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Hiram Tour Highlights Cranes


Hiram – Hiram College and The Friends of the Hiram College Field Station are sponsoring a tour of the Platte River, Nebraska March 18-24, 2013, that gives travelers a chance to experience one of the most extraordinary phenomena in nature – the annual migration of Sandhill cranes.

Matt Sorrick, Director of the Center for Science Education at Hiram College and coordinator of the Friends of the Hiram College Field Station was convinced by local naturalist Bob Faber to offer this program to the general public. Faber has lead this trip several times and said the chance to see this many  Sandhill Cranes descend upon the Platte River on their way to breeding grounds in Canada and Alaska is perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“This is one of the greatest animal migrations anywhere around the globe,” said Faber. “People from around the world visit the Platte River in March to see the cranes.” By March, a half million cranes – about 80 percent of the world’s population of the elegant-looking birds – crowds a 150-mile stretch of the Platte River valley in Nebraska.

While the convergence of the Sandhill cranes, and their rare cousins, Whooping cranes is a focal point for the trip, travelers will also be able to see a rich variety of avian wildlife, including enormous flocks of ducks and geese that flock to the region each year, two species of North American grouse on their breeding areas on a family ranch in the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska, bald eagles in abundance, and entertaining greater prairie chickens, and white pelicans.

The trip will also include a visit to Kearney, Nebraska’s excellent art museum, a look at conservation efforts in the area, and time to sample some local color and attractions.

The trip is open to the public. For a full itinerary and registration information, visit http://www.naturalistjourneys.com/jcalendar/jc_HCplatte13.htm, call Naturalist Journeys at 866.900.1146 or Contact Matt Sorrick by phone (330.569.6003) or email (sorrickmw@hiram.edu).

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