Garrettsville – The James A. Garfield Historical Society met on February 16 in the Mott Building in downtown Garrettsville, preceding the meeting with a presentation by MICRODATA Micrographic Services of Newton Falls in the interest of preserving and updating the data and resources owned by the group currently found—just barely–on microfiche.  Even technological wonders have expiration dates and to maintain information availability, new techniques must be employed.  A practice run to determine the feasibility of applying this service to the archived information was scheduled.

There was an announcement from the  Kent State Museum about exhibits there, notification of a regional meeting of the Ohio Local History Alliance in Warren in April, a decision to  be a part of a brochure being prepared by The Weekly Villager showcasing local businesses, features and attractions.  Foster Brown, Debbie Smith, Kit Semplak and Julie Thompson were named delegates to the Northeast Ohio Museum Council.  The budget committee report was presented and approved.  A collection of postcards and pictures compiled by Bill Jackson circulated for perusal.  Foster Brown volunteered to assist in the work of scanning pictures relating to the celebration of Garrettsville’s incorporation in 1864.

A sign-up sheet for committee assignments for regular work of the organization was circulated.  Julie Thompson will be the principal operator/instructor for a class called Past Perfect dealing with cataloging and indexing archived materials.  This should be helpful in the process of digitizing the resources and materials held by the Society.

There was discussion about the possibility of supporting and encouraging the creation of a mural…or murals…on the sides of the Mishler/Carlson Building—sole survivor of the Buckeye Block Fire.  This might involve art classes/students from James A. Garfield High School and would probably require approval from the village.  Various suggestions about the images to be a part of the mural were discussed; more are expected.

The JAGHS meets regularly on the third Monday of the month at  7:30 in the Mott Building.  Meetings are open to the public.  New members are welcome.  The next meeting will be on March 17, coinciding with  the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Garrettsville.  Faith an’ Begorra, ye could wear the green!