery craft workshop for the group.  She wants it to be a surprise – so if you like crafts, potlucks, and surprises, please feel free to join us.  Call Diane Lottig @ 330-274-2868, or Lea Lazar @ 330-274-0614.  The MVGC will have a bake sale table, at The Potato Festival, on Saturday, Sept.7.  We will also have a walking float in the Potato Festival Parade, on Sunday, Sept. 8, so be sure to look for us and give us a shout!


Mantua – Superintendent David Toth opened the meeting by addressing the School Board and the 50 meeting attendees by highlighting his goal of increasing communication throughout the district. To that end, Toth plans to continue using the automated phone system to share district-wide events with community members. In addition, Superintendent Toth is available via phone or email, and via Twitter at @crestwoodsupt. In his address, he also commended teachers, staff and volunteers who have already begun preparations for the new school year, highlighting that the Summer Reading Program, Safety Town, and Camp Invention Program were all successfully held at the Primary and Intermediate campus this week.

Mantua – The group from St. Joseph Parish in Mantua who participated in the Housing Repair Program based at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Clintwood, Virginia, accomplished quite a bit the week of June 15-22. The group of 12 traveled the 400 miles to the western tip of Virginia and settled in on Saturday then attended Mass. Sunday’s activities included a trip to The Breaks, a nearby interstate park with lots of trails and outdoor activities.

Splitting into four groups and working with program leaders Debbie, Lee, and Brandi, the week’s tasks began on Monday. Unfortunately, Sr. Jean Korkisch, CSC, the program’s coordinator, was not able to be present during the week due to out of state family commitments. Of course, she checked in daily on the group’s progress.

Mantua – According to the 2007 National Agricultural Statistics Service census, only 662,264 barns built before 1960 remain across the country. In our area, a rare gem built in 1820 has been removed, but thanks to a local man, won’t be lost or forgotten. The nearly 200-year-old gem, which once stood in front of the Green Family Funeral Home in Mantua, is in the process of being rebuilt for reuse roughly two miles from where it formerly stood.


Mantua Twp. – After calling the August 1st Mantua Township Trustees meeting to order, Chairman Jason Carlton introduced new Zoning Inspector Mr. John Dickey  to township residents. Mr. Dickey is a Hiram resident with a varied background of work experience, including heating, ventilation and home contracting. He replaces Tierney Bryant, who resigned from the position as of July 2, 2013.


Mantua – This year’s 50th Annual Ox Roast Fair the weekend of July 19-21 at St. Joseph’s in Mantua was a wonderful event despite some weather challenges. The severe heat and humidity of the week lifted late Friday, Saturday morning’s showers didn’t deter our 5K participants, and even the downpour later didn’t chase away all the visitors. Although the mud made for a challenging finish to the weekend, the crowds didn’t disappoint for the 50th celebration and another great year of community spirit! The fun and entertainment were delightful and the food was delicious, as usual, as folks from the surrounding area and even out of state visitors enjoyed the hospitality of the Parish Community of St. Joseph. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported, volunteered, promoted, donated and worked this year’s great event. This annual parish fundraiser directly supports the educational and sacramental ministries of St. Joseph Parish.


Mantua –  On July 27th  at 10:30 in the morning the Farmer’s Market held a Fresh Fruit Pie Contest.  Only fruit ripe in July could be used to make a pie. The pie filling and crust had to be made from scratch.  There were two categories: the Best Tasting pie, and the Best Looking pie.  The following celebrities were invited to help judge the pies; they were Jody Fiala owner of Jakes Restaurant, Brook Poloskey owner of Poloskey’s Butcher Shop, and Virginia Goodell of Goodell Farms.  Besides the three celebrity judges, all those present at the market were also invited to judge the pies as the People’s Choice, (except if you entered a pie).  You could enter as many pies as you wanted.


