You may not have much in common with your siblings now that you’re grown. But there’s still one thing you share: your mom and dad. A local program being held April 23 – called the 50-50 Rule – offers strategies for overcoming sibling differences to help families provide the best care for elderly parents.

“Any family that has cared for a senior loved one knows that problems working with siblings can lead to family strife,” said Karin Wolff, R.N., owner of  the Home Instead Senior Care office serving Lorain County. “Making decisions together, dividing the workload and teamwork are the keys to overcoming family conflict.”

To help families overcome conflict, the Home Instead Senior Care network created the 50-50 Rule, which refers to the average age (50) when siblings are caring for their parents as well as the need for brothers and sisters to share in the plans for care 50-50. Research reveals that an inability to work together often leads to one sibling becoming responsible for the bulk of caregiving in 43 percent of families. And that can result in the deterioration of relationships with brothers and sisters. To help the local Home Instead Senior Care office will be holding a 50-50 Rule presentation open to the public on Tuesday, April 23, at Independence Village, 345 Lear Rd., Avon Lake.

“If you’re 50, have siblings and are assisting with the care of seniors, it’s time to develop a plan,” Wolff said. “This program can help.”

At the core of the 50-50 Rule public education program is a family relationship and communication guide of real-life situations that features practical advice from sibling relationships expert Dr. Ingrid Connidis from the University of Western Ontario.

“Like all relationships, siblings have a history,” Connidis noted. “Whatever happened in the past influences what happens in the present. Regardless of their circumstances, most siblings do feel a responsibility to care for parents that is built from love. And that’s a good place to start – optimistically and assuming the best.”

For more information about this free guide and other resources call 440-353-3080 or visit Please RSVP for the upcoming April 23 presentation by calling 440-353-3080.