“Many of the events of the annual cycle recur year after year in a regular order. A year-to-year record of this order is a record of the rates at which solar energy flows to and through living things. They are the arteries of the land. By tracing their response to the sun, phenology may eventually shed some light on that ultimate enigma, the land’s inner workings.” – Aldo Leopold, A


Even as the snow flies and temperatures plummet, Geauga Lyric Theater Guild is looking toward the warm days of summer and the popular summer...


Ho Ho Hold on a minute! Try as you might, there is no going back. The Thanksgiving turkey, heck, even the Halloween ghouls and goblins, will forevermore be in competition with Santa and his entourage of elves. Like a full-blown blizzard that comes suddenly and unexpectedly, burying autumn (and us!) in the frigid reality of “here’s how it’s going to be,” the commercialism of Christmas ruthlessly arrives! Step into any store but don’t be caught off guard. Remember fall fell fast and was overcome by the holiday hustle and bustle, the Jingles and Kringles. Gone are the good ol’ days of enjoying each season while in the season, like apple cider in September, pumpkin ale in October, and cranberry salad in November. Now the polar express is in the express lane (alongside next year’s bikinis!). Like a pill that’s hard to swallow, throw on a log, grab some eggnog, and open wide… the fruitcake has arrived!


The quilt, named "Village Square", was machine pieced and quilted by the quilt guild members. It was displayed in "A Thyme To Blossom", the home owned by Earl and Bonnie Kissell, which was featured in the 2014 Garrettsville Christmas Walk.


”I have registered to become a Member of the Garrettsville Chamber of Commerce and am excited to become an involved member of the community. I am thankful for the Village of Garrettsville in welcoming me thus far and look forward to many years of commitment and service to the communities in the surrounding area.” - Shannan Shobel-Jursa


Garrettsville - The November 17 meeting of the James A. Garfield Historical Society at the Mott Building was held amid falling temperatures and discussion...


Garrettsville - The Rotary Club of Garrettsville-Hiram discussed and applauded a number of topics at their recent meeting on November 24, 2014.  Items presented...


At the start of the last regular Council meeting, Hiram Mayor Lou Bertrand swore in Firefighter Austin Bracken to the Hiram Fire Department. Firefighter Bracken, a Garrettsville native is currently in EMT school. Upon completion of the EMT program, he will serve the Department in that capacity as well.


The Ladies Auxiliary of VFW Post 3332, Newton Falls, is gathering names of active duty or deployed military personnel in order to send them holiday care packages. All names and addresses must be submitted by Nov. 30th so the boxes can reach them in time for the holidays. Please call the Post Canteen at 330-872-7318 and leave a message with the name and address for Kelly Brasko or send the information via email at lavfw3332@embarqmail.com.


‘Tis the season to…bliss-out on MUSIC? Well, heck yes. Here’s your chance to hear good tunes, to assist in making a contribution to the community, to learn something about one of the great icons in American music, to plunge into the Advent season and to be buoyed by sounds of Christmas as you’ve heard them for years and as new as each morning.