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Garrettsville – The James A. Garfield Historical Society held their pot-luck picnic for the summer at the home of Iva Walker on August 15.  The food, as usual, was the highlight of the evening but plans for the approaching Antiques Appraisal Fair came in a close second.  A meeting held around a fire pit, with desserts on plates, can get plenty lively.  Stories are called for and recited, ideas drift in with the smoke.  Interest in all things historical…or hysterical…can take new and fascinating paths.  Volunteers (and the semi-coerced) were signed up for the fair and plans were laid for more activities throughout the year.  The uninvited mosquitoes and lightning bugs were in evidence as the gathering broke up.

Regular meetings of the JAGHS are held in the organization’s headquarters at the Mott Building on Garrettsville’s Main Street at 7:30 on every third Monday of the month.  All are invited.