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In the 9:00 Trio League, Danielle Tuttle bowled a triplicate – three games of 93.  Danielle was 75 pins over average for the day.  Eric Lawless bowled games of 132 and 109, with a 323 series.  The 132 game was 48 pins over average.  Floria Gerardino was 47 pins over her average of 70 with a nice 117 game.  Nathan Phillips was 45 pins over average with a 132 game.  Nathan Pallotto rolled games of 108 and 101 for a 284 series, 68 pins over average for the day.   Adam Norris had two matching 110 games, and a 296 series.

High game in the 11:00 Trio League was Jessica Potteiger with 175.  Kim Wampler had games of 170, 143 and 174 for a nice 487 series.  She was closely followed by Adam Tanner; Adam shot 169, 171 and 142 for a 482 series.  Austin Sledz, with an average of 53, was 88 pins over for the day.  Austin’s games were 69, 69, and 109, for a 247 series.  Cameron King continued his good bowling with a 162 game, 52 pins over average.  Noah Shannon had games of 157 and 155 on his way to a 435 series, 60 pins over average for the day.  And Kayla Hunt’s 261 series was 78 pins over her 61 average; Kayla’s games were 82, 88 and 91.  Billy Potteiger just missed his first 300 series – Billy shot games of 115 and 100 and ended with a 295 series.  Kurt Bokesch had a 148 game, 38 pins over his average.

High game for the 9:00 Pee Wee League was Paige Collins with 107.  Joey Moses shot 97 and Austin Roman had 95.

In the 11:00 PeeWee League, high games were Kenny Mangan with 95, Darrion Sidwell with 94, and David Ittel with 93.

The next two-week qualifying session for the Pepsi Tournament will begin this Saturday, December 4.  Good luck to all the bowlers on the 9:00 Trio and 11:00 Trio Leagues!.