The James A. Garfield Historical Society met on August 21—after the eclipse—for their annual summer picnic, for a brief business meeting and pot-luck supper to launch the year’s programs and aspirations.

On display were some possibilities for the Christmas Walk ornaments to be issued with the candlelight pre-walk special reservations. Decorating talents will be in demand. Individuals wishing to have their homes on the Christmas Walk in 2018 should contact a member of the JAGHS.

A letter from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, the James A. Garfield National Historical Site at Lawnfield , Mentor, OH was read, giving commendation for Sarah Carley, who delivered a dress belonging to Lucretia Garfield to this summer’s special exhibition at Lawnfield. The James A. Garfield Historical Society loaned the dress from its collection and Sarah was thanked for her expertise in assisting in the set-up and staging of this valuable element of the presentation.

The eclipse earlier in the day was discussed, the brief rain shower (347 drops) was not a damper on the evening and all in attendance, including the token grandchild, Sonora, had a fine time. The next regular meeting will be in the Mott Building on Main Street at 7:30 on September 18. Members of the public are invited to attend to find out more about the organization’s activities and purpose.