Garrettsville  – If you’re looking for comfort food, it’s time to come home to The Pasta House. This Italian restaurant is downtown’s newest addition at 8126 Main Street, owned and operated by Sherry Quiggle and her son, Jeremy.

If these names sound familiar, they should. Jeremy took ownership of Italian Garden four doors up from The Pasta House two years ago, and the mother-son duo operate the pizzeria together. Garrettsville Pasta HouseSherry has cooked for local Italian restaurants for years, including Alessi’s and The Garden Bistro. Jeremy was just 14 when she got him a job as a broiler cook at the restaurant where she worked. Ever since, the mother and son have cooked together, both at work and at home.

Sherry was always on the lookout for opening her own place. When Jeremy procured Italian Garden, that was a step in the right direction. But now Sherry has her own cozy, quaint Italian restaurant serving lunch and dinner, just as she’d always imagined.

It took only three months from concept to completion, thanks to cooperation from the previous building owner and tenant, who had already done major renovations to the former Miller’s Restaurant. Open for business on January 24, the white stucco walls and linen-draped tables give the restaurant a crisp, spacious atmosphere. The 11 tables seat 44 guests, perfect for couples, friends or families hungry for a build-your-own pasta meal.

The menu concept is simple: Select your pasta, sauce, meat and vegetable from lists on blackboards on the wall. Considering that The Pasta Board offers nine types of pasta (including gluten-free and whole wheat options), eight house sauces, 15 meat/seafood choices, and 14 veggies to choose from, the possible combinations are endless. Already, Sherry says that tri-color tortellini with Alfredo sauce is becoming a popular trend. (And if pasta’s not your thing, you can opt for a bed of fresh-cut potato fries loaded with your favorite toppings.) If you prefer, you can order a baked entree like chicken, veal or eggplant parmesan; ravioli; or three types of lasagna. Meals are served with salad and garlic bread. Appetizers and soups round out the menu. Homemade Italian dessert is always an option for an after-dinner treat.

The Pasta House is open 4-9pm Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11am-10pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 11am-8pm Sundays (closed Mondays and Tuesdays). However, private parties can be held on off hours and off days by appointment. Customized catering and take-out are additional options. Look for The Pasta House page in Facebook for upcoming features. The Pasta House can be reached at (330) 527-0364.

If you ask Sherry if she and Jeremy have an Italian heritage, she smiles and says, ”We’re mutts!” But like they say on those Prego spaghetti sauce commercials… “It’s in there!”