Garrettsville – In November of 1996 Miller’s Family Restaurant opened its door on Main Street and it was a dream turned reality for Monica Miller and her husband Gary. Monica decided that she wanted to have more control over her future and her employment so she began researching businesses that would open that door for her. She wasn’t looking to get rich, she was just looking for a business that would pay the bills. Her research showed that a bar or restaurant was the best way to go. She decided on a family restaurant. Thus Miller’s Family Restaurant was born.

The restaurant had many successful years on Main Street but the time came to either “sink or swim” as they were out-growing the current facility, so they chose “to swim.” The “swimming” was going to be a growing experience that would require relocating, which Monica was a little leery about, but she knew it was a do or die decision that needed to be made. So last March they took the plunge and relocated the business to 8048 State Street. It has now been a year since they have relocated and business is booming. They went from four employees to nine employees and are doing three times the business they did on Main Street. Two of the reasons Monica feels they are doing so well since the move, is ample parking and friendly service. Having their own parking lot has made it easier for the older folks who patronize them to do so. Prior to the move folks had to fight for parking on Main Street or park in one of the village lots which wasn’t always doable nor was it convenient for those with mobility issues. Then there is the friendly service they offer. They treat their customers like family. The servers have been known to check on older patron’s welfare when they miss a few days, making sure they are ok and if they need anything. If you’re in there a few times, they soon learn your beverage choice or how you like your eggs — a service that is difficult to find in the big chain restaurants. Miller’s is a family-friendly restaurant that serves fresh, homemade food at family-friendly prices. One will find burgers, omelets, pancakes, French toast, biscuits and gravy, soups, meatloaf, fish specials during Lent, sandwiches, hot sandwiches along with daily specials and more. They even offer senior portions and children’s portions for those who have smaller appetites. On holidays, they have different specials. For St. Patrick’s Day one can “go green” with green eggs, green pancakes, and green pie. If “green” isn’t your thing, how about corned beef and cabbage? Or maybe a Reuben sandwich? Both are sure to please the palate. Other specials this week are sausage, egg and cheese quesadillas, chicken quesadillas, sweet potato pancakes, and hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes. One surely will find something on their menu to satisfy the hunger pangs. The restaurant has become a family affair, which is what has kept them in the black in this economy. Monica’s two daughters Sarah Patchin and Jennifer Kern can be found waiting on customers in the dining room, while her sister Marian Angus can be found in the kitchen “manning” the grill. Her granddaughter also works a Sunday or two, making it a three generation business. Besides working in the kitchen and running the dining room, both her daughters and sister are learning the administrative end of the business as well. Does that mean Monica is retiring? Maybe in the future, but for now Monica and Gary are not going anywhere. They will be around to help with the day-to-day operation but not quite as visible as they once were. Miller’s Family Restaurant is located at 8045 State Street and is open Monday thru Saturday 7 am -2pm and Sundays 8am -2pm. They serve breakfast anytime and have also have takeout available. So if you’re looking for good food at fair prices, stop in and enjoy a meal.