Garrettsville – For a book and plot line that had about as much substance and gravity as a bubble bath or a flapper    girl’s champagne, it was a delightful evening of entertainment showcasing talent in every direction.  The choreography was outstanding and outstandingly performed—who knew they could tap dance?  The scenery and the lighting were minimal but evocatively well done…the Art Deco skyscraper window was great and so were the Hotel Priscilla and the New York skyline.  The energy lit up the stage in every scene.  If the cast bios in the program are any measure, they’re all just full of energy all of the time.  Way to channel it, gang!

The characters all had, um, character and could be heard across the footlights (if there had been any).  The jokes went over well.  The instrumental ensemble was excellent under Mr. Cebulla’s direction.  The stage crew had scene changes moving right along—not an easy task.  Great cast, from the pairs of almost-star-crossed lovers to the evil landlady and the wealth stepmamma/torchsinger all the way through the ensemble singers and dancers..  “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life” was amazing.

Take a bow, Mr. Logan.

True love triumphed, the white slavers were foiled…what more could an audience want?