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Well, there was a weekend. Did the Easter Bunny manage to hop out of town wearing galoshes on Palm Sunday? Hope that most of the Easter egg hunts/rolls/parties got off O.K. on Saturday, which was certainly fine, if occasionally chilly. Little ones were likely to be able to spot colored eggs from quite distance.

What a difference a day makes!

Sunday was something else altogether. Slightly dampish walking to church. Warmish during the afternoon. Then came the weather warnings (Sometimes I think that Portage County is invisible to weather persons, either radio or television. They’ll give warnings for Summit, Geauga, Trumbull, Stark, Cuyahoga,Mahoning, Ashtabula…everyplace around us but we’re empty space, apparently. I want to yell at the predictors, “How does one get from Summit County to Trumbull without passing through the intervening space, which is known as PORTAGE COUNTY?” ) on the radio and the sirens from the firehouse. Actually, I never even heard the siren at my place, the noise on the covered walkway between the house and the garage–Bright Cover–was so loud that I never heard the warning wail…could have been flying off to Oz at any minute. After that was all over I went out rubbernecking to see the house that got hit by half a tree which came down on the side porch. The creek was really up and noisy. Any time that there is a precipitation event such as this, the dam/falls down in back of Main Street below the Boardwalk is loud…Loud…LOUD…and pretty impressive. With the lights on back there it’s pretty cool. Take a look sometime. It’s pretty close to that loud down at both bridges on Liberty street. I can hear it in the house at night if the windows are open (which they haven’t been lately) and in the morning when I walk early.

Speaking of which, noise, that is, there was a news item in The Week about a pair of geezers that escaped from a German retirement home and were later located–at 3 a.m.–enjoying the Wacken Music Festival, featuring heavy metal favorites such as Judas Priest, Running Wild and Hatebreed. Probably liked hearing something that they did not have to turn up their hearing aids for.

Last week also brought an answer to the question of why the little light in the left-hand corner of my Honda Fit’s dashboard kept coming on intermittently. The last time it went in for a check-up, I mentioned it and somebody apparently fiddled with it , because it went off for a while, then reappeared. Then the starter began behaving in a most un-Honda-like manner, just as I was having to go numerous places, so I called the dealership and took it in for a physical. “Let’s Get Physical”…isn’t that a song of somebody’s? Well, it took the technicians a while to figure this out (Always a bad sign) but they determined that a sensor of some sort was ailing and needed to be replaced (Are you amazed to learn of this?). Seems that when the driver’s side door was backed into and had to be replaced, some wiring had been disturbed and got to feeling poorly, to the tune of considerable coinage. Since the needed sensor was not in stock, did I want them to order the part? Did I want to shell out this amazing amount? No. Did I have much of a choice? No. Does an on-the-go young lady such as myself want to be at the side of the road thumbing it some dark evening when her vehicle doesn’t start? Not on your tintype, sweetcheeks. So the damage to my credit card was not fatal but will require a period of rehabilitation. Next we’ll talk about installation costs. I may require some rehabilitation myself. Maybe I should just cut to the chase, so to speak, and purchase that car which Bugatti recently sold for $19 million. They only built one (At that price, there probably wasn’t a big crowd at the garage…at the showroom, maybe, who wouldn’t like to see that kind of money , “on the hoof”, so to speak); it’s called “La Voiture Noire”–French for “the black car”. (Imaginative, ?mais oui??)The Week reports that it has a 16 cylinder, 8-liter engine with 1500 brake horsepower, whatever that means. Just the thing for grocery shopping around town, don’t you think? That is if you can still afford anything to eat.
Not much of interest about April in the ?Old Farmer’s Almanac?, except to remark upon the prevalence of rain and rain-associated events–tornado outbreak, 1974, half-dollar-sized hail in SC, 2012, first U.S. public laundromat opened in TX in 1934, Walter Hunt received a patent for the safety pin in 1849–stuff like that.
And then there was snow on Tax Day. An omen?