At a special board meeting held last week, the Crestwood Local School Board voted unanimously to hire Michelle Gerbrick as the new Principal at Crestwood Intermediate School. Superintendent David Toth recommended Gerbrick for the position, sharing that her extensive background in instructional leadership, especially in technology would make her a huge asset to the District. Gerbrick formerly worked as part of the Technology Research and Integration Team for grades K through five at Aurora City Schools.
Gerbrick joins newly hired Crestwood Primary School Principal Cindy Ducca, who joined the District in early July. Ducca, in an excerpt from a letter posted on the Crestwood Schools website this week, stated, “My family and I are very excited to be a part of Crestwood Local Schools. I believe that our community values of honesty, integrity and accountability are the key to our students’ success. I look forward to an excellent school year!”
To meet the new Principals and new Superintendent, or to connect with friends before the new school year starts, plan to attend Crestwood Community Days on August 17th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The event will feature family-friendly games and prizes as well as concessions for sale by the PTO and area churches. Community Days will also showcase booths from various local organizations and activities, and provide kids with the opportunity to tour a police car and fire truck. In addition, the Portage County Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit will conduct a demonstration.
The Mantua American Legion & Crestwood Schools will also be on hand accepting donations to ‘Stuff the Bus” with school supplies for the area’s needy children. In addition, representatives from the 4Cs food cupboard will be on hand to accept non-perishable food donations, as well. The event will be held at Crestwood Primary & Intermediate Schools on Bowen Road in Mantua.
Lastly, Crestwood families should mark their calendars for the Open House event on Monday, August 26th. Crestwood Primary & Intermediate Schools will be open from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, while Crestwood Middle School & High Schools will be open from 6:00 until 8 pm.  For more information on these and other Crestwood School events, visit the District website at www.crestwood.sparcc.org.

Mantua – As noted previously, Ms. Linda Schilling resigned from her seat on Council at the June 18th meeting. That same evening, John Clark, husband of Mantua Mayor Linda Clark, was appointed to Council and sworn in that night. Since that meeting, several other key positions in the Village have been filled. Brian Rooth has been hired as a part-time service worker and Joe Urso has been hired as a seasonal employee.

The Mantua Village Garden Club will meet on Monday, August 5, at noon. After a pot luck luncheon, and short business meeting, we will tour Dean Olson’s beautiful flower gardens. We welcome those who are interested, to join us. Contact Diane Lottig at 330-274-2868 for meeting location and further details.
The MVGC would like to thank everyone who stopped by our May Plant sale, for making it such a resounding success! We offered a great variety of local plants. For the first time, this year, we also included a 50/50 raffle, to help raise funds, to beautify the village. Watch for us, and our walking float, in the Potato Festival parade, on Sunday September 8th.


Mantua – Superintendent, David Toth recently announced that the Crestwood Local School Board approved a contract to hire Cynthia Ducca as the new principal at Crestwood Primary for the 2013-2014 academic year. According to Superintendent Toth, Ms. Ducca has an extensive teaching and administrative background, and most recently served as the principal of Berkshire Elementary. While at Berkshire Elementary, Ms. Ducca oversaw grades kindergarten through the sixth grade. The Berkshire District received an Excellent District Rating from the Ohio State Board of Education for the 2011 – 2012 school year.


Mantua – If you’re looking for a fun and unusual way to spend your Saturday, check out Art on the Hill in Mantua. Each year, local and regional artisans come together on a chosen day each July to line both sides of East Prospect Street in the Village of Mantua to sell their handmade art. This year, that day is July 13th, and over 75 artisans — that’s fifteen more than last year — will line the streets with their one-of-a-kind works. Fabulous finds include jewelry, sculptures, woodwork, lawn art, paintings, photography, clothing, soaps, lotions, metal works, ceramics, recycled art, jams & jellies, Ohio Maple products, and more.


Mantua – Recently at Crestwood Intermediate School, 4th grade Girl Scout Junior Troops #243, #533 & #442 sold homemade bracelets to fellow students to support classmate Mathieu Arotin.  Mathieu has a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2 (SMA type 2).  Due to this disease, Mathieu is confined to a power wheelchair. The wheelchair gives him the ability to play with his friends, go to school, travel around his home, and go to his many doctor appointments.  Mathieu’s family is in need of a wheelchair-accessible van in which he can take  his chair to and from these places.  The Girl Scouts, along with a few other friends of Mathieu’s who sold a different variety of homemade bracelets,  made over 1,000 bracelets and raised a total of $730 to put towards the cost of a van.  Mathieu was given his big check on the last day of school – needless to say, he was all smiles!  Thank you CIS students, staff, anonymous donors and Crestwood families for all your generosity!
More fundraising for Mathieu will continue this fall with a school-wide talent show in November.


