Recovering after their bang-up steak fry on August 3, the members of the Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary club got down to business on August 10.  To wit :

• The August 17 meeting will feature Cheryl Warren, District Governor, with a board meeting at 11:00

• The incoming exchange student will arrive on August 24; his mom has already called to get acquainted.

• The August 24 meeting will be held at the Johnson Home on Pioneer Trail, courtesy of the representatives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(Mormons) who are members of the G-H Rotary with lunch and a tour of the historical site.

• On the 31st, Tom Collins will speak of his involvement with the Sierra Club and its activities.

• There will be a follow-up/ finish-up assessment of the Fun-N-Fitness program when school starts

• The treasurer reported $621 available for support of the student exchange participants and monies for the Headwaters Trail mostly received as part of a local grant; use it or lose it is the rule.  Clarification of the possibilities are in order.

• Information will be going out to teachers in preparation for the 4-Way Speech Contest in Spring.

• Shoeboxes are ready to go.   An official send-off with students participating and pictures is being organized.

• Reverse Raffle planning is ON!  Tickets are to be ordered, prizes are being solicited.  It’s a BIG DEAL!  It’s on November 5.  Make your plans to be there.

• The Dictionary Project was a success and  looking to be repeated.

• Shall the club consider the BIG READ Project  being pursued by Hiram College with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts?  Are the Garfield Schools part of the activities?

• A letter is to be sent to the Silver Creek Garden Club thanking them for their continued sponsorship of the hanging baskets in Garrettsville Village.

• G-H Rotary will be participating in the community calendar, listing significant dates for the club’s pursuits and pictures of projects undertaken.

• Tom Collins suggested a local calendar to go to exchange students and their families—both at home and in the receiving community—to give clarity and stability to the program.

• And that’s just the official business!

Happy Dollars for the day celebrated Garfield’s successful administrators’ retreat, a visit to Vanderbilt University, returned health, a good vacation, Bible School, post-secondary credit for college, a good family whitewater trip, recognition in a professional journal, completion of a successful park project, a new truck,, a new location, a new class, a successful mystery theatre, a good life (seconded by all)