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Garrettsville – Christmas is a magical time for youngsters, and adults, as the season holds many twinkling, colorful decorations. I remember driving around the streets of town after Thanksgiving so my children could see all outdoor displays. Even today as I drive I point out the different lighting displays. Each year I am amazed to see the changes in decorations that people place in the yard and on their house.
Lights have gone through a big change. The tradition of using lights on the Christmas tree reaches far back into history to the middle of the 17th century. The invention of electricity made it possible for Edward Johnson to create the first small Christmas tree bulbs in 1882. Remember when the bulbs were large and got hot very fast? Today you can find small LED bulbs that remain cool. The lights moved from the tree inside to outdoors.
Today’s decorations include more than just lights. Many people go to great lengths creating huge outdoor holiday displays, and oftentimes huge electric bills too! Imaginations run wild as people try to out-do last year’s display or their neighbors. The goal is to create a display that will get people talking, and pictured above is just such a display. The yard is not full of air-filled holiday characters, there isn’t a sleigh and reindeer on the roof, no this display is simple and understated. The residents of this Center Street home in Garrettsville (across from Carlson’s Funeral Home) have created a display so simple and realistic it has many people looking twice.
“He’s Okay” – yes the man hanging from the gutter is not actually a man at all! But the realistic possibility of a man losing his ladder and getting left hanging on the gutter has had many people rushing to his aid. Many of the double takes have had local towing company, Village Motors, busy pulling people out of the ditch. The residents have now added a sign to their holiday display – “He’s Okay, Merry Christmas”.
This display is definitely something you have got to see, just keep your car on the road as laughter sets in.


Newton Falls – Santa’s Elves were working overtime this past Black Friday and it wasn’t just to stock the shelves for the early morning deals at the retail stores.

What  better way to spend The Day After Thanksgiving than in downtown Newton Falls getting into the early holiday spirit and missing all those crazy crowds. Whether it really was the quick little workers sent by the “Big Guy in Red” himself or simply some good-hearted local volunteers, a festive tree has sprouted, seemingly overnight, in the middle of the main business district, decorated with colorful orbs, glittery stars and plastic candy canes.

Situated by Positive Images, the tree was donated by Bailey’s Christmas Tree Farm and was lit for the season following Saturday’s parade, officially kicking off the yuletide celebrations.


Middlefield - All council members were present for this meeting.  After the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Poole asked for approval of the November 4 minutes and they were approved.  He also asked for payment of bills (two separate requests) and both requests were passed.

The Fiscal Report was submitted to Council.  It was mentioned that the Council needs to meet as close to the end of the year as possible to finish the fiscal bills for 2010 and to approve the budget for 2011.  Due to holiday schedules, it was determined that the meeting would have to take place after the New Year on January 3.

The Streets & Utilities Report stated that the leaf pick up was complete and that there were fewer loads this year than the previous year.  Christmas decorations were up. Normal maintenance was done as were some sidewalk repairs at various locations throughout the Village.

The Police Report was submitted to the Council.  Police Chief Samec reported that there were 791 incident reports, 166 walk-ins, 1,063 phone calls, 937 business checks, 31 traffic citations and 20 criminal charges last month.  The Fill-A-Police-Car food drive was done on November 11 and garnered over 4,000 pounds of food products and several cash donations.  The Police Department will be doing it again on December 10.  Also the Shop-with-a-Cop program is progressing. Right now they are able to help 15 families but may be able to add five more.  Volunteers are needed for this program.  Details are available on the Village website.

The Zoning Inspector did not have a written report to submit but discussed two on-going projects.  Council asked if there was any news about the Habitat for Humanity homes and it was discussed that they are in the process of transferring land.  No formal plans have been submitted at this time.

The Recreation Report was submitted to Council.  Now that the weather is turning cold, activities have switched to indoors which means more supervision is necessary.  They now have 40 basketball teams in the league, which is up from 32 last year.  Wrestling registration is also up; double last year.  They are busy working on spring schedules.