Registration is still open for the Headwaters Adventure Race on July 13, 8:00 a.m. in Mantua Village. The Portage Park District Foundation is presenting this fun(d)raiser for supporting trail maintenance and conservation projects.  The event starts at Buchert Park and includes a 2-mile run on the Headwaters Trail, a 10-mile bike ride on rural roads to Camp Hi Canoe Livery in Hiram, ending with a 5-mile paddle on the Upper Cuyahoga Scenic River back to Mantua.  The route passes by nature preserves, historic sites and preserved farmland.  “This is not only a fun way to raise funds for a great cause, it also showcases some of the beautiful natural and cultural heritage of Portage County that we’re working to conserve” notes Kurt Ruehr, Foundation President and Race Director.
Go solo or grab a friend to form a relay or all-phase team.   Entry fee is $40 per person ($25 for age 18 and under).  Kayak and canoe rentals are available for $10 and $15.  Lead sponsors include: Eastern Ohio Time Trials, Fit Chicks, Robinson Health Center at Mantua, Portage Cyclery, Camp Hi Canoe, Advanced Rehabilitation and Health Specialists. Additional sponsors and volunteers are welcome!
For more information, a map of the race route and registration, please visit www.portageparkdistrict.org or call (330) 297-7728.

Mantua – Mark your calendar for the weekend of July 19th through the 21st for the St. Joseph Ox Roast in Mantua. This year’s event, theme is “50 Years of Magnificence,” and will feature three days of food, rides, games, and family fun. The fun starts on Friday night, with a fireworks display by Pyrotecnico Fireworks. Saturday morning, runners will have the opportunity to be a part of the 5K Ox Run or 1M Fun Walk. The 5K race takes place Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. and the course begins and ends at St. Joe’s. The One Mile Fun Walk takes place on church grounds. On Sunday, the popular Frog Jumping Contest will take place at 3 p.m. With an entry fee of $1.00, you can bring your own jumper, or “rent-a-frog” for another $1.00. Those with winning frogs will be awarded prizes, and bragging rights for another year.

Mantua – When the information came home from school last spring for Crestwood’s Hershey Track Camp, we had no idea what to expect. As a parent, I was looking for fun and interesting activities for my girls, ages seven and nine, to try over the summer. The weeklong camp looked good to me. Luckily, my girls agreed, so we signed both of them up for Hershey Track Camp. Although we weren’t quite sure what to expect, we were looking forward to the opportunity for the girls to try out various track and field events.

Mantua – At the June School Board meeting, outgoing Crestwood All Sports Booster President Debbie Stephens presented a check to the School Board in the amount of $25,000 to cover part of the cost of resurfacing the track at Jack Lambert Stadium. The money was raised over the past seven years through participant registration charges, gate fees and concession sales from the Don Faix Memorial Invitational and the Red Devil Relays.
The donation is part of a partnership between the Board of Education and the All-Sports Boosters, and will finance more than half the cost of improvements to the track, freeing up District funds for other projects. Ms. Stephens presented the check to retiring Superintendent Joe Iacano, new Superintendent David Toth, Board Member Debbie Soltisz, and Athletic Director Steve Matheos.
In other sports-related news, five student athletes competed in the State Track Tournament. The 4 X 800 meter relay team of Tori Chiller, Marissa Midgley, Maddie Sorrick and Abby Soltisz finished sixth in State, while Abby Soltisz finished thirteenth in State for the 3200-meter race. Matt Monroe finished eighth in State for discus.
In addition, the following Crestwood Spring athletes received All Portage Trail Conference (PTC) recognition:

Baseball – Second Team Ryan Fedor and  Josh Hampton

Softball – First Team Sally Hoffman; Second Team Alex McKinley, Jenna Head and Bailee Kodash;
Honorable Mention Reanna Szarka and Jenna Kodash

Boys Track – First Team Matt Monroe, Jeremiah Fitzgerald, Jacob Klock-Horner, Dylan Kager, Traven Stephens, Justin Spurlock, Austin Usher; Second Team Justin Spurlock, Dylan Kager, Jeremiah Fitzgerald, Derek Fenrich, Damon Daugherty, Brendan Fannin; Honorable Mention  Marcus Weatherbee and Logan Little

Girls Track – First Team Courtney Berish, Tori Chiller, Hayley Zigman, Taylor Rector, Marissa Midgley    and  Abby Soltisz;     Second Team Tori Chiller, Madeleine Sorrick, Marissa Midgley, Abby Soltisz and Challis Roberts; Honorable Mention Brittany Donell and Alaina Nuti

Boys Tennis – First Team Justin Vaughan and  Sebastian Geiger;  Honorable Mention Andrew Shahan and George Monroe


Mantua – At a hearing in Columbus last Friday, the Ohio Historic Preservation Office approved a nomination for the Mantua Center School to be considered for addition to National Register of Historic Places. The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of properties recognized by the federal government as worthy of preservation for their local, state, or national significance in American history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, or culture.
The Ohio Historical Society’s Historic Preservation Office administers this program of the National Park Service at the state level. Ohio’s Historic Preservation Society has recognized an impressive network of historical sites, including homes and memorials associated with US presidents, such as Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, or Warren G. Harding. It also includes early cultures and mound building sites such as Serpent Mound, Ft. Ancient, and Newark Earthworks.


