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This will be the last bowling article until leagues begin again in the fall.  Thank you to everyone who helped with the youth leagues this year, and to everyone who enjoyed reading about our youth bowlers!  This year’s summer bowling camp will be August 10-12.  Each day, bowlers will get instruction from coaches; lunch will be served each day.  The cost is only $25 for the three days.  Contact Sky Lanes for more information or to sign up.In the final week of the 2010-2011 Teen Texas Shoot-Out league, the high scores were Ashly Bernatowicz with a 227 game and 605 series.  Clarke Kolmorgan rolled 211 and Anna Brigham rolled 188.  Good luck to Ashly and Clarke who, along with Brent Jones and Liz Persuhn, got a free entry to the state team tournament thanks to their good performance at regionals.May 14 was awards day.  After awards were given out bowlers got pizza and then the music was turned on and the lights turned off for some cosmic bowling.  Congratulations to all the following winners:9:00 Trio LeagueLeague Champs – 1st half – The Devils Emma Dockery Nathan Pallotto Ericq WilliamsLeague Champs – 2nd half – Peace Makers Kassie Fedor Floria Gerardino Ashleigh QuiggleHigh Average –  Boys   Drew Tushar  109 Girls   Emma Dockery  127Most Improved Average –  Boys   Nathan Pallotto +16 Girls   Danielle Tuttle +19Girls High Series Scratch    Emma Dockery 524Girls High Game Scratch    Kassie Fedor 187Boys High Series Scratch    Drew Tushar 410Boys High Game Scratch    Dan Painley 164
11:00 Trio LeagueLeague Champs – 1st half – The Gummi Bears Jaret Doraski Collin McGurer Nick TokeLeague Champs – 2nd half – Attitude Adjustments Kim Wampler Jessica Potteiger Ryan AmblerHigh Average –  Boys Zach Hoffman 165 Girls Jessica Potteiger 153Most Improved Average –  Boys Austin Sledz +22 Girls Jessica Potteiger +15Girls High Series Scratch    Jessica Potteiger 553Girls High Game Scratch    Kim Wampler 234Boys High Series Scratch   Ryan Ambler 616Boys High Game Scratch   Adam Tanner 219