At the Garrettsville YMCA, we think the hardest part of any goal is simply getting started. Consistency turns your goal into progress. Our weight room, personal trainer, and Y-Fit classes can be the tools to make that happen. Our new weight room includes all the machines needed to reach your goals.

Consider A Personal Trainer
Our personal trainer, Rachael is a fitness professional, involved in exercise prescription and instruction. As a trainer she:
o Provides accountability and motivation
o Provides expertise
o Will push you just enough
o Helps you identify and reach goals
o Will personalize your workout
o Can reduce the possibility of injury
A regular client explained to me, “Rachael really tries to select exercises based upon my strengths and capabilities. It allows me to avoid injury and achieve my long term goals of building strength and losing weight. She is an asset to the Garrettsville YMCA.”
The scope of practice for a personal trainer is to enhance the components of fitness for the general, healthy population. Rachael is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist and able to work with anyone having diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and other controlled diseases.

Y-Fit is a group exercise class based on functional exercises that use your whole body to improve your overall strength and endurance. This is a challenging class, but can be adapted to work for all healthy individuals.

Meet Our Trainers
Rachel is on a mission to build connections through wellness for some time now; and found her opportunity within the Garrettsville YMCA.
Prior to becoming the facility’s personal trainer Rachel spent two years getting to know her clientele by leading a variety of group exercise classes. This experience provided her with opportunities to work directly with people, helping them reach new goals and cheering them on as they accomplished them.
“I believe there is a form of exercise for everyone, my job is to find out what exercise is right for each individual” says Rachel who chose the YMCA because it aligns closely with her personal philosophy. Unlike corporate facilities, “there is no push to sell services at a profit here”. Instead Rachel can focus solely on helping members meet their goals.
Marianne began helping people learn how to relax in 1971 when she worked as a Physical Therapy Assistant. An area resident, she enjoys sharing her combined 30 years (20 years of massage, and 10 years of yoga) with her friends and neighbors as an educator at the Garrettsville YMCA.
Check out the Garrettsville YMCA on Facebook, visit us at 8233 Park Ave (formerly the Garrettsville Intermediate School), call us at (330)469-2044. Current hours: Mon-Thu 7am–noon and 5pm–9pm. Fri and Sat 7am–noon.