Star for this week in the 11:00 Trio League was Kurt Bokesch.  Kurt had games of 173, 178 and 154, and took high series honors for the week with a very nice 505 series.  Kurt’s average is 115.  High game for the day was rolled by Ryan Ambler, with 198.  Ryan’s teammate Jessica Potteiger was right behind with a 196 game.  Jessica had a 493 series and Ryan ended up with a 483 series.  Some other nice games were rolled by Kyle Brigham, 184 (45 pins over), Noah Shannon, 180 (53 pins over), Ethan Dubasik, 164 (56 pins over average), Austin Sledz, 111 (48 pins over), Jameson Huebner, 74 (27 pins over), and Adam Tanner, 162 (23 pins over)

In the 9:00 Trio League, Adam Norris rolled his highest series, a 362, with games of 129, 119 and 114.  Adam’s average is 91.  Danielle Tuttle was 82 pins over for the day, with games of 103, 90, and 108, all well over her average of 73.  Danielle will get a 300 series award for her 301 series.  Floria Gerardino has seen her name in the Villager a lot lately.  Floria was 60 pins over for the day with her games of 101, 83, and 101, all over her 75 average.  Dan Painley was also over his 93 average all three games, with 97, 124, and 108, for a 329 series.  Teammate Eric Lawless was not far behind, with games of 90, 117, and 104, giving him a 47-pins-over-average 311 series.   Other nice games were rolled by Savannah Britt, 106 (35 pins over average), Nathan Phillips, 124 (30 pins over average), Nathan Pallotto, 102 (23 pins over), and Lauren Sanchez, 111 (21 pins over).

In the 9:00 Pee Wee League, Charlie Britt had high game with 109.  Mackenzie Zembower rolled 103 her first game and 95 her second game.  Other good scores were bowled by Alex Gage, 95, and Travis Horner, 91.

In the 11:00 Pee Wee League, Darrion Sidwell owned the high game with 111; Darrion also had a 93 game for a two-game 204 series.  Other nice games were rolled by Owen Wolff with 93 and Katie Fazi with 90.