The Ambulance Report and other Fiscal Reports were submitted to Council.

Mr. Nick Frank spoke on behalf of the Middlefield Chamber of Commerce during the Public Participation portion of the meeting.  Mr. Frank wanted to let Council know that the Chamber was planning three mini-festivals next summer on the third Friday in June, July and August.  Frank wanted Council to be aware in case ordinances would need to be  passed.  These events are being geared to promote Middlefield businesses and to increase foot traffic in town.  The Council was supportive and will be working with the Chamber as needed.  The Mayor will work on a resolution for the January meeting.

First Reading: Resolution 10-15 Authorizing the Village Administrator to purchase various materials and supplies from certain sellers during 2011 and declaring an emergency.  Motion passed.

Resolution 10-16 Indicating the services the Village of Middlefield will provide, and an approximate date by which it will provide them, to the territory proposed to be annexed to the Village by the Diocese of Cleveland.  (Standard services will be provided.)

Ordinance 10-138 Employing David M. Ondrey as Village Solicitor and Legal Counsel for the Village of Middlefield for the years 2011 and 2012 and declaring an emergency.  Motion passed.

Second Reading: Resolution 10-14 Adopting a “Drinking Water Source Protection Plan” for the Village of Middlefield.  Motion passed.

Third Reading: Ordinance 10-133 Extending the employment of Marie Shipek as a Village employee for three (3) years, through December 6, 2013, pursuant to specified terms and conditions.  Motion passed.

Old Business:  St. Lucy Annexation Agreement:  It was suggested that the Church sign the agreement in order to keep the process moving forward.  The Church did not sign the agreement as they were waiting for funding, but now that is not an issue.  There is a question about the number of units, it was decided that 40 would be the number with a possibility of it being fewer than that number.  Catholic Charities requires that the Church put down some sidewalks and that will be completed by the Church.  The approximate date for ground breaking of this project is spring 2011.

The New Business included a discussion as to pay Burton Scot the full amount ($41,274.54) due at this time for the basketball court project as some of the work is not complete.  The Village has requested several times that the fencing be put up so that there is no damage done to the new concrete.  Since this is only the first payment, a motion was passed to make the payment contingent on the fencing being completed.  That motion passed.  Other work is due but cannot be done until the weather warms up again.

D. Weir brought up for discussion about the columbarium.  The land has been bought and the title transferred.  Weir was able to get the price down to around $24,500 and wanted Council to approve the purchase of this item so that they could have the spot ready by spring.  There will be 32 units made of all US marble and it will be guaranteed for life.  It was mentioned that the price above does not include the pad.  Councilperson Seyer has volunteered to look at other columbariums in the area.  A motion was passed for purchase not to exceed $24,999.

Meeting was adjourned.

Windham resident Owen Duncan hammed it up for the cameras as he sat on Santa’s lap surrounded by all of the Christmas hoopla at the Windham United Methodist Church’s “Breakfast with Santa” last Saturday held at the Renassaince Family Center. Owen is almost two years old, loves trucks and was totally facinated with all the lights.

Windham - Last Saturday the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Windham kicked off the holiday season by hosting breakfast with Santa, letter writing to Santa, crafts and an opportunity for boys and girls to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  On the breakfast menu were French toast stix, egg casserole, fruit and juice, which were shared with about 50 kids. The church had craft tables set up for the kids to make crafts and write a letter to Santa.

The children were all lined up eager to have their turn sitting on Santa’s lap and to tell him all their greatest wishes. Each child received a gift bag with crayons, coloring books,  an orange, and candy canes. The breakfast with Santa was held at the Renaissance Family Center (RFC) in conjunction with their craft show.


There are many blessings in our community.  But I know there are also many families that are struggling now.  I called my friend and fellow small business owner, Chris Perme.  He is a financial advisor by trade, but do not let that stuffy title fool you.  Chris is the guy we call when we need generosity first and details later.  I asked him if he would help fund my little idea.  Without any details, he said yes!

