We All Scream for Ice Cream


As August starts and the beginning of school looms in the not too distant future, now is the perfect time to enjoy a hand-scooped ice cream of frozen custard treat. Who cares about the coming crazy schedule of back-to-school shopping, homework, and sports practices when you can drown your sorrows in a cup or cone of delicious frozen goodness on a warm summer evening?

Located on State Route 14 in Streetsboro, Strickland’s Frozen Custard has been using the same recipe since 1936. While they do offer milkshakes and sherbet, custard fans may want to order a cone or cup, since the other frozen treats don’t feature the same frozen custard goodness. It takes about 23 minutes for the machines to process five gallons of custard, and only four flavors of custard are offered each day. Daily offerings include chocolate, vanilla, and two flavors of the day. The daily flavors rotate every three days, or while supplies last, and include delicious options like coconut, Reese Cup, black raspberry chunk, and orange dreamsicle. To find out today’s flavors, visit www.stricklands.com or stop by in person. Strickland’s is open from noon until 10 pm each evening throughout the remainder of the season.

If you’re more of a hand-scooped ice cream fan, you’ll want to visit Mantua for two delicious frozen dairy delights. At the corner of State Routes 44 and 82, Haylett’s Corner Store and BP has been serving up Ruggles ice cream by the cone or cup to a devoted following of softball teams and locals all season long. If you haven’t stopped by, you’re missing out on fabulous flavors including sea salt caramel truffle, mint elk prints, turtles in the mud, as well as standards like vanilla and chocolate. They also serve Flavor Burst soft-serve, which can be laced with up to three flavors including blue goo, strawberry, cool mint, and more. This convenience store also features a deli, packaged and prepared foods, milk, beer, soda; it’s also a gas station ready to fuel your summer road trip needs.

Traveling south on SR 44 through Mantua, on the outskirts of the village, is the Italian Garden restaurant. While they specialize in made to order pizzas, they’ve been scooping Ashby’s Sterling ice cream for ball teams and in-the know locals all season long. While they have the standard flavors you’d expect, they offer some fun additions like Ohio Pot Hole, which features tar-like fudge stripes in chocolate ice cream, with chunks of asphalt-like fudge added for good measure. And while they’ll continue serving pizza throughout the year, when the summer season ends, so will their ice cream supply, so stop by for a cone or cup soon.

For Blizzard® lovers, a trip to the DQ Grill & Chill in Garrettsville is always in season. Offering all the DQ and Orange Julius specialties you’ve come to know and love, you can also order lunch or dinner from the grill, or frozen cakes and novelties year round. Whether you order a cone, a sundae, or a special Royal Blizzard treat, nothing says summer like a frozen treat. And when the warm weather give way to cooler fall and winter months, a trip to DQ may be just the thing to bring back some warm summer memories, too, since the restaurant is open year-round serving cones, cakes and frozen treats.

If you are into frozen yogurt, then a trip to Newton Falls is a must.  Yogurt Creations offers a variety of  frozen yogurt flavors, including no sugar added, gelato and non-dairy whips.

Summer, just like a double scoop cone on a hot afternoon, won’t last long. Make time now to visit a new place, sample a new flavor, and savor some downtime before the back-to-school rush hits full swing. Your taste buds with thank you!