Windham – Excitement filled the air as youngsters and their families converged on the old Katherine Thomas site Saturday, to see the Kelly-Miller Circus, an event that is becoming an annual must–do event for area residents.
This year, the Kelly- Miller Circus is celebrating its 75th  Anniversary and in honor of the occasion, they brought all of the hoopla and fanfare one would expect to see at an anniversary party at the circus, including a “cake” and confetti.RyanYou could feel the excitement in the air as the kids pointed to the elephants exclaiming they just had to ride on one. So, off they would go, hoping mom and dad would grant their wish.
When they opened the “doors” of the Big Top, folks hurried in to claim a seat for the show. “Lions, tigers and bears, oh my…”  Ok, it was really more like llamas, tigers and zebras, along with elephants, dogs, trapeze artists, aerials, juggling, fire eating clowns, drum corps and so much more.
A few of the tigers were sporting a ‘tude of sorts as they chased each other, swatted and growled at one another as well. This reminded us that although they are beautiful, and majestic, they were definitely wild animals. They did several tricks and received huge applause when they stood on their hind legs facing the crowd.
Fridman Torales followed the tigers and wowed the crowd with his balance and agility as he continually stacked chairs to reach a wayward balloon. He stacked over seven chairs on top of an elephant stand as he balanced on each one before adding another. Several times he would even do a handstand on the stacked chairs, a feat not to be tried at home.
The crowd was dazzled by the trapeze artist and the North Starlets as they performed magical aerial artistry high above the heads of watchers in the Big Top.
Folks were then amazed as the elephants were lulled to sleep by a lullaby before rising with a rider in tow and showing everyone their strength.
Girard Portugal defied gravity and showed incredible balance and skill as he did numerous balancing acts from a headstand position on the trapeze swing, high above the heads of the crowd. He was impressive.
“Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty” made an appearance as well. The two-man band and the clowns added an extra element to the affair giving it a more festive vibe. All in all, it was a great event that many took advantage to create wonderful memories with their families.