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Hiram Twp. – At the recent Township Trustees meeting, Chairman Kathy Schulda shared that the township had been in talks with representatives from Pander Trucking regarding damage to Allyn Road where Pander’s storage wells are located, based on increased truck traffic to the wells. In the process of her discussions with Pander, Ms. Schulda learned that wells had been sold to Nuverra Environmental Solutions. In spite of the sale, the Pander family issued a check to the township in the amount of $15,000 to cover the cost to repair the road in question.
In addition, the Trustees congratulated the EMS crew responsible for the 2012 Save of the Year Award. The EMS responders recognized were: Chief Bill Byers, Assistant Chief Mark Kozak, Captain Gary Bott, Firefighter Kevin Sponaugle and Firefighter Nate Miller. The Save of the Year award was started by the Hiram Fire Department in 2007 to recognize exemplary teamwork and patient care. In addition, Lieutenant Shaun Parsons noted that the Firefighters Association would be holding a reverse raffle fundraiser on September 14th at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Mantua. Proceeds from the event would be used for additional training and equipment that isn’t covered in the Fire Department’s budget. For more information on the event, call the Hiram Fire Department at (330)-569-9826.
In old business, both Jack Groselle and Kathy Schulda mentioned that they had received positive feedback from many residents regarding a proposal to provide increased police protection in the Township. Steve Pancost stated that he had received negative feedback on the matter. All agreed that the feedback they have received on the recent chip and seal work done to Allyn, Washburn and Alpha Roads has been very positive.
Road Supervisor Tom Matoda updated the Trustees on the status of a project they had requested. He reported that he had received a serviceable quote from a local stonemason for to incorporate a carved maiden, which has historical significance, into the top of the stone doorway of an existing structure at Riverside Cemetery in Hiram Rapids. The project was approved, and scheduled for late September or early October, after all the township’s chip and seal work is completed. The structure, called a receiving vault, is an above-ground building formerly used to store the bodies of deceased persons in winter months when the ground was too frozen to dig a permanent grave. Modern digging tools have rendered the receiving vault at Riverside Cemetery an unused, but interesting piece of Township history.
In other news, Trustees approved the cost to had the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to place signs advising motorists of “No Engine Brake” allowed on Route 305 near Wheeler Road and on Route 700 near Norton Road. Both locations will receive two signs. Residents are advised to contact the Sherriff’s Department if violators are observed after the signs have been erected.
Lastly, Trustees again mentioned that a volunteer is needed to serve on a Beautification Committee in conjunction with representatives from Hiram College and Hiram Village. Any interested residents should contact a Trustee for more information. The first meeting of the Beautification Committee will be on Friday, September 6th at 8:30 am. In addition, Hiram Township is also looking for township residents to fill the fill positions on the Hiram Township Zoning Board and the Board of Zoning Appeals. For more information, please call Stan Carlisle at (330)-283-5609.
The next meeting of the Hiram Township Trustees will be on August 20th at 7 pm in the Township Hall.