Mantua – At the last meeting, Chief Matt Roosa reported to Fire Board members that his department is in the process of researching health insurance providers. He noted that “the Affordable Care Act is not too affordable.” He noted that several providers almost doubled their plan costs for the same services; they hope to have a decision on viable options by the end of the month.
In other news, Chief Roosa noted that the new squad is in process. He noted that a new voice data recorder must be purchased, since the existing system does not work with the new phone system. The Fire Department will split the cost of the data recorder system with the Village Police Department, since both agencies will benefit from the expenditure. The cost to each agency is roughly $8,600. In similar news, The chief asked for Fire Board approval on an expenditure of roughly $10,000 for personal protective equipment. This expenditure is the department’s annual safety gear purchase.
In other news, the chief noted that firefighters would be visiting Crestwood Primary School’s preschoolers, first and second-graders during October, which is Fire Safety month. The department previously covered Fire Safety topics with Kindergarten classes in September during CPS’s Safety Town program.

During the classroom visits, kids were encouraged to help their parents test smoke alarms at home each month, and to replace smoke alarm batteries twice a year, ideally during each time change. Students were encouraged to talk with their families to come up with ways to get out of their homes in the event of a fire. Also, they learned the importance of establishing a meeting place to convene once every family member has escaped the fire.

In the event of a fire at home, kids were encouraged to get out fast. Even though it may be scary, firefighters urged kids that if they hear the loud beep of the smoke alarm, to get out of the house. Never hide or take time to grab your belongings or pets; just follow your escape plan. It was noted that before a person exits during a potential fire, it’s important to feel the door before opening it. If the door is hot, there may be fire on the other side, and you’ll need to find another way out. Since smoke rises, remember to stay low to the floor. Once you’re outside, don’t go back for anything; and call 9-1-1 or the fire department. Students also practiced how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll,” a valuable skill to know if your clothing ever catches fire. Afterward, students went outside for a close up view of some emergency rescue vehicles.

The next regularly scheduled Fire Board meeting will be held on Monday, November 13th at 6 pm at the station; residents are encouraged to attend.