So here is what we are going to do.  We will grant the Christmas wish of a local person and/or family.  Note this is not a “holiday” wish…because we believe in Christmas!

We are interested in “needs” not “wants.”  In other words, if you have fallen on hard times and need help for Christmas, we want you to send in your story.

Write to us and tell us your story.  Please limit your story to two pages.  You may include photos or drawings if that helps tell your story.  We will choose one winner, and do our best to make their Christmas wish come true.  Please give us as much information as you can.

Anyone who lives in Portage County or anywhere in the Weekly Villager’s circulation area is eligible.  You may nominate yourself or anyone else you would like.  Children are dear to our hearts, but we will consider all stories that are submitted.  Stories should be mailed to “Tommie Jo and Chris – Grant my Christmas Wish!” c/o Weekly Villager, 8052 State Street, Suite 1, Garrettsville, OH  44231.  You can also drop it off.  It must include your name and phone number as well as the contact information of the person you are nominating.  We must receive all entries by December 11.

We look forward to making someone’s Christmas a little better.  Tell all of your friends about the contest and watch the paper for the winner.  Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!


Middlefield – Come visit Vancura Gallery at 14279 Old State Road, Middlefield during our 4th annual Christmas in the Country on Friday and Saturday December 3rd and 4th and 10th and 11th. The lineup this year includes: Amish feather painter Ben Miller, music duo Amy Timco and her father Jeff Hise, well-known published area artist Florian Lawton, candle smoke artist Laura Fields, and Somerset-published artist James Seward. These artists will be available for meet-and-greet, sales, and demonstrations.

Purchase your raffle ticket for a chance to win a dinner for two at Mary Yoder’s Amish Kitchen, a sleigh ride for two from Ma and Pa’s gift shack, and an overnight stay at the Red Maple Inn. Ticket price is $3.00 per ticket. Raffle tickets are also for sale for a custom framed giclee Christmas print painted by Greenwich Workshop artist Paul Landry. This art piece is valued at $500. Ticket price are $1.00 per ticket or 10 for $5.00.

All this money goes to two Middlefield Police Charities which are: Shop with a Cop and Middlefield Cares! (the area food cupboard) Refreshments, Christmas fun, artists, raffles, live Christmas carols  and unique Christmas gifts will be available at Vancura Gallery during Christmas in the Country.  Enjoy old-fashion friendly service, no long lines and plenty of parking, and smiles

Call Vancura Gallery at (440) 632-1124 for more details and times, or visit us on line at www.vancuragallery.com, or Settlers’ Village on facebook or in person at 14279 Old State Road, Middlefield 44062.


Windham – Santa will be stopping by the Windham Library on Wednesday, December 16 at 6:00 pm. Children from birth to age 17 can have their picture taken for free (limit 1 per child).  On Tuesday, December 21 from 11:00-4:00 pm children are invited to “Holiday Happiness”.  During this time they can make and wrap presents to give to family members.  Windham Library wishes all a happy holiday season and would like to take this opportunity to remind you we will be closed on the following dates:  December 24, 25 and 31.

For more information, call the Windham Library at 330-326-3145.  The library, located at 9647 East Center Street, is open Monday, 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.; Tuesday, 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.; Wednesday, 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.; Thursday, 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.; Friday, 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. For additional information about library programs and services, please Portage County District Library online at www.portagelibrary.org.

As many of our readers know, I normally write a column about Law & Government.  That is great fun to write and I enjoy the community feedback.  But since this is Thanksgiving week, that means Christmas is right around the corner.

There are many blessings in our community.  But I know there are also many families that are struggling now.  So I approached the Weekly Villager editor and asked if she would help publicize a contest to grant a Christmas wish.  Since you are reading this, she obviously said “yes.”  I knew she would!

Then I called my friend and fellow small business owner, Chris Perme.  He is a financial advisor by trade, but do not let that stuffy title fool you.  Chris is the guy we call when we need generosity first and details later.  I asked him if he would help fund my little idea.  Without any details, he said yes!

