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Hiram Twp – At their last meeting, Township Fiscal Officer Diane Rodhe noted that ODOT provided information to the township regarding municipalities ordering up to 120% of the current salt bid. After some discussion, trustees passed a motion authorizing Road Supervisor Tom Matota to review the options provided and to purchase up to 120%, providing it is available at the same bid price. In other correspondence, Ms. Rodhe noted that NOPEC sent a letter confirming the township’s participation in their electricity and natural gas aggregation.

Further, the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) sent a letter advising the township of an overpayment in 2015, but no detail was provided. Discussion followed regarding a letter received from Thomas Reitz, Hiram Village Solicitor announcing the decision to discontinue the Alternate Income Tax Agreement with the township as of January 1, 2017. Ms. Rodhe will send a letter to Mayor Bertrand inquiring about the village’s expectations for the township 2017. It was noted that the elected officials and the Zoning Inspector will file for a 2016 refund per House Bill 5. In addition, the 2016 4th Quarter RITA wage report and documents will be submitted to the village of Hiram as previously agreed.

In other news, the township received a Public Records Request from Aimee W. Lane regarding the Moore Farm. Kathy Schulda will ask Attorney Meduri for advice on submitting emails that have been sent to multiple addressees.

Moving forward, trustees voted to accept the 2017 Temporary Budget as presented by the Fiscal Officer. In addition, the Fund Balance Report was provided to the trustees. Trustee Jack Groselle requested a comparison of 2015 End of Year Fund Balance Statement with 2016 End of Year Fund Balance Statement, which Ms. Rodhe will provide for comparison.
In New Business, the trustees moved to accept the bid from Kimble for six months of recycling service. In addition, trustees agreed to combine the township with the village of Hiram to jointly accept bids for curbside refuse recycling services. It was noted that the service contracts will be separate but in effect concurrently for three years of weekly service on the same day of the week with an option to extend the contract for an additional two years.

In other news, the Garrettsville Chamber of Commerce has invited Hiram Township to attend a meeting for the organization of an Economic Development Committee. Trustee Jack Groselle will attend the January meeting behalf of the township.

At their 2017 Organizational meeting, Trustees selected Jack Groselle to serve as Trustee Chairman, and Kathy Schulda was selected as Trustee Vice Chairman. Throughout 2017, regular Trustee meetings will be held at 7 PM in the Hiram Township Hall on the first Tuesday of each month. Special Meetings will be advertised or posted at the Township Hall 24 hours in advance, or as soon as possible in the event of an emergency.

Lastly, in his Zoning Report, Inspector Rich Gano informed Trustees that Mr. Oliver, a Winchell Road resident, is receiving a letter regarding a junk vehicle. Mr. Gano also reported that he received a variance request from Mr. Huffman on Allyn Road to convert a barn into a residence on the same parcel. In other Zoning news, Mr. Gano reported that Mr. Dye refused to sign for his notice to appear in court from township’s attorney Chris Meduri regarding junk vehicles accumulating in his yard. If Mr. Dye is not in compliance within 28 days, a judgment will be filed.
Mr. Gano sent a letter to Mr. Shaughnessy requesting a visit and discussion about the zoning of his property and the nuisance complaints that have been received about barking dogs. In return, Mr. Gano received a letter from Mr. Shaughnessy requesting that Mr. Gano not enter the property without advance permission.

In addition, Mr. Gano has become aware that the mining operation on Limeridge Road is selling the stone and not building a fishpond, as previously stated. Mr. Gano will continue to monitor and advise the board on the status of non-compliance.

Moving on, Mr. Gano requested a current version of the Township’s Zoning and BZA fees to be posted on the township website. He noted that he and Ms Durr will work together to ensure that all Zoning Book revisions are complete and ready for publication. Once complete, the revised book and updated Zoning fees will be posted on the website.
The Trustees will meet again on Tuesday, February 7th in the Township Hall; residents are encouraged to attend.