I apologize for no bowling article last week; I was bowling in the Ohio Women’s Intercity Tournament last weekend in Sandusky.   We had a great time (and I bowled fairly well).  So this time I have two weeks of scores to report.
This week’s high series was rolled by Kim Wampler.  Kim had 210 her first game and a 538 series.  Kim’s team, the Attitude Adjustments, was on a roll; Jessica Potteiger shot 526 and Ryan Ambler shot 522, with a high game of 214.  Zach Hoffman and Collin McGurer both shot 203 their last games; Zach rolled a 533 series.  Shannon Kerr had a whopping 173 game, 77 pins over her average of 96.  And teammate (and sister) Emma Kerr was 48 pins over the first game with her 118 game.   The Dominators team was 142 pins over average the first game; Belladonna Titschinger was 46 pins over average with 124, Ali Franklin was 46 over with 160, and Shayne Carter was 50 pins over with 134.  Other nice scores:  Noah Hoffman, 124 (30 pins over average), Taylor Mick, 133 (30 pins over), Kayla Hunt, 117 (49 pins over), Jaret Doraski, 178 (42 pins over), Nick Toke, 158 (36 pins over), Zach Capron, 138 (48 pins over), Kurt Bokesch, 164 (43 pins over), and Noah Shannon, 164 (33 pins over).
In the 9:00 Trio League, Danny Painley had high game with 163.  High series was rolled by Ashleigh Quiggle with 362.  Other nice games were rolled by Nathan Slaughter, 140 (62 pins over average), Danielle Tuttle, 126 (49 pins over), Joey Ewell, 134 (45 pins over average), Floria Gerardino, 116 (40 pins over , Nathan Pallotto, 126 (38 pins over), Matt Hale, 100 (35 pins over), Makayla Gough, 114 (34 pins over), and  Adam Norris, 127 (34 pins over).
Last week’s high scores in the 9:00 Trio League were rolled by Emma Dockery.  Emma shot 139, 173, and 180 for a very nice 492 series.  Other nice games:  Kassie Fedor, 152, (54 pins over), Nathan Phillips, 147 (52 pins over), Danny Painley, 140 (44 pins over), Jack Norris, 99 (42 pins over) and Courtney Lytle, 131 (41 pins over).
High series last week in the 11:00 Trio League was Collin McGurer with 502.  Collin also shared high game honors with Adam Tanner with games of 186.  Some other nice scores were rolled by Nick Toke, 181 (60 pins over average), Andrew Morrissey, 153 (48 pins over), Jaret Doraski, 181 (47 pins over), Kurt Bokesch, 166 (47 pins over), and Lucas Titschinger, 125 (40 pins over).
Top scores in the 9:00 PeeWee League were Kalen Caris with 105, Hannah Madden with 98, and Alex Gage, also with 98.  Last week’s high bowlers were Travis Horner with 127 and Isaac Trickett with two games of 96.
Owen Wolff had high score in the 11:00 PeeWee league with 125.  Darrion Sidwell shot 105.  And last week’s high PeeWee scores were  Katie Fazi  with 108 and Jordan Kwiecinsky with 97.