So here is what we are going to do.  We will grant the Christmas wish of a local person and/or family.  Note this is not a “holiday” wish…because we believe in Christmas!

We are interested in “needs” not “wants.”  In other words, if you have fallen on hard times and need help for Christmas, we want you to send in your story.  (Versus those folks who have had a healthy year of prosperity and just cannot afford a fancy hotel in Aruba.  Sorry, no trips.)

Write to us and tell us your story.  Please limit your story to two pages.  You may include photos or drawings if that helps tell your story.  We will choose one winner, and do our best to make their Christmas wish come true.  Please give us as much information as you can.

Anyone who lives in Portage County or anywhere in the Weekly Villager’s circulation area is eligible.  You may nominate yourself or anyone else you would like.  Children are dear to our hearts, but we will consider all stories that are submitted.

Stories should be mailed to:

“Tommie Jo and Chris – Grant my Christmas Wish!”
c/o Weekly Villager
8052 State Street, Suite 1
Garrettsville, OH  44231

You can also drop it off.  It must include your name and phone number as well as the contact information of the person you are nominating.  We must receive all entries by December 11.

We look forward to making someone’s Christmas a little better.  Tell all of your friends about the contest and watch the paper for the winner.  Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

Burton – The holiday season is fast approaching.  Historic Burton, Ohio, has so many ways for you to celebrate this magical time of year.  Mark your calendar for the weekend of November 26 as the beginning of all the fun.

The festivities start on Friday, November 26, from 9 am until Noon at the Geauga County Historical Society’s Century Village at 14653 Park Street.  Here you can have a pancake breakfast while visiting Santa, peruse a holiday gift store and take a wagon ride, if the weather permits.  Also be sure to make a card to send to a soldier, as that is so important to do this time of year.

Reservations are requested and can be made by calling 440-834-1492.  The cost is $7 for adults, $4 for children 6 to 12 years old and free for children under 6.  Sorry, but no member discounts can be used for this event.

Later that evening, stop by the Gazebo in the park to watch the lighting of the Christmas tree.  After the lighting of the tree, there will be caroling and then refreshments at the Burton Congregational Church.  This event is free and starts at 6 pm.

There will be other events happening around the square all weekend, such as live music at Coffee Corners, hot chocolate and cookies with Santa in the afternoon at the Log Cabin, special events and demonstrations at many of the local stores and a gingerbread house display at the Burton Public Library.  You can also drive east on Route 87 a little ways to White House Chocolates to watch candies being made from 10 am until 6 pm (White House Chocolates is closed on Sunday).

Santa stops by Burton again on November 27 at the Atwood-Mauck American Legion Post 459 located at 14052 Goodwin Street in Burton.  Here is another chance to have breakfast with the jolly man in the red suit from 9 am until 1 pm.  You can even do some gift shopping at the craft fair that runs from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday at the post.   Proceeds from this event will benefit Atwood-Mauck’s scholarship fund.  The cost to have breakfast with Santa is $6 for adults, $3 for children 6 to 12 and free to children 5 and younger.  You can reach the American Legion hall at 440-834-8764 with any questions.

On Sunday, November 28, you can visit the Crossroads Country Store at Century Village from 10 am until 5 pm.  Santa has also set up shop there with lots of Christmas goodies and you can visit Santa at the Log Cabin from 12 pm until 4 pm.

If, perhaps, you cannot get to Burton on the weekend of November 26, you can enjoy many of the Burton activities again the following weekend on Saturday, December 4 and 5.  The gingerbread houses will still be on display at the library, Santa will visit the Log Cabin in the afternoons, hot chocolate and cookies will also be available there, and Coffee Corners will be having live music.  White House Chocolates will be making chocolate candies on Saturday also.

On Sunday, December 4, the Red Maple Inn (just south of Burton Square) will be hosting a Christmas Floral Design Show and Luncheon from 10:30 am until 1 pm.  Seating is limited and reservations are required.  Please call A.H. Christianson’s at 440-834-9760 to make your reservations for this delightful event.

