Newton Falls – Kiwanian Barry Silliphant appeared at the Newton Falls library to give away ID Stickers to the young parents who transport their kids in safety seats.  Wednesday’s reading program director Chrissy Braun was excited to have Barry explain how important the sticker project is to anyone who uses child safety seats.
The need for stickers came about after a car accident took place near Dayton, Ohio.  The driver was a babysitter and not related to the infant who was strapped into a safety seat.  The driver was killed and the baby was unhurt.  It was hours before the parents were notified because nobody could identify the child and make the necessary call.
The safety sticker lists names, addresses, phone numbers, allergies, and additional emergency information to guarantee that the child will receive prompt attention.

One of the many moms to take stickers home is Christine Harley. She is pictured holding little David in one hand and the safety sticker in the other.

Put a sticker on every safety seat that the child uses.  Grandparents that have extra seats for their cars should use the stickers too.
To get stickers for your child’s safety seats stop by the office of Kiwanian Tom Palmer, attorney at law,  41 W. Broad street. Newton Falls.

To get involved in this project or many others join Kiwanis.  Meetings are Tuesdays at  6:30 p.m. at the  Covered Bridge Inn Resturant.