I’ve had enough! Enough of eating fast food because I am too tired to cook after a long day. Enough of doing the funky Egyptian chicken dance around the bedroom after I put on my jeans just so I can breath. Enough of being tired and run down all the time. I have definitely had enough of getting winded from just walking upstairs! And now I am going to finally do something about it.

While I was typing up the press release for the Community EMS Boot Camp for last week’s paper, I thought how easy that it would be to get involved – I mean after all it is for a good cause. I would like to lose some pounds and get into shape. But I know that doing it alone is my biggest downfall everytime I begin another “diet”. So after speaking with the owners of the paper, we have all decided to do some “self-improvement” around the office.
This morning, bright and early at 8am Captain Craig Barrett agreed to meet Michelle, Chris and me for our physical fitness test so that I could outline the beginning our of journey for our readers. (I might include that I had written a rough draft of my obituary in case of my untimely death by exercise occurred.) The fitness test provided us with a baseline so that we could improve upon ourselves.
Our goals are different, Michelle would like to tone up and get into better shape, while Chris and I would like to lose some weight and get into shape.

After taking the fitness test, we have all agreed that we will go home tonight and write our goals out to share with each other tomorrow. In next week’s column I will let you all know what our goals are and how we are going to go about achieving them. Community EMS will also provide us with information and sessions we can attend if we choose.
If you are worried about joining the Boot Camp…no need to worry because your results will probably be better than ours collectively. And remember the idea behind Boot Camp is to provide you with support from a group of people who are trying to improve themselves just like you. Working together as a group will provide motivation and support and make it fun. Need some further motivation? Last year one of the participants, Sandy, lost 40 pounds!

We all know getting started with any diet or exercise program is easier to do when you have a friend to complain and whine to. What? That is what we all do and we expect our friend to not baby us around and tell us to stop our whining and throw the candy bar away! (Nothing beats the brutal honesty of a friend!) We here at the Villager are inviting you to join us in our “self-improvement” by signing up for the Community EMS Boot Camp by calling the station at (330) 527-4100. Check out what is happening on Facebook by visiting the Community EMS Boot Camp page.