As you can see, the people and businesses of Burton are full of Christmas spirit and they want to share it with you.  Any one of these events, or a few, are a great way to get into the holiday mood, so think about coming out to Burton and visiting with Santa, enjoying some treats and doing a little shopping.  A good time will be had by all.


Mantua – Looking for a beautiful gift idea? St. Joseph Church in Mantua has a limited number of their parish cookbooks, “Taste and See – St. Joseph’s Labor of Love”, available for just $15.00 each. With contributions from families and friends of The Parish Community of St. Joseph, this wonderful collection of nearly 500 treasured family recipes will be a useful keepsake of many favorite culinary creations. This fundraising effort features a padded 3-ring cover in full color, 8 category tabbed dividers, helpful hints and an alphabetized index – great for gift giving! Proceeds from this endeavor will benefit the parish’s  Appalachian Experience group and their annual work with the Housing Repair Program in Clintwood, VA. To purchase the cookbooks, please contact St. Joseph Church’s parish office at 330-274-2253 or you may mail your $19.00 check (includes $4.00 shipping & handling) to: St. Joseph Church, 11045 St. Joseph Blvd., Mantua, OH 44255 (Attn: Kathi). Your support is greatly appreciated.


Newton Falls – There are lots of exciting things happening with Home 44444 the Holidays!

The Jr and Sr high band and choir concerts will take place on December 11th during Home 44444 the Holidays.  The craft show has 111 tables with over 80 vendors.  The children’s area will have various crafts including face painting, the opportunity to make a card for our troops or friends in the nursing home, a bouncy house, ident a kits, and much more.   The Western Reserve Modular Railroad Club will have a very nice set up at the event as well.  You can also purchase your 2011 Newton Falls Calendar with the artwork of Ed Sinchak, a retired Newton Falls art teacher brought to you by the Newton Township Cemetery Association.

We have partnered with the police fill a cruiser program and the Newton Falls Schools to fill a bus.  You can drop off food donations on Friday the 10th as well as bring them with you on the 11th.

December 4th come out at 5:30 pm and help welcome Santa to Newton Falls!  He will be arriving in the sixth annual Christmas parade.  Then gather around for the tree lighting and caroling.  If you are interested in caroling in the parade please see the website for more information.

Want an easy way to win 25.00 and a Home 44444 the Holidays T shirt.  Check out the website for information about the links for fun contest.

Full details about all activities can be found at www.home44444theholidays.com.

Garrettsville – The turkey has been eaten, pie plates hold nothing but the remaining crumbs, Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas is yet to come. What better way to start off your Christmas season than to attend Garrettsville Chamber of Commerce’s annual Holiday Lighting ceremony!

Bring your family to celebrate this tradition that began in 2001 as a way to bring some cheer back into the community after the September 11th tragedy. That first year a tree was lit downtown and shops were decorated for the season. Unfortunately, a blizzard kept most people from coming out to celebrate that first year, but future years have seen a rise in community attendance.

The second year of the lighting ceremony also included a Holiday Social at the high school, which has since been taken over by the Curtains Up Theatre. Each year Chamber adds something new to the lighting ceremony. What began with the tree now includes the Clock Tower and surrounding bushes and the Police Department.

What holiday event would be complete without caroling, cookies and a special visit from the man in red? Santa arrives each year in the bucket lift of a fire truck, coming down Main Street to arrive in front of the Clock Tower to greet each child, get a heads up on their wish list and pass out a treat.

Grab your boots, your camera, and your family, even the neighbor, and head down to Garrettsville Chamber’s Holiday Lighting Ceremony on Saturday, November 27th at 6pm at the Clock Tower on High Street.

“And he did hear a sound rising over the snow. It started in low. Then it started to grow.” Join in the holiday caroling and wish your neighbors goodwill.

The Christmas Walk must be over; a cat just upchucked on the carpet.

