pixel2013 / Pixabay

Blood will tell.

That’s a phrase straight out of British mystery novels. Just now, blood may be telling the regular donors at the Garrettsville Red Cross Bloodmobile site—St. Ambrose Church on Freedom St.—“Never mind.” Could be. And this would not be good.

It seems that Kathleen Hammer, bless her, the organizer and facilitator of the regularly-scheduled arrival of the Bloodmobile (every 56 days, or thereabouts), is retiring after long and faithful service to the cause of maintaining a supply of blood available for medical conditions and emergencies. It has been held in the lower-level community room at the church for quite some time, based, at least partly upon the accessibility of the space and the benefits to the community. Other churches have pitched in to provide the snacks available after donation and even the intake personnel who hand out the required literature and check appointment times of incoming donors—they’re also welcoming and cheerful greeters who help to make this a positive experience.
So…. As we say “Well done, thou good and faithful servant,” to Ms Hammer, there is also a search for a great-hearted soul to take up the job, or even a committee of active do-gooders who can step up and continue this vital service of the Red Cross. Does the parish of St. Ambrose wish to continue to host this activity? Is there another facility which will volunteer? Will there be a site for the regular local donors to continue their service to those in need? All good questions. Who will answer?
What will blood and/or hearts tell us?