Nelson Township – The Nelson Township trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting with the fiscal officer and two of the three trustees present. Trustee Bill Wilson was unavailable. Fiscal officer Dave Finney presented bills and wages to be approved. Finney also stated that the first electronic IRS payment for withholdings had been sent and that because of his disability he has been given the approval to use a facsimile signature rather than a handwritten one. He stated that under the Ohio revised Code ORC elected officials are permitted to use a facsimile signature on checks and reports. Mr. Finney also presented an affidavit from Davey Tree for $149 to fertilize trees on the circle. After some discussion the trustees agreed to approve this expenditure because it would help keep the trees healthy.

Trustee Joe Leonard announced that after months of hard work the new township web site is up and running. The website has a brief history of the township along with pictures from various activities, meeting times and dates, local attractions, zoning information and more. One can checkout the website at

The township received a letter from the prosecutor that stated they had not proved their case against a property owner over junk vehicles. It stated that since the vehicles had engines, transmissions and it appeared that he wasn’t using his property for commercial use they ruled in favor of the property owner.

A&M Doors was able to amend and revise their door bid by offering the township an alternative door solution. The doors they propose will save the township about $1782.55 and were a better quality door than the original specs called for. The township approved the amended proposal for doors from A&M Doors and they should be installed by the end of February.

Trustee Joe Leonard stated that he had been working with Ravenna Oil to solve the fuel tank issue. It appears that the township legally can not purchase fuel from the school, so they need to get their fuel tanks updated. Ravenna Oil has made a proposal that the township could rent to own a 520 gallon tank and pay $90 a month for 5 years then it would become property of the township. The tank carries a 30 year warranty. Mr. Leonard stated that he will contact other oil companies to see what plans they offer. The fiscal officer explained that when they moved to Pixley Park all their fuel tanks were in compliance with the laws at that time, however the laws have changed and the township needs to get it’s fuel system in compliance with the new laws before they start issuing heavy fines.

In other business the board approved the appointment of Chris Conkol to the zoning board of appeals (ZBA). Mr. Turos stated that after interviewing the two candidates that they feel they chose the best one for the position. He stated that both candidates were qualified and encouraged the other one to re-apply for a position on the board that that will be open next year.
The Nelson township trustees meet on the first and second Wednesday of each month.