They’ve been ticked off for two week-ends now at being shut down in the basement. The saying is that “revenge is sweet” but that’s not quite how I’d describe this ( I’ll spare you how I would describe it.).

All-in-all, that’s pretty small potatoes compared to what could have gone wrong at any number of places (The quilt-rack falling down doesn’t count, since I didn’t see it happen…or even hear of it until long after). Nobody slipped and fell, nobody wandered down and toppled into the creek with the beavers, nobody made off with any of the silver( Nobody definitively figured out what the big spoon was in the place setting either. There were several good guesses, however.) Most of the time I remembered to plug and unplug lights at the appointed times (I could stand to skip my electric bill this month; it’s sure to be astronomical). A couple of nights the candle set up in the attic window had shone long after the closing bell but there were no complaints that I know of.

Got to try a new recipe or two, one for distribution to the walkers-through and one for the small party on Sunday night : Imperial Cereal ( Picked up from a mystery series by Joanne Fluke; none of the mysteries involved poisoning) and one from the AB-J food section ( How could I not try something named “Cranberry Jezebel”? Combines cranberry, mustard and horseradish–that’ll set your sinuses free!). Nobody…so far…has suffered any ill effects from chowing down on those and we even gave out copies of the munchie cereal one to several aficionados who went through. The chocolate items went pretty fast too but I think that MacKenzie Bray was pushing those when she was at the counter–an eleven-year old can be very persuasive. She almost convinced me to let her have the latest kitten that’s in the garage but I have the feeling that her mother and dad would hunt me down for pulling a stunt like that.
One of the things that pleased me most about the entire project was the fact that so much of the work was done by local people–former students, even! Porter Construction, Goodnight’s Kitchen & Bath, Scotchman Electric, Silver Creek Plumbing, Terry McCone on the gutters, Rob Maur Excavating, Bret Pesicek on the concrete work, Bob Lavery’s Nature’s Carpet for the remarkable landscaping, Silver Frog Studios for framing, Jim Knowlton for the addition plans, probably more that I cannot remember. Good people, good work can be found at home if you look around you.

And for the actual DECORATING–the above was construction stuff–Good Grief! The borrowing going on was simply amazing. The Pelfreys will be sitting around a whispy little pine branch with four glass ornaments, used tinsel, and a Ray-O-Vac keychain light because so much of their stuff is over here. Art-N-Flowers did all of the wreaths, swags, roping and arrangements that graced the mansion–made it smell pretty good too (That’s above and beyond the cats, of course.). The Vancura Gallery of Fine Art and Framing still has an eye-catcher or two…maybe three… on display at their establishment but the ones here definitely made an impression( I liked the one of Shakespeare’s characters called “All the World’s a Stage”; you could see Julius Caesar with daggers in his back and Cleopatra with her asp–nothing like a great asp to make a picture!).Their Santa picture by Christianson was perfect, even matched the color scheme.

I had a fine time! Except for the time out to eat breakfast on the first Saturday (I skipped it on the second one so we could go directly to the uber-tasty Methodist lunch) and the time out to tour the whole shebang with my mother and sisters and niece, I got to talk to just about every one who came through–same old stories, new listeners–over the course of the whole seven days. Every Friday and Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon somebody would show up at my door and proceed to straighten up and plug in and get things going. What’s not to like? Some of the volunteers got so good that I expected them to start telling stories from my childhood that even I don’t remember. My favorite was the Thursday evening candlelight tour when the outside lights were more featured; harder to see dirt then too.

The Grand Pooh-Bah of decorating, may have to take to his bed with a monstrous case of the vapors–that and a new job– from the over-exertion of putting this all together but it’s dollars to doughnuts that some type of festivity (not counting the Twentieth Century Club Christmas party) will be scheduled here during the holiday season. Bring It On, I say. In for a penny, in for a pound. Sooner be shot for a sheep as a lamb. *————*————–* (Your saying here)

Thanks, everyone.
Joyeux Noel!

