Amber Hermann, Mickey and Helene Christopher

Garrettsville – For half a century, Garrettsville families have relied on the Christopher family for their insurance needs. Mickey Christopher has successfully continued what his father Ken started all those years ago, and in the process, has become an integral part of the Garrettsville community he holds so dearly. Growing up in Garrettsville, and returning to raise his four children there, he’s uniquely qualified to meet the needs of his community. An athlete in his days at J.A. Garfield, Mick took the time to coach softball, basketball and baseball for over 30 years. His children have also participated and reflected that same G-Man Pride, assisted by their dad and his commitment to community. His four grown children and four grandchildren live in Garrettsville and surrounding communities.

He and his wife, Helene, an accredited insurance agent and J. A. Garfield school bus driver, have continued the tradition of this family-run business, helped along by Mickey’s mother Loraine. With the recent addition of Amber Hermann, the daughter-in-law of Mickey’s best friend since fourth grade, this family-run agency is on-pace to continue those efforts into the next fifty years. A 2009 JAG graduate, Amber’s experience with State Farm in Middlefield brings another layer to the services Christopher Insurance can provide. “I look to Amber to help us communicate with our clients via new technologies,” shared Mickey. “She’s teaching me every day.” “And I’m learning from him, as well,” Amber shared, “since different generations see things in different ways.”

While they insurance industry may have changed a great deal during this expanse of time, Christopher Insurance has remained true to the firm foundation of family values that have helped the agency prosper. “Since we’re an independent agency, we’re able to provide quotes from several insurance companies and brokers. This helps us save our clients as much money as we can,” Mickey explained. “We can offer a true ‘apples to apples’ comparison, but in the rare instance that you have a better deal where you are, we’ll tell you.”

“Our wide range of products allows us to be competitive,” Amber explained. “But as a small, local company, you’re working with someone you know. We live here, and we want to do as much as possible for those who trust us with their business.”
While the majority of the policies at Christopher Insurance provide coverage of a residential nature — including home, auto, ATV, campers and boats, they also offer competitive commercial rates for small businesses, farms, and Amish hauling policies. They also offer high-risk coverage, life insurance and annuities.

“With Christopher Insurance, you’re working with someone you know. Because — let’s face it — you can take your money anywhere,” Mickey acknowledged. “We take care of people with quality coverage at as low a cost as possible,” he explained. “When people come to us, they leave a little better than when they came in.”

Christopher Insurance is located at 10678 Freedom Street, where it has resided since 1991. For more information or for rate comparisons, call Mickey or Amber at (330) 527-2483.