Mantua – On Wednesday, July 3, 2013, Green Family Funeral Home will be hosting their semi-annual FREE OUTDOOR INDEPENDENCE DAY CONCERT. The event will begin at 7:00 P.M. on the grounds of the funeral home, located at the corner of State Route 44 & Pioneer Trail, Mantua Township.
The Garretttones will be sharing a variety of musical  hits, both instrumental and vocal to please those attending. All are asked to bring your lawn chairs or blanket, enjoy the music, and have a traditional  Hot Dog cooked outside for your pleasure. The concert will conclude to allow ample time for those who will be attending any local fireworks shows. In the event of rain, the concert will be held at the Mantua Knights of Columbus Hall, located just north of Route 82 on Route 44.

Mantua – The Mantua Historical Society hosted General James A. Garfield, portrayed by Wayne Enders, on Sunday, June 9th, at the Mantua Center Christian Church.  Mr. Enders (pictured) had clothes made especially for him that replicated Garfield’s.  Before becoming a general, James A. Garfield was a minister, who actually preached in this same church.  The topic for the evening event, which had approximately forty people in attendance, was Gen. Garfield as a newly elected congressman to Northeastern Ohio, a retired major general of the Rebellion, and a past president of Hiram College.  The Society’s next meeting, on Monday, July 15th, will be a road trip to a local home to view their antiques.


Mantua – At a recent Mantua Village Council meeting, Mayor Linda Clark announced that Council has selected Steve Chapman as Mantua Village Zoning Inspector. The position was vacant since the death of the previous Inspector, John Vechery, in late December 2012. Mr. Chapman resides in Ravenna, but has roots in the Mantua community as the co-owner of both the Iron Eagle Martial Arts Studio and Poloskey Meats in the Village. In addition, Mr. Chapman also serves Mantua as an auxiliary police officer. 


Mantua – At a recent School Board meeting, the Board unanimously approved the Five-Year Forecast for the fiscal years ending June 30, 2013 through 2017. Crestwood District Treasurer, Jill Rowe, proposed the forecast. In calculating the Forecast, Ms. Rowe made several assumptions based on the current state of the economy. First, the District does not anticipate increased revenue resulting from reappraisals. The forecast also assumes that General Property Tax will remain at the same levels through 2016. 

Congratulations to the 2013 Portage County Soap Box Derby winners. Pictured are (left to right) PJ Moore - Super Stock, Matt Adkins - Stock and Tyler Fleming - Masters. These winners will go on to the All American Soap Box Derby in Akron on July 27, 2013.

Congratulations to the 2013 Portage County Soap Box Derby winners. Pictured are (left to right) PJ Moore – Super Stock, Matt Adkins – Stock and Tyler Fleming – Masters. These winners will go on to the All American Soap Box Derby in Akron on July 27, 2013.

Mantua – The Portage County Soap Box Derby race was held on Saturday, June 15 in Mantua. Forty-three racers competed  in three race divisions resulting in three  first place winners who  will compete at the First Energy All American Derby race in July.

In the Stock Division, brothers Stephen and Matt Adkins battled each other throughout the race and met for a second time in the finals.  Matthew Adkins remained undefeated in the race, and is the Stock 2013 Champion.

P.J. Moore was the Super Stock 2013 Champion. The S.S. field was the largest division with twenty-five  racers, and the most experienced with two champions from last year competing in it.  P.J. beat Brent Christman by 0.20 seconds the first time they met.  Brent went  on to compete in the challengers race, worked his way to the finals, only to lose a second time by three thousands of a second.  P.J Moore remained undefeated.

Tyler Fleming was Masters 2013 Champion.  Tyler met Zack Michael in the first heat and won by one thousandth of a second.  Tyler won his second race by four-thousandths of a second, his third race by ten- thousandth of a second. In the final race he again met Zack who worked his way back to the finals.  This time Zack beats Tyler, now they are tied with one loss each — to be eliminated from a race you must have two losses.  The final race could not have been more exciting with two winners competing to be the champion — in the end,  Tyler was triumphant.