Next Tuesday, November 4th when you go to your local polling location please note Issue 13. Issue 13 has been placed on the ballot by the Community EMS District’s Board of Trustees. The Board is asking for your support by way of a YES vote to pass a 2.7 mil five year renewal levy. Passage of a renewal levy WILL NOT increase your real estate taxes.

What the passage of Issue 13 WILL DO is raise almost $400,000 annually for the continued operation of Community EMS District’s services. The levy provides more than 2/3 of our funding. Most of the balance comes from billing patients for our services. A very small part of our income is derived from grants. Our tax funding permits us to never charge more than $150 for our service to district residents who do not have medical insurance. For those residents with medical coverage, insurance payments are usually accepted as payment in full.

Approval of Issue 13 WILL insure that Community EMS can continue to provide full staffing (including paramedics) 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Issue 13 WILL allow the district to continue to operate and maintain 3 Advanced Life Support-equipped ambulances. Passage of Issue 13 WILL allow Community’s Board to continue allocations to a Capital Equipment Fund for the future purchase of new squads and minimize the need for costly loans. By supporting Issue 13 voters WILL assure that necessary lifesaving equipment and employee training will be keeping abreast of the latest technology available.

The Board of Community EMS District takes their role seriously and appreciates the past support of the voters. The Board continuously upgrades the interior and exterior of the district’s office and garage. Lighting and cooling retrofits have reduced our energy costs. Most vehicle repairs are now done in house, saving time and money. Eliminating the outsourcing of payroll saves the district $18,000 annually. By being conservative with our buying and spending the Board was able to pay off a 7-year acquisition loan (to purchase Community Ambulance, Inc.) in 4 ½ years saving the District more than $5,600 in interest!

Voters, the Board of Trustees of Community EMS District would sincerely appreciate your continued support by voting YES on November 4th for Issue 13. We want to be there for YOU, when you need us!

On behalf of the District’s Board of Trustees, our Chief Chris Sanchez and Clerk Tracy Brunner.

John C. Zizka, Chairman
Community EMS District