Members of the Twentieth Century Club of Garrettsville and their guests met on February 16 in the Fellowship Hall of St. Ambrose Church in Garrettsville to become acquainted with the artistic and spiritual journeys of sculptor and woodcarver Rich Cermak.  

Members answered the roll call by introducing their guests and the minutes were dispensed with until the next regular meeting.

The artist had on display a number of his religiously-inspired pieces, including a richly-detailed “Last Supper” mounted over the entrance to the St. Ambrose sanctuary.  The story of how he had taken a rocky road to the attainment of these singular visions and expressions of faith added depth to the appreciation of the themes contained in the works. Technique and technical explanations, “trance state” inspiration all were part of the application of heightened skills used to produce the figures, mostly from butternut wood, incorporating color and grain  for greater visual effect.  The artist continues to receive  inspiration and to work from this to produce art from his heart and beyond.

The co- hostesses, Carol Torda and Karen Ziarko served light and flavorful seasonal refreshments.  The next regular meeting will be March 1st at the home of Connie Crate.