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The new year started off with a number of good games from the Saturday youth bowlers.   In the 9:00 Trio League, Alexis Evans had games of 95, 121, and 96 for a nice 312 series, 90 pins over her series average.  Nathan Pallotto was 82 over for the day, with games of 81, 124, and 105 for a 310 series.  Danielle Tuttle rolled a 102 game, 31 pins over her average of 71.  Danielle was also well over average her other two games with 85 and 95, putting her 69 pins over for the day.  Makayla Gough was also over average all three games, with a high game of 107.  Other nice games:  Matt Hale, 91 (26 pins over), Kassie Fedor, 119 (24 pins over), Eric Lawless, 112 (24 pins over), and Adam Norris, 114 (24 pin over).

High game and high series in the 11:00 Trio League this week belonged to Collin McGurer.  Collin had a 191 game and 496 series.  Other good games were bowled by Kyle Brigham, 179, Ryan Ambler, 171, and  Jessica Potteiger, 170.  Most over average for the day was Austin Sledz – Austin’s 107 game was 45 pins over average, and his 250 series was 64 over.  Andrew Morrissey was consistent with games of 120, 133 and 113, for a 366 series, 66 pins over average for the day.   Jameson Huebner was over average all three games; his 75 game was 30 over average and he was 55 pins over average for the day.  Cameron King was also over average all three games.  Cameron, with a 114 average, shot 142, 125 and 131 for a 398 series.  Some other bowlers with games over average were:  Destiny Durst, 135 (41 pins over), Ethan Dubasik, 144 (38 over), Lucas Titschinger, 118 (34 pins over), Kayla Hunt, 101 (34 pins over), Billy Potteiger, 109 (31 pins over), Zachary Capron, 112 (31 pins over), and Jameson Huebner, 75 (30 pins over).

Congratulations to the youth bowlers who qualified during the second session for the district Pepsi-cola tournament:  Drew Tushar, Joey Ewell, Austin Wise, Matthew Hale, Alexis Evans, Ashleigh Quiggle, Kassie Fedor, Floria Gerardino, Nathan Slaughter, Cameron King, Austin Sledz, Zachary Capron, Andrew Morrissey, Ali Franklin, Ethan Dubasik, Noah Shannon, Jaret Doraski, Jake Yeatts, Shannon Kerr, and Taylor Mick.  The District tournament will be held February 26 through March 13 at Freeway Lanes in Warren.

Feel free to come out and watch our youth bowlers on Saturdays.  Or get a high school schedule and watch your high school team compete.