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Harvest Fest Food for Fines Drive


Each year the Newton Falls Public Library celebrates autumn with our annual Harvest Fest. This year the library has decided to turn it into a true harvest with a Food For Fines program. People who owe fines for overdue materials or are just feeling generous may bring nonperishable items into the library. All items brought in during Harvest Fest week, October 29 – November 3, will be donated to the Newton Falls Church Mouse.To clear your fines at the library, you must donate nonperishable items to the staff at the circulation desk.  Food will not be accepted for lost and/or damaged library materials.
Only nonperishable items will be accepted.  The items must be designed for sale as a package (not one item of a package).  The following will not be accepted: glass containers, opened, dented or expired items, alcoholic beverages, canned or bottled beverages (water, juice, pop, etc.) candy or U.S. government food products.
For more details about the Food for Fines Drive, the requirements, and restrictions contact the Newton Falls Public Library Newton Falls Public Library, 204 S. Canal St., Newton Falls, phone 330-872-1282, and online at www.newtonfalls.org.