Garrettsville – After briefly franchising-out their flagship restaurant in Garrettsville, owners Tim and Joselle Weiss have returned to the helm of The Italian Garden. Opening fifteen years ago in the former Mario Angelo Pizza building (8116 Main Street), The Italian Garden quickly became known as the place to go for affordable “home-made taste without the hassle or wait”.
Since returning to the Garrettsville location, Tim has listened to the comments and concerns of former “long-time customers”.
“We spent over fourteen years building The Italian Garden’s reputation”. Tim assures  his  customers that they are returning back to their roots, which is  what made Italian Garden locally famous.
In the coming weeks, customers can expect a return to the original recipes and fresh ingredients they fell in love with fifteen years ago, and an enhanced dining space complete with comfortable booths.
As word of Tim and Joselle’s return spread amongst the area residents, they have slowly seen the return of familiar faces.
Be sure to check out the Italian Garden’s  website for this week’s specials, or visit them online at