Windham – Windham Village Council called a special meeting for Tuesday November 12, 2013 at 6pm to finalize the financing of the new building and property they are purchasing at 9083 North Main Street Windham, Ohio.  That being said, the meeting did not start until after 7pm because they did not have a quorum and they decided to hold committee meetings first.

In economic development, representatives front he Community in Action for Windham addressed the Economic Development Committee on creating a community garden next year.  The committee and the mayor agreed to support their efforts and will help them secure the location they are considering.

In their safety committee meeting they discussed the use of narcan, the drug that reverses the effects from an opiate base drug overdose. Acting-Police Chief Eric Breiding will investigate the use of narcan for the police department. The committee voted to allow George Bengtson to remain as the village’s citizen representative to the fire board.

The safety committee went into executive session to discuss applications they have received to fill the chief of police position.

After 7pm, the council finally had a quorum and held a special meeting on accepting Cortland Bank’s financial package for the purchase of the property on Main Street in Windham.

Several members of the community objected to the purchase because of the cost to renovate the facility, another submitted a letter by proxy objecting to the purchase as he feels council should rescind the resolution to purchase the facility and let the voters decide. According to the letter he submitted he thinks that since council spent $60,000 on   a new roof and other recent upgrades for the current facility, he believes the purchase doesn’t make economic sense. He is also opposed to the $300,000 cost for the purchase, including renovations. The letter states that he is not against a new facility for administration offices but thinks the location on Main Street is less than ideal and it is not centrally located. He would like to see them stay where they are and take a little more time to pursue other more suitable and less expensive options.

Despite the objections from those in attendance, council approved the financing package from Cortland Bank for the purchase of the property on Main Street. Council intends to renovate the facility and house all their administrative offices there, including the police department, water and sewer, and roads department. They plan to demolish the current structure once the new building is renovated.