Costumes, candy, pizza, music….and bowling.   The Youth Leagues celebrated Halloween on Saturday and everyone had a great time.   Michelle Tushar and Jenny Wampler passed out Halloween candy, Aaron King served up pizza (yes, even at 9:30 in the morning), and coach Kenny Brigham turned on the music and turned off the lights for some cosmic bowling.

In spite of the distractions, Emma Dockery once again had the high game and high series for the 9:00 Trio League, with a 141 game and 400 series.  Kassie Fedor had a 329 series, with a high game of 131.  Alex Evans was 40 pins over her average with a game of 103.  Nathan Slaughter had 107, which was 39 pins over average.  Other good games were Joey Ewell, 103 (29 over), Courtney Lytle, 97 (27 over), Ryleigh Gough, 81 (24 over) and Adam Norris, 116 (26 over).

Zach Hoffmann’s 212 was high game in the 11:00 Trio League.  Zach also had a 491 series.  Ethan Dubasik was well over his 90 average with games of 146, 143, and 91 for an excellent 380 series.  Collin McGurer had a 190 game and 479 series.  Kyle Brigham shot 174, with a 423 series.   Other notable games:  Andrew Morrissey, 140 (38 pins over average), Emma Kerr, 101 (37 pins over), Shannon Kerr, 121 (31 over), Jameson Huebner, 79 (32 over), Jessica Varga 118 (34 over), and Kim Wampler, 167 (30 over).

High series for the 1:00 Scholastic League was shot by Evan Skocic, whose 589 consisted of games of 181, 202 and 206.  High game was by Matt Lyons, who also had a fine 577, followed by Brent Jones with 221.

High game for the 9:00 PeeWee League was Paige Collins with 111.  Mackenzie Zembower had 107.  Other nice games were bowled by Austin Roman (98), Brooke Collins (94), and Joey Moses (91).

In the 11:00 PeeWee league, Jordan Dowling was high scorer with 95, followed by Katie Fazi , 90, Darrion Sidwell, 88, and Hayden Muncy, 86.