In the 11:00 Trio League last week, Ethan Dubasik was on fire.  Ethan tossed a 200 game his first game and then followed it up with 131 and 182 for a 513 series, high for the day.  Ethan was also 120 pins over average for the day.  Danielle Tuttle also had a good day.  Danielle rolled games of 113, 137, and 127 for a 377 series, 80 pins over average.  Jacob Britton was 54 pins over his 88 average with a 142 his second game.  Other nice games:  Zackary Britton, 138 (36 over), Adam Tanner, 171 (35 over), Taylor Mick, 142 (35 over), Destiny Durst, 143 (33 over), Belladonna Titschinger, 124 (32 over), Lucas Titschinger, 128 (31 over), and Ian Huebner, 57 (23 over).

Kassie Fedor had high series in the 9:00 Trio League with 443.  Kassie was over average all three games with 138, 157 and 148.  Savannah Britt was over average all three games too, with 118, 110, and 93.  Savannah’s 321 series put her at 93 pins over average for the day.  Other nice games were bowled by Stephen Miller, 129 (43 over), Makayla Gough, 113 (30 over), Nathan Phillips, 135 (27 over), Lauren Sanchez, 132 (26 over), Ryleigh Gough, 104 (24 over), Wilson Jackson, 82 (24 over), Matt Hale, 99 (23 over), and Isaac Tricket, 65 (23 over).

High game in the bumper leagues last week belonged to Savannah Wolff with a very nice 117 game.   Alex Gage hit the 100 mark twice, with games of 100 and 111.  Tessa Burnworth rolled a 108 game.    Other nice games:  Joey Moses, 97, David Ittel, 93, and Emily Linamen, 92.

November 5 and 12 were the first two qualifying weeks for the Ohio Pepsi tournament.  Qualifiers advance to the regional tournament which begins the last weekend in February.  Bowlers who qualified during the first round:

Boys age 11 and under:  Stephen Miller, Wilson Jackson, Eric Lawless, Nathan Phillips, Clark Jackson, Cameron King, Andrew Morrissey, Noah Hoffmann, Joey Ewell, and Jacob Britton.

Boys age 12 and over:  Barrett Jackson, Ethan Dubasik, Zackary Britton, Jake Yeatts, Ryan Ambler, Dustin Tushar, and Kyle Brigham.

Girls age 11 and under:  Savannah Britt, Kassie Fedor, and Belladonna Titschinger.

Girls age 12 over:  Danielle Tuttle, Taylor Mick, Jessica Potteiger, and Chase Zupancic.


Another Pepsi tournament qualifying round will be held during January.  Bowlers who qualify have a chance to win scholarship money and to advance to the state Pepsi tournament in Columbus in May.