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Garfield Students Participate In Math 24 Competition


Garrettsville – At the Portage County Math 24 competition in Ravenna on Thursday, January 29, Garfield School District had another outstanding day.

For the second year in a row, Garfield won the 4th grade category (Max May this year) and the 8th grade category (Rachel Rader).

There were also two second place finishers (Lyndsey Johns in 8th grade, Noah Frato-Sweeney in 7th grade) and numerous top 9 finishes.

Math 24 is a fast-paced competition where students are given four digits on a card and told they have to use each one (only once) in some combination to total 24.  Points are awarded for the level of difficulty — the quicker a student solves the combination, the further they advance, and can add, subtract, multiply, or divide with each set of numbers presented.  Students compete in grades 4-8 throughout the county.  Pictured above are the competitors and high school proctors sent from Garfield School District.

Congrats to Derek Hatcher and the competitors.  Great job!