Whew!  Do you remember a TV program from ages ago called TW3 (That Was The Week That Was)? Well, tweak it just a little to That Was the Week-end That Was and you’ve got November 4th, 5th , 6th and 7th , 2010 at this establishment.  It was –literally and figuratively–really cool!

Thursday, the evening candlelight tour opening date of the biennial Garrettsville Christmas Walk, found me and the detailer of the outfit, Sandy Pelfrey, putting in the finishing touches (Touches, heck, they were more like full-scale body slams!) around the place.  I will NEVER find some of that stuff again; I just hope that my electric bill wasn’t in there somewhere…or my PCH winner’s notification…they all but promised me a winning number.

So, anyway, the detritus of my everyday living disappeared …somewhere…and decorations and ornamentations appeared in strategic locations all over the place, appropriately arranged, lighted and highlighted.  Lisa Vani, of Silver Frog Studios in Hiram, wheeled in–as per schedule–with her trusty studfinder (There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’m not going to touch it), a pair of newly-framed pictures for the walls,  and a good eye ;  She got them–the pictures, not the eye– placed in a trice and Vanished into the night. Trusty Ben Coll plugged in outdoor lights, aimed indoor lights, lighted candles and the sopping-wet  fire logs.  The cats were forcibly removed to the basement.  Baskets of booties were planted on the front porch.  The cast of thousands–well, five, anyway–reported to their stations and we were off!

Nice crowd…not what we might have had if the weather had been a little less chilly and the economy less anemic, but a good group, full of bonhomie and ready to have an enjoyable evening.  I love candlelight; you can hardly see the spider webs.  We had a fine assortment of nibbles at the end of the kitchen counter : truffles and Moose Munch from Harry & David, assorted nuts and my new concoction, Imperial Cereal.  I noticed that the truffles were moving out of the place even faster than the people .  What’s up with that?

Friday was more of the same, only earlier and with the lights on.  People could now get a really good look at the major-league quilt that was on display in the side entrance.  It is being raffled off by its creators, the Village Piecemakers .  The pattern is a modified Log Cabin ( I once heard an auctioneer say, as he was offering up one anonymous coverlet, “They’re all Log Cabin to me…or maybe Wedding Ring”) that’s been titled “Love In Bloom” because of the appliquéd flowers at strategic locations.  It vas plenty cold, you betcha; people did not linger on either porch putting their booties on or taking them off.

When the last door closed on that group, it was off to the football game, where snow covered the field so that hardly anyone could tell where the yard markers were and the announcer and operator of the scoreboard were going “by guess and by gosh” trying to let spectators know what was going on.  Not the outcome that we might have hoped for but a fine season, nevertheless.  Wait until next year.

Saturday started with my sweeping off the back steps to reduce the ice hazard; it was like brushing off a Slurpy– little frozen granules in a water base–brrrr.  Things did warm up and folks came in a fairly steady stream most of the day.  There were a few lulls around lunchtime –they must have been lingering over the soup and sandwiches at the Garrettsville United Methodist Church (I got good reports on the pulled pork and the vegetable soup–can’t wait to get some) .

Sunday started strong and just kept rolling–nice weather, nice crowd.  Skipped out of church ahead of the sermon–pity–tricked the cats down into the basement yet again (Friday or Saturday one of them caused “a scene” by bolting out the door when I went to find a wastebasket–Christmas Walk houses do not have wastebaskets on view–and ran to hide under the bed when she saw the volume of unexpected company.  After a while she went into “lady of the manor” mode and lay on top of the bed like some sort of decoration.  She should get an agent and be a “decorator’s cat” at some other venue.)  I’ll have to come up with some new ruse to get them down there for the next go-round.

All-in-all, I’d term the whole thing a success.  I had a fine time seeing people that I hadn’t seen for a while and telling the whole saga to anyone who hadn’t been following along in the Villager.  You know how fun it is to tell your favorite stories that everyone has heard to people who haven’t heard them before?  It was that much fun.

And now we get to do it all over again–minus candlelight.

Ho Ho Ho!