Garrettsville – The Ancient Mariner was not in attendance but family, friends and village officials were, to recognize and honor three long-standing members of the Garrettsville Village Water Department for their years of excellent service.  Board of Public Affairs chairperson Stephanie Byrne introduced Jeff Sheehan (36 yrs.), Jeff Turk (31 yrs.) and Mike Veon (30 yrs.) and spoke briefly of the functioning of the department under their direction.  Councilwoman Debbie Wordell inquired as to the pipeline which might provide the next generation of service to the community. Director ?emeritus? of the department, Dick Davis, chimed in with some historical notes. Village Clerk-Treasurer Nancy Baldwin had good thoughts on the individuals being recognized.  Everyone enjoyed the celebratory cake & beverages. 

Then it was back to business–the Board of Public Affairs deals with matters pertaining to water, waste water and all of the underground infrastructure that nobody pays attention to until something goes wrong.  There are wheels within wheels and these guys keep ‘em turning. 

Thanks from all of us.