Have you heard the news?  The Garrettsville Goblin has returned and has brought good luck with him. It appears that this charming little fellow wandered into our village and decided he liked it so much he was going to stay.
I am told that he resides under the bridge in town and  likes to explore, taking advantage of the area shops, restaurants, the library, trails and parks. Being a free spirit, he trades portraits of himself for goods and services from our area businesses – these portraits are said to bring good luck.
Wishing to share his good luck with as many people as possible, the goblin is extending this challenge to all – simply search out his self portraits  (approximately 8” tall wood designs)  which are located  throughout the area.  When you have located three of these goblins, mark down their location on the entry form found in the classified section of the paper and submit it to The Villager to be eligible for weekly prize drawings.
Winners will be announced weekly throughout the summer.  There are no limits to the entries – however keep in mind we are close friends with the Garrettsville Goblin and he has provided us with a listing of all the locations where he has placed his self-portraits.
A word of caution – anyone considering taking one of the self-portraits may find that instead of good luck, they are the recipient of the opposite!