Garrettsville – Everyone who attended St. Ambrose’s Chicken Dinner Festival went home a winner (or at least with the satisfaction of having a delicious meal). However, there are some who went home with a little bit more. Congratulations to all the following winners:
$1,500 cash First Prize Mary Ann Nitsky
$200 cash Second Prize Lenny Barcikoski
$100 cash Third Prize Grace Stegall
$100 cash Fourth Prize Laurie Bedio
$100 cash Fifth Prize Casey Mayer
Flat Screen TV Joyce Lucas
Gas Grill Donny Hope
Quilt Kathryn Trzeciak
Afghan #1 Claire Esposito
Afghan #2 Brian Gorby
Afghan #3 Brian Gorby
Baby Blanket & Clothes Allison White
Auto Care Pkg Terry McConnell
Shopping Bonanza Jenelyn Barcikoski
Family Fun Pkg Phyllis Evans
Dining Out Pkg #1 Linda Proctor
Dining Out Pkg #2 John Larlham
Relax Basket Joyce Whitefield
Eat Basket Betsy Dunn
Have Fun Basket Shannon Metheny
Even if you did not win anything at the festival, we sure hope you had a great time. If so, then we all went home winners!