Jaret Doraski had high game for the 11:00 Trio League with 182, while Ethan Dubasik shot high series with 460.  Trevor Matheney just missed a triplicate; Trevor rolled 149 each of the first two games and 147 the last game for a very nice 445 series,79 over average for the day.  David Durst tossed a very nice 166 his second game, 56 pins over his 110 average.   Joey Ewell started the day with a 160 game, 50 pins over average.  Then Joey shot games of 118 and 143 for a nice 421 series, 91 over for the day.

I commented earlier in this season about how impressive it is when bowlers shoot over average all three games for the day.  But Belladonna Titschinger has done it three weeks in a row — nine straight games over average.  This week, Belladonna shot 117, 137, and 120, for a 374 series, 80 pins over for the set.

Other nice games:  Zach Britton, 150 (44 over), Cameron King, 166 (37 over), Ali Franklin, 144 (33 over), Jacob Britton, 121 (31 over), Taylor Mick, 139 (30 over), Emma Dockery, 170 (29 over), Nick Toke, 152 (27 over), and Adam Tanner, 165 (25 over).

Eric Lawless had the high game in the 9:00 Trio League with a very nice 163.  High series went to Kassie Fedor with 415.  Hannah Madden rolled three games over her average.  Hannah’s games of 73, 74, and 82 put her at 70 pins over average for the day.  Stephen Miller’s 137 game was 46 pins over average.  Other good games:  Wilson Jackson, 96, (33 over), Barrett Jackson, 115 (29 over), Makayla Gough, 113 (28 over), and Ryleigh Gough, 106 (27 over).

For the PeeWees, Alex Gage had high game with 124.  Other games over the 100 mark were rolled by David Ittel, 105, and Zach Seebacher, 103.  Other nice games were rolled by Grace Ittel with 96 and Brooklyn Horner with 92..