Windham – Windham Village Council met for their regularly-scheduled meeting Tuesday May 28, 2013 with all council members, fiscal officer, the mayor and the village solicitor in attendance.

Council approved the fiscal report, the minutes from the previous meeting and special meeting, and the fire, police and dispatchers reports as well. Commander Paul Fitzgerald, of the American Legion in Windham requested permission to take over organizing and running the Windham Memorial Day Services. After some discussion, council said they had no problem with the American Legion doing it, but since the village and township officials rotate organizing the ceremony Fitzgerald will need to address the issue with the township officials as well.

Police Chief Gene Fixler introduced Donn Breckenridge, the newest auxiliary officer to council and Mayor Rob Donham did the honors of administering the oath of office. Breckenridge will be an unpaid auxiliary officer.  Council also approved the hiring of two part-time police officers to help fill the schedule. They promoted unpaid auxiliary officers Trisha Petersen and Jay Estabrook to paid part-time officers, both officers have been serving the community for some time as volunteers.

Council then accepted the resignations of the Water Plant Supervisor, Bruce Rininger, and Utility Clerk, Sherry Armstrong; both employees are leaving to further their careers.

Due to the utility clerk leaving, council revised the utility clerk position and the pay scale before appointing their current income tax clerk to do the utilities clerk job in addition to her current duties.

Fire Chief Mike Iwanyckyj reported that as of May 29, 2013 fire dispatching will be done through Ravenna City Dispatch. The chief reminded residents to use 911 for emergencies.

The police chief reported that they would need to purchase a repeater to improve radio signals for better communication with the Garrettsville Dispatching Center. The police department will use Garrettsville for dispatching, while the fire department will use Ravenna City Dispatching Services. The separate entities were chosen based on the cost of service. Council approved the measure. They also adopted the amended dispatching contract with the Village of Garrettsville.

In other village news, the planned Mayor’s court is currently on hold for now and the village accepted the donation of eight yards of mulch from Doll Lumber. A resident questioned when the mayor was going to give his Annual Mayor’s Status Report. The resident claimed they hadn’t been done for two years and he is required by law to do them.  Mayor Rob Donham responded, saying they are done in August, and claims they are all current. Generally, most mayors give the status report at the beginning of each year.

Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7pm in council chambers.