Mantua – This past Saturday Crestwood High School hosted the Ohio Music Education Association District Six High School Solo & Ensemble Adjudicated Event. Students from 32 area schools participated in the event.  The event covered vocals as well as instrumentals, including brass, woodwinds, stringed and percussion instruments.

James A. Garfield (JAG) School had 18 entries in the contest. Students are judged on how well they performed their chosen piece of music. The judges scored each performance with a I, II, III, IV or V, with I being a superior performance. JAG music students did very well this weekend and once again made our school proud.

The brass quintet and a drum solo started the day off on a great note for JAG musicians setting the bar high for those who followed. The first three performers including the lone vocalist Megan Ryser earned superior ratings. The ensembles continued to rise to the occasion and at the end of the day JAG students  earned 12 superior ratings, four excellent and two good ratings.

Congratulations to the following performers who participated in the Solo and Ensemble Contest.


Solo & Ensemble Results 2014


Excellent II

Hannah White – Clarinet, Class C

Sarah Perkins – Alto Saxophone, Class C


Superior I

Mark Butto – Snare Drum, Class B

Griffin Young – Snare Drum, Class A

Megan Ryser – Soprano Vocal, Class C

Megan Wilburn – Clarinet, Class C

Dan Anders – Euphonium, Class B

Michael Ebie – Tuba, Class A


Good III

Clarinet Quartet – Class C

Becca Kern Stephanie Alexander

Victoria Butcher Zoey Smith


Clarinet Quartet – Class C

Stephanie Alexander Hailey Stebner

Abby Woolard Hannah White


Excellent II:

Clarinet Trio – Class C

Hannah White        Zoey Smith Savannah Lorinchack


Low Brass Ensemble – Class C

Michaela Weisbarth Jessica Lambert        Erica King


Superior I

Brass Quintet – Class B

Josh Moore          Christian Crawford

Andy Lininger       Samantha Kostrub Michael Ebie


Horn Trio – Class B

Andy Lininger       Marissa White Shiann Penna


Trumpet Trio – Class C

Brianna Clemens          Elisha Bly      Alex Synnestvedt


Brass Sextet – Class B

Josh Moore Victoria Scott     Andy Lininger Samantha Kostrub Dan Anders Michael Ebie


Low Brass Ensemble – Class B

Dan Anders Samantha Kostrub Angelina Penna

Michael Ebie


Clarinet Trio – Class C

Megan Wilburn Megan Ryser Victoria Butcher