Nelson Twp. – Convening for their second meeting of August, the Nelson Township trustees were all present Wednesday, August 19th. Township officials present were Fiscal Officer John David Finney; Trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota; Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, Chuck Vanek. Michelle Cmunt was unable to attend the meeting.

After the meeting was called to order, Finney presented the trustees with a number of items to be signed; among the items were the minutes from the August 5th meeting, and a cemetery deed. The trustees were also provided with a current fund status report, and a payment listing.

Elias informed the other trustees that he had a chance to read through the OTARMA risk consultant’s report and stated that there were a few logistic items that can be discussed with Vanek. A decision was made to table discussion on this topic until the next meeting so that everyone had a chance to read the report. Elias also mentioned that he would like to establish a standard of how the Community House should look after an event being held in the space.

VanDerHoeven informed the trustees that she had not received anything from the Land Bank regarding the properties up for demolition. She added that 3 properties were cited for operating as event parking spaces, but that they were no longer in violation.

Vanek reported that the overlay work on Collins and Pritchard Roads was complete and ready for chipping and sealing. The contractor hired for the job did not specify a start date, however, a project completion date is set.  Vanek also stated that the township’s fuel paddock project should get underway soon (weather permitting). Finney added that the township has received all of the necessary permits.

Matota inquired about the feasibility of installing vents and a fan in the Community House basement to facilitate cross ventilation and help reduce the humidity/mold problem.

Leonard informed the trustees that Major Kelly from the Portage County Drug Taskforce has requested a letter that requests additional police presence during concerts at the Quarry Park. While Elias and Leonard agree that the increased police presence is beneficial, Matota stated that he does not believe the events pose a problem, and feels that residents do not appreciate the police saturation. A short discussion of the Quarry Park and reports from residents that a man identifying himself as an employee of the park was stopping traffic (illegally) on SR 282. Matota questioned Elias an Matota about the identities of the anonymous complainants. He feels that if people want to complain they need to put a name to their complaint, and should not be allowed to remain anonymous.

After the trustees opened the floor to comments and questions, Farrell Belknap inquired about the status of his request to have his property surveyed.  The trustees agreed to request a survey of the flood plain, and Vanek will get the location details to Finney so the request can be submitted.