Last week in the 11:00 Trio League, Collin McGurer rolled his first 600 series ever, a very nice 613.  Collin rolled 191 and 198 the first two games and then started the third game with 6 strikes in a row on his way to a 224.  Collin came into the day with a 192 average, high for the league.  Collin is an eighth grader at Garfield Middle School and a top prospect for the High School bowling team next year.

Coach Rick Ewell commented that while big games are impressive, bowling consistently for a good series is even more impressive.  And a number of bowlers did just that, with all three games over average.  Billy Potteiger was over his 86 average all three games with 99, 102, and 104 for a nice 305 series.  Cameron King, whose average is 120, shot games of 156, 144 and 126 for a 426 series.  Taylor Mick was over average all three games too, with 114, 113, and 109.  Ali Franklin shot 120, 134 and 125 for a 379 series.  And “The Sinless Pins” team members all accomplished the feat.  Alex Wilt started the day with a 55 average and rolled games of 97, 142, and 99 for a very nice 338 series.  His teammate Mark Butto (75 average) rolled 106, 76, and 85, while Zach Britton (81 average) rolled 105, 112, and 92.

Good games were also rolled by Ryan Ambler, 197, Emma Dockery, 189, Nick Toke, 169 (42 pins over average), Jaret Doraski, 171 (36 over), Jake Yeatts, 160 (32 over), David Durst, 132 (27 over), Noah Hoffman, 127 (26 over),  and Trevor Matheney, 143 (24 over).

For the 9:00 Trio League, high game and high series belonged to Drew Tushar with a 163 game and 415 series.  Kassie Fedor rolled a 146 game and 387 series.  Drew currently has high average for the league of 125 but Kassie is right behind him at 123.  Austin Wise rolled a 134 game, shooting 53 pins over his average of 81.  Travis Horner rolled 110, 40 pins over his average.  Other good games:  Clark Jackson, 95 (33 over), Steven Miller, 119 (31 over),Isaac Trickett, 69 (26 over), Nathan Phillips, 124 (26 over), Jack Norris, 105 (23 over), Kannon Borrelli, 66 (22 over), and Savannah Britt, 92 (22 over).

Alex Gage and Jack Cigany shared high game honors for the bumper bowlers last week with scores of 100.  Charlie Britt had games of 99 and 98.  Other good games were rolled by Gavin Dunfee, 96, and  Zach Seebacher, 91.

Clarke Kolmorgan and Matt Lyons tied for the high series in the Scholastic League last week with 584.  High series for the girls was rolled by Kim Wampler with 460.  Brent Jones had high game for the week with 217.