Mantua – Downtown Mantua Revitalization (DMRC) is sponsoring a logo contest and encourages all community members to give some thought to the images, colors, and style which should represent the Village of Mantua now and in the future. What do we know about, and what do we want others to know about, the Village? What feelings come to mind when you think about Mantua? What is important about downtown?
Entries may be hand-drawn ideas or computer-generated, reproducible logos. Submissions must incorporate The Village of Mantua name and be original artwork, free from copyright or intellectual property claims. The logo should “brand” an image which sticks in your head. It should be easy to read on a sign from a distance or on stationery, and work well in black & white or full color.
All submissions become the exclusive property of DRMC to modify & mangle as needed. Prizes will be awarded for images that are incorporated into final design, but no guarantee is made that logo will be adopted by The Village.
Please send logos to DMRC, PO Box 414, Mantua 44255 or or drop-off at Jake’s Eats. Include your name, phone number, address, and email, along with a brief explanation of why you think your design represents Mantua. Entries are due no later than October 15, 2012 and will be on display in Jake’s through October 31.