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A number of bowlers in the 9:00 Trio League shot well on Saturday.  High series for the day was Ashleigh Quiggle, with games of 117, 152, and 91 for a 360 series.  Ashleigh’s 152 game was 53 pins over average.   Right behind her was Drew Tushar with a 357 series.  Drew’s games were 105, 115, and 137, all over his 102 average.  Nathan Phillips beat his high game score with 142.  Nathan’s series score was 350, 80 pins over average for the day.  Kassie Fedor’s 157 game was 64 pins over her 93 average.  Other nice games were shot by Austin Wise, 115 (47 pins over average), Floria Gerardino, 106 (35 pins over), Adam Norris, 118 (28 pins over), Ryleigh Gough, 86 (26 pins over), and Courtney Lytle, 108 (23 pins over).  Cassie Painley had 70 each game for a triplicate.

Jessica Potteiger had both high game and high series for the day in the 11:00 Trio League, with a 187 game and 495 series.  Kim Wampler had second high series for the day with 461; Kim’s high game was 170.  Ethan Dubasik was 98 pins over average for the day, with games of 145, 135 and 124, for a 404 series.  Cameron King’s last game of 171 was 59 pins over his average of 112.  Cameron also rolled a nice 431 series, 95 pins over for the day.  Nick Toke had a 421 series, which put him 79 pins over his series average.  Other nice games were rolled by Billy Potteiger, 121 (44 pins over), Zachary Capron, 120 (44 pins over), Austin Sledz, 95 (37 pins over), Belladonna Titschinger, 114 (36 pins over), Taylor Mick, 138 (33 pins over), Jameson Huebner, 75 (32 pins over), Andrew Morrissey, 122 (22 pins over), and Lucas Titschinger, 105 (21 pins over).

High games for the 9:00 Pee Wee League were Alex Gage, 100, Mackenzie Zembower, 99, and three bowlers with games of 94 – Madisyn Zembower, Eric Schaefer, and Zach Seebacher.

In the 11:00 PeeWee League, Katie Fazi had an excellent 109 game.  Rian Yeatts was second high for the day with 92.

Next Saturday is our Christmas Party; we hope all the youth bowlers can attend.