After the Pledge of Allegiance, Chairman Roy Martin called the regular meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Thursday June 4, 2015. Present were Trustees Roy Martin, John Zizka, James Hammar, Fiscal Officer Karen Martin, Charles VanSteenberg, Road Supervisor, and Tony VanSteenberg, Assistant Supervisor.   Also present were residents Mr. Charles Duffield, Mr. Eldon West, Mr. Wm. Sponaugle, Mr. Matt West.

There were no public comments at this time.

Road report:  The roadside brush pickup was done on Monday and there was only one call-in.  The road crew is going to be starting the roadside mowing of ditches.

There was a discussion concerning the high grass and weeds at the corner of S.R. 88 and Freedom Road.  As this is a state and county intersection they will be notified that cutting is needed to ensure vision is not blocked at the south side of S.R. 88.  Trustee Zizka will contact ODOT  to ask for consideration in this matter.

Park Report: The fiscal officer was questioned concerning the baseball certificate of insurance information from the teams. They have not been received by Karen at this time.  Evan Pawlus will be marking the spot where he intends to install the new flag pole, it will then be checked out for approval of location.

Cemetery Report:   Several residents have commented to township officials that the park and cemeteries are being kept very nice and look great.  The trustees also acknowledge the good job the employees have done.

No zoning report presented.  Zoning Inspector will attend after his other meeting.

The fiscal officer reminded trustees of the MORE Grant monies of $500 from OTARMA when receipts are submitted.  This grant is for monies spent for any safety purchases.  Fiscal Officer also reported that the 2016 Budget is going to be started.

Unfinished Business:

a. Rental house:  J.C. Electric has started the work on the house.  They anticipate finishing by Friday the 12th.   It was noted that Pro Flo has completed the gutter, downspout and repair work at the house, Townhall and pavilion. Karen will be checking on the start date for the roof and chimney repair by J.P. Contracting.

An estimate was received from Mr. Barry Cree for the painting and other repair work needed in the rental house.  The paint has been purchased by the township. A motion was made by Trustee Hammar and seconded by Trustee Zizka to accept the bid as submitted by Mr. Barry Cree for the $800.

Misc: Charley reported that he has ordered the 2 trench drains and 22 lengths of pipe (Schedule 40) from Marlboro to correct the flooding of the Community Center.  Some pipe is also needed to be ordered to connect a drain pipe from the rental house to a discharge point.

Trustee Zizka suggests a thank you be sent to JC Electric for putting the flags around the Townhall.

There was a notice from the courts concerning a hearing pertaining to the damages that were caused last year on township property; the hearing was held on June 8th at 10 a.m. which Trustee Zizka attended.

Trustee Zizka remarked on the EMS open house this past weekend.  There was a good turnout and the day went well.  Trustee Zizka reported that as of May 31, the EMS had done 109 runs.

Trustee Martin gave a very brief report on the RAB meeting.  Trustee Zizka had also attended the public meeting.

The Freedom Township trustees meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 7:30 p.m.